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Collins, Niall

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

EU Council Decisions on Measures in the Area of International Protection: Motions (Continued)

The current political and economic crisis being witnessed in neighbouring states close to the European Union has resulted in a new immigration crisis on our borders. At least 350,000 migrants cros...More Button

This is an EU level crisis which requires an EU level solution. Thus far, Europe has failed the test of providing a comprehensive response to the crisis. Ireland, having now agreed to accept 4,...More Button

It is obvious that the distribution of refugees must be shared proportionately within the EU to ensure that those seeking asylum are properly catered for. Some of the approaches taken by other m...More Button

The last EU leaders’ summit in September appeared to act as a fudge and failed to come up with common policies to solve one of the greatest humanitarian crisis we have witnessed on this Continent...More Button

The EU must have a comprehensive set of policies in place in order that countries receiving migrants are able to deal with this in a timely and humanitarian fashion. This is imperative to ensure...More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

In 2012, I was made aware of allegations of improper payments of expenses at the University of Limerick. At the time I sent the information to the Committee of Public Accounts for review and for t...More Button

I agree.More Button

Criminal Justice (Burglary of Dwellings) Bill 2015: Second Stage (Continued)

I welcome that the Minister has introduced the Bill, which will go some way towards addressing the appalling situation, with the CSO crime statistics showing that we are effectively losing the batt...More Button

I spent most of last Thursday at the National Ploughing Championships. One of the significant themes of discussion at the event was the issue of rural crime. People need reassurance and need to...More Button

I wish to comment on what was reported in the news at 1 o'clock. I mentioned that the public and victims in particular need reassurance. The public will take considerable reassurance from the n...More Button

The Minister will be aware of a tragedy in my constituency where a man died as a result of coming across two people burgling his house in Doon, County Limerick. There was to have been a public m...More Button

The Minister spoke about Garda recruitment. I have been on the record in welcoming that Garda recruitment has started. The shorter period of training, which is now the model in Templemore, will...More Button

On a number of occasions I have raised the issue of the Garda Reserve with the Minister. I mentioned it last week in the debate on the Garda Síochána (Policing Authority and Miscellaneous Provis...More Button

I have previously told the Minister that the Garda reserves feel undervalued. Many of them are disappointed with the outturn of the recent recruitment campaign, as they did not make it through t...More Button

We have had hours of debates in this Chamber on Garda stations since before the Minister became Minister for Justice and Equality. We have left large parts of Ireland without the presence of mem...More Button

We had a debate on the cost of keeping a station open. The figures available to me suggested it would be approximately €3,500 to €4,000 per annum. As Garda stations are owned by the OPW, the main...More Button

The Minister outlined the provisions of the Bill. We support and welcome the fact that bail is being significantly tightened up for those who have previous convictions, who appear likely to reof...More Button

I also welcome the provision in the Bill on consecutive sentencing. The Minister might be aware that I published a Private Members’ Bill on behalf of my party on sentencing for burglary. Follow...More Button

I urge the Minister to take on board a policy suggestion we previously offered in respect of sentencing. We said that we need to examine the UK model in terms of the establishment of a sentencin...More Button

In the context of recruitment, I mentioned the Garda Reserve. Could the Minister indicate whether it is her intention to bring the force back up to the magic figure we had once upon a time of 14...More Button

The Bill does not specifically mention protection of the elderly but, indirectly, it concerns their protection. We have all seen the most recent graphic image of a 92-year old lady from Bray, Co...More Button

The Minister referred to the text alert system and the neighbourhood watch scheme. There has been a significant uptake in such schemes, which add considerably to combatting crime. I am a member...More Button

The Minister also referred to the investment in technology. Much of that concerns ICT systems within An Garda Síochána. On previous occasions, the Minister acknowledged that we must roll out mo...More Button

The criminal justice system must also be restorative. That is a challenge for the Prison Service. It is key that we must send out a strong legislative message that people will be locked up for ...More Button

The fact that statistics show recidivism is so high points to a problem with the criminal justice system regarding the restorative nature of what happens within the prison system and this matter mu...More Button

I believe I have covered all the issues but in summary, naturally Fianna Fáil is supporting the Bill. I welcome that the Minister has brought it further and ask her to take on board my comments ...More Button