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McGrath, Mattie

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Leaders' Questions (Continued)

That is very important.More Button

Questions on Promised Legislation (Continued)

I refer to the Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act. We are all rubbing our hands about the case of Grace - rightly so - and the Tuam mothers and babies. I put a question to the Minister for Chi...More Button

European Council Meeting: Statements (Continued)

I am wondering about the wearing of badges and emblems in the Chamber because I was prevented last week from coming into the Chamber with a daffodil.More Button

I was stopped when I was coming in here. Is Deputy Boyd Barrett's jumper not a political emblem?More Button

The Leas-Cheann Comhairle does not know what it is. We all know what it is.More Button

I compliment Deputies Michael Healy-Rae and Haughey, as well as other members of the European affairs committee, who have done much work on the ground. While not a personal criticism of the Minist...More Button

With 65% self-sufficiency, the UK is a net importer of beef. Ireland is the main import supplier, accounting for almost 70% of UK beef imports. The UK is the market for 50% of Irish beef export...More Button

In 2016, 34% of Ireland’s dairy exports went to the UK. This comprised 53% of cheese exports, 29% of butter exports and 12% of skimmed milk powder exports. Exports of cheddar cheese were 78,000...More Button

Ireland exported 13,000 tonnes of sheepmeat to the UK in 2016. In the UK market, almost 90% of UK lamb imports come from outside the EU, namely, New Zealand and Australia, while EU exports go pr...More Button

It is the same with pigmeat and poultry. There is significant bilateral trade between Ireland and the UK in pigmeat and poultry products, built up over many years. The disruption to existing tr...More Button

On tillage, Ireland is a net importer of grains. The geographical closeness to Northern Ireland results in some grain farmers exporting their product to Northern Ireland, rather than selling to ...More Button

I cannot understand why the Brexit issue was not on the agenda in Malta. However, the Government better get its finger out and start talking about it everywhere, anywhere and at any gathering of...More Button

I have tried to raise the issue of the persecution of Christians, minority Muslims and the Yazidis in the Middle East. There is genocide against them but we cannot have a proper debate about it ...More Button

Post Office Closures (Continued)

I thank the Ceann Comhairle for selecting this Topical Issue today. The Rural Independent Group recently tabled a Private Members' motion. We had consultation with the Departments of Arts, Herita...More Button

On a point of order, why is the Minister of State here then? This is ridiculous.More Button

I am not upset. I just want to find out who is responsible.More Button

Why is he not here so?More Button

The Minister of State is not responsible, however.More Button

We can come back but the post offices cannot come back.More Button

I know we are a week into the Lent but what the Minister of State is doing, blaming the Minister, Deputy Denis Naughten, is the greatest Pontius Pilate act I have ever witnessed. I had to deal wit...More Button

We got the report from An Post. What does it do this week? It puts up the price of a stamp by 35% when sales of stamps are dropping. Any other company which did that would be out of business i...More Button

Last week, the Minister of State announced another sham consultation about public banking. Our motion sought to allow the post office network become involved in community banking. The Minister ...More Button

They will not be there.More Button

The Minister of State is washing his hands of it now.More Button

The Minister of State is washing his hands of it. He should use some soap.More Button

Why does the Minister of State not wash his hands of it altogether on the way out?More Button

National Educational Psychological Service: Motion [Private Members] (Continued)

I compliment Deputy Thomas Byrne on tabling this important motion. The NEPS is drastically understaffed, with 95,543 primary and post-primary pupils across almost 400 schools without access to an ...More Button

There is a public meeting taking place in my own school and village tonight at this precise time to inform the public. It is ironic that we are speaking about it here. However, that is eight, n...More Button

The Minister is going to have to sit down with the unions. There must be a carrot and a stick. The Minister said earlier that he cannot force them into it. I do not want it to be forced as tha...More Button

I have a son myself going to a special unit in the High School, Clonmel. It is an exceptional unit set up under former principal, Mr. Shay Bannon. There is an exceptional staff and team and it ...More Button

Let us face it: they are all there. All these problems of autism and other issues are being diagnosed. There is early diagnosis, thankfully. In many cases, parents have to pay vast moneys to get...More Button

I wish to highlight the question of DEIS schools as well. The Minister adverted to Tipperary earlier and the Holy Trinity national school in Fethard in particular. It failed to get DEIS status ...More Button

Tá a lán oibre le déanamh ag an Aire. The Minister has much work to do. I always say that where Tipperary leads, Ireland follows. The Minister's bean chéile is from Tipperary so he should look...More Button

Health (Amendment) Bill 2017: Second Stage (Continued)

I too am pleased the Bill has been introduced. My colleagues and I made this a very high priority, as did Fianna Fáil in the discussions for Government. It could not come too soon. It is well ov...More Button

We asked that all decisions on domiciliary care allowance applications and existing claims be made by child protection or disability social workers. We also asked that domiciliary care allowance...More Button

The Bill will provide children with disabilities who are in receipt of domiciliary care allowance with automatic entitlement to a medical card. It is a major step and was badly needed and I comp...More Button

The Bill follows on from a commitment made in the budget in October 2016. The Bill will benefit more than 9,000 children who are not eligible for a medical card. My late brother was a paediatri...More Button

The parent or guardian of a child in receipt of domiciliary care allowance but who does not have a medical card will register for the scheme online or through a paper form. Many people in rural ...More Button

I supported the prescription charge of 50 cent for reasons to which Deputy Michael Harty and others alluded. However, the HSE saw that it was working well and decided to multiply it. All the HS...More Button

Misuse of Drugs (Supervised Injecting Facilities) Bill 2017: Second Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

I assure you I have not spoken on this matter before.More Button

I know you would not. You have declared that. However, as you said you did not know, I could have pulled a fast one. I am not as keen as you think to have a microphone in front of me full-time.More Button

While I will support the Bill and I can see where the Minister of State is coming from, I am not fully in favour of it. I believe the concept is fine. I know it is a pilot project. I know that...More Button

It is not a question of NIMBY syndrome. I realise it is a pilot project. However, from the point of view of the concept of setting up these programmes I am unsure whether this is the right meth...More Button

Deputy Billy Kelleher has suggested we are duty bound or that it is incumbent on us to embrace things like this. I am unsure about that. We almost seem to be on a wave of embracing things. We ...More Button

I am here almost ten years, thankfully. That was the first time I was unable to say and do what I wanted to do on the night. That is not good or healthy in a democracy. We had it again this ev...More Button

All kinds of charges are made if one does not go with the flow. People are being encouraged to strike and leave their workplace and everything else. It is reckless. We are elected to the Chamb...More Button

I am not in favour of it. I would like to see how it is going to work. I would like to see it teased out better. Are we going to have a situation whereby the State is paying moneys to cover il...More Button

I hope I will not be portrayed as backward, a caveman or any other type of man. I am simply making known my view that I am not in favour of this. The matter must be teased out and the community m...More Button

We cannot just say that we hope the Garda will be able to understand. Gardaí are too scarce and busy. There is enough pressure on them at present. There must be a serious assessment of the imp...More Button

We have no problem with that.More Button

Yes, it is.More Button

National Children's Hospital Expenditure

Asked the Minister for Health: the details of all moneys provided by the State toward the development of a national paediatric hospital since 2006, including all costs associated with development such as design, planning, land a...More Button

Capital Expenditure Programme

Asked the Minister for Health: the details of all priority capital projects that have had their funding reduced in the 2017 HSE capital plan; the amount of the reductions that have occurred; and if he will make a statement on th...More Button

Hospital Accommodation Provision

Asked the Minister for Health: the details of all revised allocations for the national maternity hospital project in 2017; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Asked the Minister for Health: if the capital spending allocated for the National Rehabilitation Hospital was reduced by €8 million; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Mental Health Services Provision

Asked the Minister for Health: the budget allocated for the construction of the new national forensic mental health service hospital in Portrane and all revised allocations that have occurred; and if he will make a statement on ...More Button

National Children's Hospital Status

Asked the Minister for Health: when the construction contract for the National Children's Hospital project will be signed and to whom it is to be awarded; if provisions in this contract specify upper limits for the amount that w...More Button

Disability Support Services Provision

Asked the Minister for Health: the options available to children that have applied to the HSE for an assessment of need and that have not received their assessment within the three month period as required under the Disability A...More Button

Renewable Energy Projects

Asked the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment: the status of all proposals regarding the granting of a State subvention for solar farms; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button