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McGrath, Mattie

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Pre-European Council Meeting: Statements (Continued)

I welcome the opportunity to contribute to this discussion. I bear no ill will towards the Taoiseach, the Tánaiste or the Minister of State, Deputy Lucinda Creighton, and wish them well in their e...More Button

I am not concerned with discussing any country other than our own. In the fullness of time, when the history of this period is written, I expect that we might well deserve a Nobel prize. It wil...More Button

The Taoiseach refuses to engage with Mrs. Merkel and company and tell them the real story of Ireland in 2011 and 2012. That must be done now and the troika should be told the same. It was incre...More Button

I watched the present Government when it was in opposition and most of the time I admired it. Whatever it is that happens when Deputies take those seats, we will have to reshuffle the House and pu...More Button

The Government has the opportunity, in the EU Presidency it will assume shortly, to take this up, engage meaningfully and do the job it is paid to do, namely, to represent the Irish people as the...More Button

Defence Forces Reserve Funding

He should allow the Minister to reply.More Button

  Question No. 2 lapsed.More Button

Defence Forces Reserve Issues

Asked the Minister for Defence: if he will consider retaining the Reserve Defence Forces centre in the town of Clonmel, County Tipperary in view of the fact that there are two units (details supplied); the way he intends existing...More Button

Defence Forces Reserve Issues (Continued)

I could be forgiven for thinking the Minister's reply to my question was the reply to the first question. All the answers from the Minister are the same. I am really disappointed and quite disgus...More Button

The number of brigades is being cut from three to two. This is a savage attack. We found new premises in Clonmel after a delay of a number of months when the RDF had no place to train. The vol...More Button

It is. The Minister answered the question and I am replying-----More Button

Yes, I want to use them. I want to express the disbelief and shock of the people of Tipperary and surrounding districts who have been involved with the RDF over many years. I pay tribute to forme...More Button

The Minister is being unfair to the Chair.More Button

Confidence in the Government: Motion (Resumed) [Private Members]

I, too, welcome the Taoiseach to the debate and want to take up where Deputy Shane Ross left off. He said the Government had options. Of course it did but, worse, it made so many promises. On en...More Button

I would say "Angera" is the right word. I do not know whether the Taoiseach talks in Irish, English or Latin to her, but when I hear that parish priests are writing to Deputy Luke 'Ming'...More Button

Confidence in the Government: Motion (Resumed) [Private Members] (Continued)

They should get out of town because the public are coming for them in droves. I wish the Taoiseach well; as he knows, I do not bear him any ill will. However, he should look behind him; his colle...More Button

Where is the Labour Party?More Button

Will the Labour Party be here at 9 p.m?More Button

And peace and quiet.More Button

The Labour Party made a hundred promises at the last general election.More Button

The Labour Party got away with it.More Button

Labour's way or Frankfurt's way.More Button

Labour's way or Frankfurt's way.More Button

Labour's way or Frankfurt's way.More Button

Economic treason.More Button

Tell the people that.More Button

What about carers?More Button

This is a farce.More Button

And the sale of VEC sites.More Button

The parties opposite wanted greater spending at the time.More Button

The parties opposite wanted more.More Button

For God's sake, this is propaganda.More Button

The Government will be saying "How high?" to the troika then.More Button

The Tánaiste is making a mockery of the people.More Button

Labour's way or Frankfurt's way.More Button