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Reilly, James

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Public Health (Standardised Packaging of Tobacco) Bill 2014 [Seanad]: Second Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

He spoke on the Bill already back in July.More Button

Yes.More Button

Yes, it was before the summer break.More Button

I thank all Deputies who contributed to the Second Stage debate on the Bill. I am reminded that on issues such as this, on which one has said many things many times, one believes everyone has hear...More Button

While Deputies have raised issues with regard to the Bill, I am pleased that the overwhelming majority of them support this initiative. The objective of this measure and many other tobacco contr...More Button

During the debate, speakers referred to the issue of the notification of this Bill to the European Union. I wish to clear up any misunderstanding regarding this matter. Directive 98/34/EC, comm...More Button

I propose to refer to the inclusion of cigars and pipe tobacco in the Bill. As Deputy Ó Caoláin stated in July, the United Kingdom, in its draft standardised packaging regulations, did not inclu...More Button

Evidence shows that standardised packaging encourages existing smokers to quit and those who have given up to remain as non-smokers. With this in mind, the Bill covers all tobacco products, as d...More Button

I would like to respond to those Deputies who stated they remain unconvinced this measure alone would stop people smoking. Standardised packaging is but the latest strand to a comprehensive rang...More Button

It is the combination of past, present and future tobacco control measures that will reduce tobacco consumption in Ireland, and not one measure in isolation. All the measures outlined in our tob...More Button

Ireland is adopting an approach recommended by the World Health Organisation. Guidelines devised under the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control ask countries to consider introducing standardi...More Button

As regards the illicit trade of tobacco, the tobacco industry's estimates of the size of that market are not considered to be accurate. Recent industry reports identify an Australian illicit tra...More Button

There is a wealth of evidence indicating that standardised packaging will have a positive impact. No matter what evidence we produce, however, the tobacco industry will produce evidence to contr...More Button

The Irish Cancer Society undertook a trial involving younger children who thought the current cigarette packets were "nice", "lovely" and "made you want to hold them". When the same children wer...More Button

Arguments put out by the tobacco industry regarding increased illicit trade and supposed job losses from the retail sector should not deflect us from doing what is right. I said this on the floo...More Button

Another well-known tactic of the tobacco industry is the threat of legal challenges. While a legal challenge by the industry cannot be ruled out, I am confident that the research available to us...More Button

We should be heartened, encouraged and proud of the support expressed by Dr. Margaret Chan, director general of the WHO, on her visit to Dublin in June. She made it clear that while Ireland may ...More Button

I now wish to cover one or two issues in some more detail. The extent of the illicit cigarette market in Ireland is estimated through annual surveys of smokers. These surveys are undertaken for...More Button

The comparable figure for 2011 was 14%. This would suggest that the extent of the problem is being contained as a result of the extensive action being taken against the smuggling and the sale of...More Button

I commend Deputy Micheál Martin, the current leader of the Opposition, for bringing in the smoking ban when he was Minister for Health. The ban was introduced in the workplace not in the pub, as...More Button

Estimating the scale of any illegal activity and the resultant tax loss is difficult. The IPSOS MRBI survey is the best indicator of the extent of the market in illicit cigarettes. It was not ab...More Button

The KPMG report, which was commissioned by the tobacco industry, is not validated. As I have said, it is contradicted very much by Government data. More Button

Deputy Stanton mentioned the issue of talking to young people and I agree with him 100%. In the past, the Department ran an advertisement on mental health that everybody agreed was good at highl...More Button

I would like to say that I am way ahead of Deputy Stanton. Last week I was in the west and visited Ballinasloe and Loughrea where I met a group of young people working in a youth club there. Th...More Button

The work done by volunteers in the youth sector is astonishing. Some 40,000 people are involved and that is not counting all the sporting organisations. Without them we could not deliver for ou...More Button

Deputy Michael Creed and others spoke about alcohol in the context of public health measures, although it is not the subject of this Bill. It is the remit of the Minister for Health, Deputy Leo ...More Button

Deputy Pat Breen stated that approximately 30% of the turnover of small retailers was derived from cigarettes. He stated that the new packets would make counterfeiting more difficult, not less d...More Button

Let me respond to Deputy Seán Ó Fearghaíl on his personal experience of tobacco. There is no doubt that the product wreaks terrible havoc and visits horror and hardship on families and individua...More Button

I thank all Members for their support. We need not believe that this legislation, which I clearly believe will be passed in this Chamber based on what Members have said, is the end of the matter...More Button

In 1998, 33% of Irish people smoked. Today, that figure is 21.5%. I thank all who have been involved in the fight to safeguard the health of our people and to help us protect future generations...More Button

Public Health (Standardised Packaging of Tobacco) Bill 2014 [Seanad]: Referral to Select Committee

I move:More Button

Business of Dáil

On behalf of the Government, I have been asked to inform the House that three Topical Issue matters have been deferred until next week. The first, on education, was tabled by Deputies Creighton an...More Button

No.More Button

School Completion Programme

Was asked: further to Parliamentary Question No. 745 of 17 September 2014, in relation to the review of the school completion programme to be completed by the Economic and Social Research Institute, if the st...More Button

The planned programme review of School Completion Programme, indicated in the Comprehensive Review of Expenditure has commenced. The objectives of the review are to identify best practice, to clari...More Button

The plan for the review includes arrangements to capture the views of a range of stakeholders, including staff and all those involved in the organisation and administration of the School Complet...More Button

It includes a survey to gather the views of project co-ordinators and chairpersons of the 124 local school completion programme projects throughout the country, case studies of projects involving...More Button

It is anticipated that the review will be completed during the current academic year.More Button

Child Abuse Reports

Was asked: if he will report on the work of the Ryan report monitoring group since its establishment to date; and if a fourth progress report for the Ryan report implementation plan is being or has been prepa...More Button

Following the publication of the Report of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (the Ryan Report), in May 2009 a detailed Implementation Plan was published. The overall aim of the Plan which ...More Button

Implementation of the Plan has been overseen by a High Level Group chaired by the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs. The Group includes representatives from my Department, the Child and Fa...More Button

The Monitoring Group has presented three progress reports to the Government to date, which have been laid before the Houses of the Oireachtas. The fourth and final monitoring report on the imple...More Button

My Department will continue to monitor the delivery of actions contained in the implementation plan in the context of the ongoing monitoring of the Child and Family Agency’s Corporate Plan and Pe...More Button

Appointments to State Boards

Was asked: if he will provide in tabular form the percentage of vacant positions on State boards under the aegis of his Department that were filled from the panels created through open application by the Publ...More Button

As the Deputy may be aware, in line with the Government decision of April 2011, new arrangements were put in place for the making of appointments to State Boards and bodies. Following this Governme...More Button

Child Care Qualifications

Was asked: in relation to child care and early childhood education facilities, the minimum qualifications required for service being provided by individuals or teachers to children; if there are grants availa...More Button

The commitment to improve the quality of early childhood care and education is a key priority for my Department and a number of reforms in key areas to enhance the quality of the service provided a...More Button

Amendments have been made to the Child Care Act 1991 to underpin the proposed reforms and Regulations giving effect to these legislative changes are expected to be published shortly. The new Reg...More Button

In light of the proposed timeframes for the introduction of new qualification requirements, the Department has sought to work with the childcare sector to accelerate the process for training and ...More Button

In March of this year, the Learner Fund was launched. This Fund, which has an allocation of €3 million over the two years 2014 and 2015 and is sufficient to support all eligible applicants, is d...More Button

Working with children in an early childhood care and education setting is a professional role which requires the achievement of core skills and knowledge including Child Development 0-6, Early Le...More Button

In relation to childcare services providing the free pre-school provision under the ECCE programme, it is currently a requirement that the pre-school leader hold a major award at level 5 or an eq...More Button