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Murphy, Catherine

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 762 Nbr. 1

Medical Treatment (Termination of Pregnancy in Case of Risk to Life of Pregnant Woman) Bill 2012: Second Stage (Resumed)

I congratulate Deputies Clare Daly, Joan Collins and Mick Wallace on bringing forward this Bill and opening up a debate on this very sensitive issue. They spent months carefully putting the legisl...More Button

Some speakers have described the Bill before us as premature, yet we have already had the 20th anniversary of the X case, in which time this Parliament has failed to place the judgment of the Supre...More Button

Enshrining this principle in the Constitution did not prevent large numbers of women annually from travelling to Britain for terminations.More Button

It was not until the X case that it emerged that the right to travel was constitutionally dubious. That case involved a 14 year old girl who became pregnant as a result of a criminal offence and w...More Button

In 1992 three constitutional amendments were put to the people, two of which were passed. The X case and the subsequent C case generated considerable legal debate about the medical and psychologic...More Button

The four women who told their stories this week were incredibly brave. A continuing dialogue on the issues they raised is very welcome in informing the debate on the matter. The Minister has stat...More Button

Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

Social Welfare and Pensions Bill 2012: Second Stage (Resumed)

I thank the officials from the Department for the briefing on Tuesday. That briefing is useful in helping us to understand some of the sections of what is proposed, although, clearly, the politica...More Button

I want to deal with the obvious issue, which is where the focus of attention has been, namely, the provisions in regard to the age where the lone parent payment will not be paid, which could apply ...More Button

It is illegal to leave children as young as seven on their own. In many situations where the household is headed by a lone parent, there are older children, but, even at that, it would depend on t...More Button

If a person is put on a jobseeker’s payment he or she must be available for work. Not only that, the person must be available for a Tús scheme, for example, or a course or any other j...More Button

The child care issue is hugely important and I know the Minister believes that too. However, with respect, and maybe it is with a lot of respect, the Minister could be reshuffled into a different ...More Button

It would need a crystal ball to say the Minister will argue this. It is dangerous. The Minister should delete this section of the Bill until child care provisions are in place.More Button

I listened the other night to Mr. Jim Power, the expert and chief economist who told us we were going to be in for a soft landing and who haggled with Professor Morgan Kelly about this four or five...More Button

The Government said it wants to protect the headline rates. However, many other things are affected by the fact the headline rates are protected and, given the social welfare budget has been cut, ...More Button

I want to ask the Minister about an issue that is not in the Bill, namely, community employment schemes, in particular the training allowance and the materials allowance. I confess I have a vested...More Button

That is fine.More Button

The area of domiciliary care payments is probably an administrative matter as well. It appears a review is carried out somewhat frequently, perhaps every few years, in the case of those who qualif...More Button

I echo the point made by Deputy Wallace on the unequal society we are creating. The Nobel prize winning economist, Joseph Stiglitz, has identified that this is the scenario that prevails prior to ...More Button

I agree with a point made by Deputy Bernard Durkan on housing. I realise the Minister has discussed this issue previously and I have raised this matter with her in respect of my area. I hope the ...More Button

In most cases rent assistance is the only option. This is a terrible poverty trap and I realise the Minister intends to do something about it. However, it is a case of the quicker, the better bec...More Button

I am aware the Minister has a difficulty and that hers is one of the big spending Departments. The only way to deal with this constructively and to reduce the social welfare budget in a significan...More Button

There is a great deal in the Bill, much of which relates to pensions. There are some welcome measures to ensure a more secure pension environment. I am somewhat concerned about the transition arr...More Button

Written Answers - Higher Education Grants

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: if he will outline the new and proposed State supports for access to third and fourth level education in view of the recent reduction in tax relief for qualifying programmes and the proposed reduct...More Button