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Collins, Seán

Thursday, 15 December 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 226 Nbr. 5

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess).

The accommodation is limited in Mountjoy.More Button

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Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess) (Resumed).

I hope that the purpose of this debate is rather a review of what the Government are not doing than a re-hash of the by-elections. I am not a bit squeamish about the by-elections. Fianna Fá...More Button

However, I am here to come to grips with the difficult economic situation that has arisen and what prospect there is of a resuscitation and of the Government dealing with the problems involved. I a...More Button

Their history, despite the arguments put forward by the Minister for Labour in regard to the Lemass plan for industry, does not bear any scrutiny at all in regard to agriculture because it starts w...More Button

I stuck my chin out here, as I have often done, in regard to the £15 grant for heifers. I said this scheme was going to make the big farmer richer an inure to the benefit of the person who c...More Button

We had that type of problem before and the position got worse. That is not by-election talk. Those are the facts in regard to what is happening on the land, and I am quite sure the Minister for ...More Button

There is no good blowing trumpets. The battle is over. It is now a question of trying to tread lightly on the dead in the valley. The dead in the valley in my constituency, and in South Kerry, ar...More Button

The tragedy of the situation is that it arises at a time when there is, because of its hazards and difficulty, a tremendous flight from the land. At a time when we should be in a position to impro...More Button

I know that Deputies representing small farmers, if they are not bound by Party, will fully agree with the case I am making. We know the difficulties of the small farmer. We know there is an imme...More Button

We have to get down to the problem of getting farmers into the groove of improved production on a practical economic basis and, at the same time, getting them to meet the competition they must meet...More Button

In all our difficulties, whether they be concerned with balance of payments or export versus import, we always fall back on the tough, hard core of Irish agriculture to pull us out of these...More Button

The situation of the small farming community at present is very serious. It is all the more serious because it arises at a time when stability was never more necessary in the industry in order to p...More Button

You will tell us you have a new mandate by virtue of by-election wins for that task. My questions here is: “What will you do about it?” You are the Government. What am I to tell Willie McCarthy ...More Button

As I said, I am not squeamish. I do not mind that the Government use their resources of power, money, vested interests and everything else for the purpose of gaining political advantage. My only ...More Button

Somebody has to make a very proper re-appraisal of our animal husbandry situation so that we shall not be put in the position that we shall rush farmers into tremendous increases and then do absolu...More Button

There is nobody in this House who does not know that nobody will enjoy by-elections and political contests better than I will. I take to the hustings as a politician should—with his neck wel...More Button

People think, and think erroneously, that all is well in the dairying side of our industry. There is no doubt at all that an effort was made to ameliorate a very old and difficult problem in the d...More Button

I do not want to sound like the weeping Willie of agriculture. I am a great believer in the fact that the Irish small farmer, in particular, his sons, daughters and the people who get their living...More Button

We may make political capital out of what each Government has done. I can with pride refer to land reclamation and development, the development of small drainage schemes, the Local Authorities (Wor...More Button

I have said here on umpteen occasions, when there was no trumpeting of by-elections and no claims of this or that, that we faced the reality of giving to agriculture its fair return for its tremen...More Button

We are making a reasonable effort on the industrial side in alerting manufacturers and others to the necessity for improved methods of production and improved quality of goods to meet the type of c...More Button

I am not a Labour Deputy but I have always believed and still believe that there are some of the finest industrial workers in the world available in Ireland. Basically, the worker has the strength...More Button

When the Minister for Labour was speaking about industrial relations and the managing director continuing to get his salary and to drive around in his plush limousine while the worker, who was forc...More Button

There are problems in the sphere of industrial relations but I earnestly believe that there is tremendous good in the workers and in the employers, and that there is a good deal of knowledge and ex...More Button

Let us be realists before we go home for Christmas. It is not the easiest Christmas this country has faced. It is one of the most difficult for many a year. We have had a difficult year. The D&...More Button

I want again to face the reality of the situation as we know it. The only suggestion we have had so far as to what the future policy of the Government may be is a startling negative one—the ...More Button

I am warning the Government well in advance that this type of increase in turnover tax is no help to the economy and shows no initiative and leadership in a country which has found itself in tremen...More Button

We have to ask this Government to come to grips with reality. Go into any of our towns, to the shopkeepers and hear their reports on the Christmas trade. They are not very cheerful. There is les...More Button

There is no good trying to equate our employment problems with those of Britain. We are trying to create employment here while they have the problem of overemployment. If we had that problem, per...More Button

There is difficulty and dissatisfaction generally among social welfare recipients. Disgusting and dishonourable are the only terms in which I can describe the 5/- increase in pensions which so many...More Button

I want to bring the House back to the problems that exist, back to the genuine difficulties of the Irish farmer which are as bad today as they were during the Economic War, back to all the difficu...More Button

I will nail the Government for all time with the fact that they are from 70 to 80 per cent responsible for our overstocks of cattle. Ministers should not make promises and forecasts that have no b...More Button

They found a hole in it.More Button

That is what you thought—three to one. Grow up, you little——More Button

I will withdraw it, Sir.More Button

You are short of hurlers at the moment, so cheer up.More Button

Stand up when you are addressing the Chair.More Button

He made one.More Button

It is a good job this debate will not continue much longer, in view of the behaviour of some Deputies.More Button

He just told you he will.More Button