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Dooley, Timmy

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Petroleum and Other Minerals Development (Amendment) Bill 2016: First Stage

That is one more for us.More Button

A simple majority.More Button

Energy Bill 2016 [Seanad]: Second Stage (Continued)

My intention is to pass on to the next Deputy, if I do not use all of the ten minutes.More Button

I thank the Minister for introducing the Bill, the main provisions of which Fianna Fáil supports. It entails amendments to the energy Acts and a strengthening of secondary legislation. We welco...More Button

It falls to us to be radical in the approach we take. We must work very hard in this area. While there was much informed debate by previous Governments and Parliaments and much good work done, th...More Button

The proposed legislation gives greater enforcement and sanctioning powers to the CER regarding wholesale electricity and gas market abuse, largely as a result of the 2011 remit regulation. As th...More Button

The all-island single electricity market, referred to by the Minister as the SEM, has existed since 2007. The interconnection between Ireland and Northern Ireland is particularly important from ...More Button

The Bill provides for an extended legal definition of the existing SEM in the Electricity Regulation Act 1999. This will enable decisions of both regulators, in the North and South, to develop n...More Button

The potential for Brexit is a further complication. It may or may not transpire later this month following the referendum in the United Kingdom. The ESRI indicated in a recent report that the e...More Button

There are still some questions that remain for me. First, would the regulator have sufficient resources to carry out the investigations and impose the administrative sanctions, were they to aris...More Button

My party is very concerned over the current high level of retail energy prices footed by consumers despite the collapse in the wholesale gas price regime. While there is some recovery in wholesa...More Button

Retail electricity and gas prices still remain excessively higher than average energy prices across the European Union according to EUROSTAT. Ireland has the third highest prices among the 28 EU...More Button

Any planned retail energy bill decreases will be negated by the planned PSO levy increase of more than 30% this October. This will see electricity bills go up even more. For consumers, it now c...More Button

Large wholesale gas price reductions are not being passed on to the consumer. Wholesale gas prices are at a six-year low, driven by an abundant supply and a strong euro. Energy companies have f...More Button

The 2015 White Paper on energy states that CER has statutory responsibility to protect the interests of consumers and ensure prices are fair and reasonable. We would like to see greater involvem...More Button

The regulatory regime must be reformed and empowered to take account of the impact of current retail prices being foisted by energy providers on consumers, thus affecting competitiveness. Key re...More Button

In 2014 in the United Kingdom, the energy regulator wrote to the largest power suppliers in Britain seeking an explanation for customers as to why a decline in wholesale gas and electricity price...More Button

I look forward to discussing the main provisions of the Bill on Committee Stage. I thank the Minister for his offer to engage fully with spokespersons and Members on the other side of the House ...More Button