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Ó Snodaigh, Aengus

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Leaders' Questions (Continued)

Thug tú veto dóibh.More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

Sula labhraím faoi roinnt reachtaíochta atá fógraithe, ba mhaith liom aird an Taoisigh a tharraingt ar rud a luadh anuraidh. Nuair a bhíomar ag gearán nach mbíonn reachtaíocht foilsithe i nGaeilge...More Button

Tá sé fógartha ag an Rialtas go bhfoilseofar an Bille um aitheantas inscne - the gender recognition Bill - i mbliana. Measaim go raibh sé i gceist ag an Aire, an Teachta Burton, an Bille a fhoil...More Button

Tuigim gur fhógair Fine Gael agus Páirtí an Lucht Oibre le linn toghchán na bliana 2011 go ndéanfar reachtaíocht chun déileáil le achoimrí cíosanna a théann in airde amháin, nó upward-only rent r...More Button

D'iarr mé cúpla seachtain ó shin cathain a bheidh an reachtaíocht os ár gcomhair atá ag teastáil chun ospidéal náisiúnta na leanaí nua a thógáil. An bhfuil aon dul chun cinn déanta sa chomhthéac...More Button

Defence Forces (Second World War Amnesty and Immunity) Bill 2012 [Seanad]: Second Stage (Continued)

Measaim go bhfuil sé tábhachtach labhairt ar an mBille seo. Beidh na líomhaintí i leith tréigtheoirí Fórsaí Cosanta an Stáit - gur loic siad ar a ndualgas agus ar a mhóid don Stáit - ann go dtí go...More Button

Many Irish citizens joined the British forces to fight during the Second World War, as they had done in many imperial wars in the past.More Button

Many joined because it was a tradition in their families, some joined for adventure while others joined out of loyalty to, or affinity with, the British state or for the purpose of fighting a great...More Button

However, we are addressing the issues surrounding those who deserted the State's Defence Forces 60 years ago to join another army to fight Nazism and Hitler's army in Europe. Given the lapse of ...More Button

The amnesty is a redress measure. I remind the Minister of State of the Government's responsibility to apologise, for instance, to the survivors of symphysiotomy or to the survivors of the Betha...More Button

Sinn Féin approves of this Bill as a recognition of the response to the actions of deserters at the time. They were faced with the Emergency Powers (No. 362) Order 1940 and summary dismissal and...More Button

I also understand the concerns of the current and formers members of the Defence Forces regarding the Bill when they face the level of cutbacks currently under way and the continued downsizing an...More Button

It is in that context that it is important to recognise those who remained in Ireland and served the Defence Forces throughout the Second World War and acknowledge the fact that they did not aban...More Button

The fundamental point of this Bill is to say that at the time it was not feasible for the Government to have gone through the normal channels of military justice which would have entailed the rou...More Button

On the question of courts martial, the Fianna Fáil Administration at the time was easily able to summons courts martial when it suited, especially to intern and convict, including execution, repu...More Button

Just as I commend those who went and fought to prevent the spread of fascism, especially those who joined armies other than the British army, which was an occupying force in Ireland, I commend th...More Button

It should not be forgotten this was at a time Nazi Germany was supplying General Franco of Spain with the hardware to bomb towns and cities such as Guernica and to gun down many brave Spanish and i...More Button

It is interesting that a Fine Gael Minister in introducing the Bill acknowledged that the State wronged those who were fighting fascism, given their Blueshirt history. His party is a merger of t...More Button

Where is the amnesty or pardon for the members of the Defence Forces who joined the Free State forces in the mistaken belief they would stand by the Republic but then left, having seen sense, to jo...More Button

The Minister described the State's neutrality position during the Second World War as a "principle of moral bankruptcy" in the context of the Holocaust. While debate on this issue is for forums ...More Button

Among the 5,000 deserters - the figure is in dispute and may have been higher or substantially lower than this - many may have been ideologically motivated to leave the Defence Forces and defect ...More Button

Those who returned from the war were effectively blacklisted from employment, which consigned many of them poverty. This discrimination was wrong and the State should have redressed it and the c...More Button

We should not be surprised by the manner in which the de Valera Government responded at the time given. It also interned more than 2,000 republicans in the Curragh during the period it referred ...More Button

Three prisoners died on hunger strike against their imprisonment and the conditions in which they were held. Jack McNeela, Tony D'Arcy and Sean McCaughey died protesting the conditions in the Cu...More Button

They were a threat to the State because they were British soldiers in uniform when they landed here. They should have been considered a risk. Their treatment was a far cry from the fate that befe...More Button

The authorities were no strangers to coming down hard on republicans. Despite interventions from everyone from Seán MacBride to Oliver J Flanagan and members of the Labour Party, de Valera's Gov...More Button

The truth hurts. Kerins was found guilty by a non-jury military tribunal, the same tribunals it appears the Government could not establish to catch the deserters.More Button

The truth hurts and if the Minister of State cannot take it, he may as well leave the Chamber. Perhaps he will listen for a moment.More Button

I did not heckle the Minister of State. The truth hurts. It is funny that I am not even addressing the history of Fine Gael governments but the legacy of the actions taken against republicans by ...More Button

Charlie Kerins was refused the right of appeal and executed. The Government even went as far as banning any mention of his killing by the State on radio and in newspapers to prevent any groundsw...More Button

The Minister may argue that this is not the day for discussing these particular aspects of the State's wrongdoing. However, if we are to embark on a journey of healing wounds inflicted by the St...More Button

It may be appropriate to face into the centenary commemorations around the revolutionary period from 1916 to 1921 and the subsequent counter­revolutionary period. Many long conversations need to b...More Button

In all of this we need to heed rather than repeat the lessons of history. We must be mindful and vigilant, especially in this era of recession, of those who resort to racism and anti-Semitism. ...More Button

We need to be mindful of this situation, not only in Ireland, but throughout Europe.More Button

Thankfully, it appears the far right in this State is confined to the rooms of lonely men who lurk on far right Internet message boards posting racist messages or to the sad cases who believe tha...More Button

It does not take much for fascist or racist groups to gain a foothold when people are neglected and left weary from economic destruction and significant levels of unemployment. Even Mr. Nick Gri...More Button

While we are examining issues of the past and making right the wrongs, it is essential that we not impact on the future of the Republic while we are still attempting to create it. This Bill is a...More Button

My party and I will support the Bill in the Dáil as we did in the Seanad. This welcome legislation will address the issue in question. Hopefully, it is a signal that many other wrongs will be a...More Button

National Women's Strategy

Asked the Minister for Justice and Equality: if he will provide an update on the implementation on the National Women’s Strategy; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Proposed Legislation

Asked the Minister for Justice and Equality: the date on which he will publish the Assisted Decision-making Capacity Bill; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Health Service Executive Complaints Procedures

Asked the Minister for Health: his view on whether the Health Service Executive complaints procedure is significantly robust, and if it has been evaluated. More Button

Asked the Minister for Health: if there has been a review or audit of the patients complaints within the addiction service to see if there are common issues arising which need to be addressed. More Button