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Ferris, Martin

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Financial Resolution No. 5: General (Resumed) (Continued)

There is precious little for struggling farmers in the budget. My party, Sinn Féin, has repeatedly called for the restoration of the farm assist payments to their 2013 level. The Government's ref...More Button

There is a definite trend in all of the new measures which shows that the future of the family farm and the rural way of life, from which most of us come, are not a concern for this or the previo...More Button

Has nothing been learned from what happened in the last few years? Is the Government so insulated from the real world that a return to boom and bust politics is acceptable? It is trumpeting the...More Button

The way the Government is handing out lollipops might win it a few votes in the general election, but it is damaging the tax base in the long term. Reducing taxation income in such a way can onl...More Button

The media talk about the emergency in the health service and the homelessness crisis, but when the Government laid out its plans for these services yesterday, its policy was to make them do with wh...More Button

The Government was crowing about NAMA building 20,000 homes in the next five years. Even if that was enough, what has the Government been doing in the past five years since building stopped and ...More Button

The Government has shown itself to be cynical in the extreme. Ministers stand and talk about recovery, but it is not a fair recovery. They look after the well heeled, but the rest can continue ...More Button

I wish to be associated with the expressions of sympathy and offer my sympathy on the murder of Garda Golden and the deaths of the Traveller families who died the other day. I also offer my symp...More Button