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Ferris, Martin

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Food Safety Authority of Ireland (Amendment) Bill 2013: First Stage

I move:More Button

I move: "That the Bill be taken in Private Members' time."More Button

Common Agricultural Policy Reform: Statements (Continued)

I would like to share time with Deputy Michael Colreavy.More Button

I thank the Minister for attending today's debate and wish him well in the ongoing negotiations. The proposals for the reform of the farm payments scheme have excited huge debate within the farmin...More Button

I know that and I am not saying the Minister is.More Button

Others, however, are defending it.More Button

There is a clear regional divide in the payment of moneys under the Common Agricultural Policy. This reflects the type of land being farmed, the size of the land parcel in question and the scale...More Button

The distribution of funds also reflects the fact that the historical reference payments date to years when subsidies were tied to production. Far from encouraging expansion and productivity, thi...More Button

It is not correct to claim that those who receive sums at the upper end of the scale will be forced to curtail their operations if their payments are reduced. If there was a fairer means of dist...More Button

The likely outcomes of the various proposals, dating back to the original Cioloş flat-rate proposal, can be subjected to many statistically breakdowns. It has been suggested payments on the firs...More Button

Another issue that needs to be addressed is the age imbalance within Irish farming, as a result of which there is a disproportionate number of farmers over the age of 65 years and an average age ...More Button

I hope the Minister will ensure that whatever emerges from the negotiations will be to the benefit of the majority of Irish farmers and the agriculture sector. There is consensus within the wide...More Button

Our position on the CAP has been that the figure should be €100,000 and reduce to €50,000 over four years. The Fianna Fáil position is that it should be €50,000. It is ironic that when I raised...More Button

Interim Report on Equine DNA-Mislabelling of Processed Meat: Statements (Continued)

I propose to share time with Deputy Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin.More Button

We appreciate that the ongoing crisis regarding the contamination of meat for human consumption has potentially lasting harmful consequences for the Irish food industry as a whole. That is why i...More Button

It is also worth noting, perhaps, that while initially the crisis appeared to focus on this country, and attempts were made to put across that impression in other jurisdictions, we are dealing wi...More Button

One of the issues that has come to our attention, and to which the Minister referred, is the fact that an Irish company, QK Meats, found traces of equine DNA in imported Polish product on 27 June...More Button

In February this year the company finally made the Minister, the Department and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland aware of what had happened, which I find very disturbing. During that period,...More Button

I hope the Minister can satisfy us about whether he had any concern about connections between FSAI personnel and the players in the industry. This went on from June to February without notificat...More Button

The Minister said the company had failed to inform the Department of earlier findings. The carry-on of QK Meats leaves an awful lot to be desired. There is a connection between Dawn Meats and Q...More Button

There is clearly an issue to be addressed, especially given that the initial discoveries of horse DNA by QK Meats were not disclosed. That is not acceptable given that had such a disclosure been m...More Button

As a legislator, elected representative and a representative of rural communities who are very dependent on farm produce and on having a good image of the food processing industry, that company has...More Button

I want to raise the question of what initiated the initial Department tests. How much did the Department know of the possible contamination that was going on and what warned it of the need to be...More Button

In regard to the origin of the contaminated product, and without prejudicing the ongoing investigation, can the Minister inform the House whether we are dealing with one or multiple sources of ho...More Button

This crisis has also highlighted the practices of the food companies themselves. Surely there must be an obligation on any company which discovers contamination of their food product to inform t...More Button

We also need to be assured that no processors here knowingly include contaminated ingredients in their products. That brings me back to QK Meats. It had received a consignment that was contamin...More Button

While it is difficult to track down such people always, they need to be dealt with vigorously when caught. More than that, legislation needs to be introduced to ensure that regulations on conten...More Button

Earlier this morning I moved a Bill to amend the Food Safety Authority of Ireland Act in order to tighten up in this whole area. It is a short Bill which initially seeks to address traceability ...More Button

There are a number of questions to be answered. We will have to study the report in detail. I only had the opportunity to have one glance at it. I understand the Minister will come before the ...More Button