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Crowe, Seán

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Order of Business (Continued)

The ground rents issue affects tens of thousands of people around the country. I think there is cross-party consensus on trying to resolve this. Does the Government have any plans to introduce le...More Button

Financial Resolution No. 5: General (Resumed) (Continued)

The Taoiseach stated this morning that the main thrust of the budget was to keep the recovery moving, yet much of the analysis of the budget shows that it will reward the small minority at the top ...More Button

When will the homeless have a voice in this Chamber? When will those faced with losing their home have a sympathetic ear? More importantly, when will they have a champion for their cause in Gov...More Button

The hopes and aspirations of citizens have not grown during the Government's term, but the number of citizens at risk of poverty has. Income inequality has grown during the Government's term. M...More Button

Government speakers are also hyping up the decision to extend free GP care to all children under 12. When will the Government extend the medical card to the seriously ill or those with terminal ...More Button

Another much-heralded element of the budget was the minimum wage rise of 50 cent to €9.15, but speakers failed to mention that the HSE will not pay minimum wage to fourth year student nurses, who...More Button

I welcome the fact that overseas development assistance, ODA, has increased by €40 million. ODA must play a fundamental role in our foreign affairs and Ireland must prioritise international assi...More Button

Overall, this budget has failed to deliver. Sadly, the recovery is for the few, not for the many. It is another missed opportunity.More Button