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Crowe, Seán

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 752 Nbr. 2

Priority Questions - School Staffing

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: in view of his public statement in relation to budget 2012, and its negative impact on DEIS band schools, if he will clarify the terms of reference of the review he intends to carry out; and the im...More Button

I have just come from the INTO rally at Marlborough House where the common theme was that people were confused about the review and what exactly is involved in it.More Button

I listened to what the Minister stated about the 428 legacy posts. Some of those legacy posts came to schools due to Breaking the Cycle. There was an acceptance that there was disadvantage in cer...More Button

I have a couple of questions, on the review itself but, first, on the 428 legacy posts. We all know the possible removal of those posts is the crux of the matter of concern. I do not believe anyo...More Button

The Minister met his party’s Members and gave assurances that he would look at schools individually. Will the review be done on an individual school basis? Will it be done purely on a numbe...More Button

If possible, if the Minister does not have time today, he should get that information out there. There is considerable confusion right across the board, not only among principals but among parents...More Button

Priority Questions - Pupil-Teacher Ratio

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: the reason he increased class sizes in schools of two, three and four teacher schools in view of the fact that smaller class sizes particularly at infant level would seem to have a positive affect ...More Button

It was in 1991 that the OECD published a report citing the importance of small schools to rural regeneration. What most people want to know is why the Minister is going down this track. Is it to ...More Button

People are asking that it be done in a planned and coherent manner as there are all types of sensitivities involved. They are asking that the Minister even signal that he would freeze the Septembe...More Button

Other Questions - Proposed Legislation

We all agree on the need to keep victims in the loop through discussions and meaningful engagement. A difficulty arises in determining who represents victims. There is no commonality on the issue...More Button

When will the heads of the Bill be published? On the Magdalene——More Button

Other Questions - Disadvantaged Status

Will the review take into account the costs of the adjustments needed for smaller classrooms in some of the pre-DEIS schools?More Button

I am concerned we are announcing larger class sizes which is not being taking into account. It seems we are all over the place on this.More Button

That is what is going to happen and we do not have the information on smaller schools.More Button

Other Questions - Third Level Fees

Has the Minister of State carried out an assessment on the impact this will have on the number of young people taking up a postgraduate course? I heard the point of the Minister of State about peo...More Button

Other Questions - Third Level Courses

A lot of the briefings on Waterford came from the Government. If change will not happen in the long term, I do not see the point. We talked about the amalgamation of schools. There is a clear ne...More Button

One issue which may not be an issue for the Minister’s Department but another Department is accommodation supports for foreign students. A lot of accommodation is available through NAMA. We ...More Button

Written Answers - School Staffing

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: if the likely loss of school guidance posts contravene section 9(c) of the Education Act 1998 which states that one of a school’s functions is to ensure that students have access to ap...More Button

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: the consultation he and his officials have had with teachers from DEIS band schools affected by the phasing out of pre-DEIS school legacy posts. More Button