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Childers, Erskine Hamilton

Thursday, 15 December 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 226 Nbr. 5

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess) (Resumed).

It has been amusing to hear members of the Opposition trying to give some explanation of why they lost the two by-elections.More Button

The latest explanations is that the by-elections must be related to certain events that took place during the Presidential election. If one were to carry on an argument like that, one could say th...More Button

I was interested to hear Deputy Cluskey who engaged in a discourse which, to my mind, showed a complete inferiority complex on the part of the Labour Party. He implied that the people of Kerry and...More Button

Deputy Cluskey went on to warn the trade unionist card-holders who he admits continually support Fianna Fáil Government that their action is a desperate one, revealing their spinelessness in...More Button

Deputy Cluskey spoke of the position of workers in relation to recent economic events. He did not seem to follow the advice given to the Irish people by the National Industrial Economic Council wh...More Button

If Deputy Cluskey were to read some of the speeches made recently by trade union leaders, he would find Mr. John Conroy, for example, in his speech at Galway saying that the trade union movement mu...More Button

Then again Deputy Cluskey spoke about the democratic character of the trade union movement. He did not go into any further detail. He did not describe what he meant by democratic action, whether...More Button

He did not refer to the fact that the highly democratic trade union movements of the Netherlands and Sweden not only engage in prolonged negotiations with industries that sometimes take as long as ...More Button

We heard none of this talk from Deputy Cluskey about the democratic trade union movement in Europe. He just spoke about it in a cynical way and suggested that when Deputies on the Fianna Fá...More Button

The Deputy was not in the House when the Deputy made these remarks.More Button

I shall take up at any time with Deputy Donegan anything to do with trade union organisation because I know all about it from back to front.More Button

To what proposals is Deputy Donegan referring!More Button

I was not referring to Government proposals. I was referring to Deputy Cluskey's loose talk about trade union organisation, and Deputy Cluskey himself did not refer to the Trade Union Bill in what...More Button

I did not say that. I was speaking about general trade organisations and I was referring to statements made by Irish trade union leaders calling for re-organisation. I was referring to this becau...More Button

I am not talking about those proposals. Deputy Donegan is merely trying to confuse the issue. I know there is a difference of opinion in regard to the trade union proposals and the Government pro...More Button

I also noted that we heard from Deputy Barrett again about Foras Tionscal grants. I noted also that during the by-elections the Kerry people and the Waterford people did not respond to the invect...More Button

If Deputies in the Opposition care to look at the list of bankruptcies during the most prosperous era in New York City and relate the bankruptcies to prosperity, they could almost say that Foras Ti...More Button

The people of Waterford and Kerry in these two by-elections were far too intelligent to listen to the caterwauling of the Opposition from the platforms. They know very well the fact that real hel...More Button

They are also aware that emigration cannot be turned off suddenly like a tap. It would be years before controllable emigration could be ended. They know perfectly well how useless it is to speak o...More Button

Of course, above all, the people of Waterford and Kerry showed they were not so innocent as to imagine we could have an extreme and severe crisis taking place in our nearest neighbour, England, and...More Button

As is usual in the case of a large volume such as the Second Programme we never hear quoted the extremely important paragraphs which define the shape of the whole Programme and which give quite cl...More Button

The Opposition talked in the elections, in so far as they talked intelligently at all about the Programme, as though it were a perfect document, as though it specified no conditions in which the Pr...More Button

The people of Waterford and Kerry were well aware of the fact that this country, encouraged by the advance in the economy, had undoubtedly started on some kind of spending spree and that the perso...More Button

The people were aware of that. They were also aware of the fact that it is not the immediate responsibility of the Fianna Fáil Government and the Fianna Fáil Ministers that there is ...More Button

There were people in Kerry and Waterford who wondered what the Opposition would do if they had to face the difficulties we were facing. They noted that the very people who talked about the crushin...More Button

A Deputy gave a list of alleged extravagant Government expenditure. When the list was examined, it was found to consist of a whole series of rather long-term projects which it would take about fou...More Button

Exports are already beginning to increase and imports have been held. The measures taken by the Government were neither insufficient nor too harsh. When one takes measures to combat inflation, th...More Button

I want to reinforce what the present Taoiseach said in the course of his speech that, whatever the Government do in the next two or three years, the economic advance will be determined mainly by th...More Button

There is no major change of policy which we could effect at the present time which could materially alter the economic conditions that will be the result of (1) what takes place abroad and (2) the ...More Button

Countries which indulge in that kind of spending will all face the same difficulties and have all faced the same difficulties. At this moment, in other countries whose economies have temporarily b...More Button

We have been very lucky up to now because inflation here has been matched by almost equal inflation in Great Britain. If our money lost value the British money had also lost value, so relatively a...More Button

In conclusion, I should like to say once more that I was delighted to be down during the course of the by-elections and to hear the speeches on either side. I think myself that we can say we won t...More Button