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Childers, Erskine Hamilton

Thursday, 16 June 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 223 Nbr. 5

Committee on Finance. - Resolution No. 3: Tax in Respect of Certain Goods (Resumed).

I was interested to hear Deputy Sir Anthony Esmonde talk as though Fianna Fáil had no new policy. We have been steadily adapting our fundamental policy every single year to meet new challen...More Button

——to provide new grants, new incentives and new aids. We entered into an agreement with the British Government to provide a secure market for farmers' produce. We have never stopped ad...More Button

No Government in the history of the country have displayed more inventiveness or a greater capacity to think along modern lines than the present Government. The proof of that lies in the fact that...More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

The Coalition were rattled out of office because they were not prepared to face the difficulty they had——More Button

We are prepared to meet the difficulties. Members of the Opposition speak as if we were the only country in the world facing inflationary difficulties. Unfortunately there is a fairly common occu...More Button

There is no use the Opposition creating a scare among our people, as though inflation could not be seen elsewhere, in countries with hundreds of years of independence and with a form of economic de...More Button

Another point is that the Opposition are talking as if all our difficulties were derived solely from our own internal economic situation. Members of the Opposition know perfectly well that there h...More Button

No mention is made of the fact that the British, with all their accumulated experience, are going through a very difficult crisis and that the Minister of Economic Development there has set a headl...More Button

Or they might continue——More Button

That is actually the Deputy's trouble. He does not like international comparisons. He does not like the debate to be carried on in its proper context.More Button

So far we have had nothing but wordy claptrap about our economic difficulties, clotted nonsense, and not the faintest idea of providing an alternative policy.More Button

Everything said by the Opposition simply encourages the public at large to indulge in purely superficial thinking about what is happening today or what will happen tomorrow, or what my particular w...More Button

About £16 million. A penny a gallon on petrol brings in about £500,000. The recent increase in income tax will bring in another £1,500,000. Would someone in the Opposition have ...More Button

A tax on expenditure, by itself, covering all items is regarded as taxation inevitably affecting people who can least afford to pay it; but, if an expenditure tax is accompanied by reliefs for thos...More Button

Of course, it is really an excuse because the Opposition have to say something. They have no alternative policy to offer. The Opposition could not reduce expenditure, if they came into office, by...More Button

The suggestion has been made that the fact we have operated a scheme of borrowing capital from abroad is something wrong and something which implies a serious economic situation, something which is...More Button

There is not a single suggestion from the Opposition about a brand new formula for combating inflation. The fact is that during the past six years the worst inflators in this country have been the ...More Button

If we had followed the advice of the Opposition in the past five years, we really would be bankrupt. We would not have a leg to stand on, because, except when a Budget involving increased taxatio...More Button

A great deal of what has been said by the Opposition on this Budget is simply fomenting strife within the industrial community with the idea of defeating the Government at any cost. Most of it is i...More Button

The situation is mainly due to this perfectly human change, this perfectly human agitation which is taking place as a result of increasing prosperity. There may be other causes as well, but that, a...More Button

It is very hard to ask anyone to accept modern job evaluation analysis. Scientific job evaluation is accepted in certain countries, and it has been accepted by certain trade unions in other countri...More Button

I am saying something which is completely non-political. Nobody can dispute that this is going on, and an intelligent attitude towards the problem will have to be found if we are to solve it. It ...More Button

I have heard references to the suggestion that the amount of taxation is now at a staggering level. The Government do not like to increase taxation. No one likes to increase taxation. It is abso...More Button

In the year of disemployment and high emigration, 1956-57, the Coalition Government were taking 22.7 per cent of the people's income in rates and taxation taken together, and this year we reckon it...More Button

I want to say more about this futile allegation that all our problems began with the turnover tax. It is an interesting allegation because one can draw this conclusion, this ludicrous conclusion,...More Button

The facts to contravene it are there beyond all doubt.More Button

The inflationary troubles began in this country in the September, fourth quarter of 1961 and they have been going on ever since. No serious member of the Opposition questioned the fact in the docu...More Button

If you take the two periods from 1958 to 1961 and from 1961 to 1964— I shall not go through all the figures— if you take the volume of production and the volume of agricultural output, ...More Button

I offer the speech by the Minister for Finance on the Budget of 1962 as a piece of permanent historic evidence that the Government were quick enough to see the change that was taking place. Within...More Button

I shall not trouble the House by reading the speech made in 1962 by the then Minister for Finance, Senator Dr. Ryan, before the turnover tax came and before any of these industrial strikes. It cou...More Button

Another thing the country and the Opposition ought to be warned about is that even if people choose to criticise the Government for their actions and if they dislike increased taxation, they will n...More Button

I think perhaps people do not like to tell certain crude facts about our economics. When the Government impose increased taxation, it is not the intention of the Minister for Finance— he sai...More Button

If the blind attack upon the Government, instigated and deliberately encouraged by the Opposition, for increasing taxation and blaming the Government for industrial strikes and everything else wil...More Button

Another fact I tried to stress, as did also the Minister for Finance, is that, no matter what the public of this or any other country may do, in the end they will not get any more money they can sp...More Button

Therefore, one asks the question: what is the use of disobeying the golden law suggested by the nine trade unionists and the employers in the NIEC report that incomes should rise in relation to pro...More Button

A lot has been said about the effect of the status increases on our national difficulties. Many of the status increases to certain branches of the Civil Service were fully justified. It might lo...More Button

The total annual increase is about one half per cent of the national income and to suggest that this should create such a hurricane of industrial strife and contribute in a big way to our economic ...More Button

There has been propaganda all over the city and country in the past three years which suggests that the profits and the earnings of self-employed people have risen so gigantically in the past four ...More Button

In the whole of the period since Fianna Fáil took office in 1957 and developed the Second Programme for Economic Expansion, profits have gone up by nine per cent and remuneration has gone up...More Button

We are not a rich country. There are only a few thousand people in this country who have incomes of over £2,000 a year. The Labour Party know that but they do not talk that way. They are tr...More Button

There is nothing that can possibly prevent those in receipt of salaries and wages from eventually getting their reward. These people know all the facts. These facts will be published from year to...More Button

It is true that there are groups in the community who receive very low pay. That fact has been referred to by the Government and the Government guide lines which were issued when it became obvious ...More Button

We have at present this solution of the £1 per week advocated by the Labour Court and followed by the Government in the hope of ending or mitigating industrial strife. Nobody ever talks abou...More Button

I mention that because the fact is that in the end what will be achieved in the way of real increase in incomes for the nation at large will be the real growth of productivity, and the rest will di...More Button

The difficulty is, as I have said, that both in this country and other countries, people appear to take a very long time to accept these facts. They are not accepting them in Great Britain at pres...More Button

What we hope is we will be able to secure an understanding of the position as soon as possible so that once more we can continue to grow in economic strength on the intelligent basis of not trying ...More Button

It is interesting that the Government were able to maintain the position over four years. There was nothing the Government did in 1962, no action they took, no change in taxation methods, no chang...More Button

I note in connection with the national incomes policy, which is a very difficult thing to administer and requires a great deal more thought, that there is occasionally a quiet, secretive bleat from...More Button

If they have such a policy, why do they not devote a whole debate to it? Why do they not tell us how it affects the current position and what they would do about it? I take it that if they have a...More Button

As the Taoiseach said yesterday, there is no reason why we will not be able to resume the national advance, apart from any international effects upon our economy for which we are not responsible. ...More Button

I might add that there are few countries in which there have not been temporary halts in economic advances. These halts are inevitable, but they should not result in frantic propaganda which will ...More Button

As I said, we can continue the advance, provided we keep on adapting policy to meet new needs and provided there is an intelligent attitude towards the extent to which the people at any one time ca...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - Retirement of CIE Chairman

Dr. Andrews will retire from the post of Chairman of CIE on 7th October, 1966.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - Jet Aircraft Noise Abatement.

I propose, with your permission, a Cheann Comhairle, to take Questions Nos. 3 and 4 together.More Button

All practical measures consistent with safe operation are taken to minimise disturbance to the public by jet flights en route to and from Dublin Airport. For instance, there are no scheduled fligh...More Button

Aer Lingus have not transferred pilot training from Shannon to Dublin but it is necessary to carry out some parts of the training programme temporarily at Dublin this year so as to enable it to be ...More Button

I could not say exactly when the runway will be repaired but, as the Deputy says, there has been a re-routing of traffic. The noise, as the Deputy knows, is not very great and in some cases it is ...More Button

They will be used when the peak summer schedule comes into operation.More Button

That was for special reasons, due to the industrial dispute in Aer Lingus in which certain staffs stopped working overtime, and that caused the difficulty.More Button

In the ordinary way, yes.More Button

The whole question of training, of course, is.More Button

There are numerous technical reasons why what might be described as a sort of perfectionist policy cannot be adopted. It depends on the direction of the wind and a number of other factors. It al...More Button