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Bruton, Richard

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Questions on Promised Legislation

As Deputy Howlin well knows, the admissions Bill developed originally by his party's Minister and then published by the Government did not contain any provision to change the rules on admission on ...More Button

Questions on Promised Legislation (Continued)

In respect of the placement of any child, the special needs organiser will seek to assist a parent in finding access to a place. If the Deputy wants to provide me with the information, I will seek...More Button

Schools Healthy Living Strategies

Was asked: the number of participating schools implementing a healthy schools action plan.More Button

My Department is supportive of the promotion of healthy lifestyles in schools and has issued circulars to support and strengthen schools’ efforts in developing in young people the skills and attitu...More Button

Schools and the wider education sector in conjunction with parents and families have a crucial role to play in supporting students to make healthy choices. Through their primary and post primary...More Button

Another significant development in this area is the introduction of the specification for a new examinable Leaving Certificate Physical Education subject and a new non-examinable Framework for Se...More Button

Both the examinable subject and the Framework are being introduced on a phased basis from September 2018 . This is in keeping with the strong emphasis from my Department on promoting and encourag...More Button

The 2015 Lifeskills Survey indicates that 92% of primary schools surveyed reported that they had a healthy eating policy in place. This is similar to the level reported in 2012. 3% reported that...More Button

100% of primary schools reported that they taught pupils about the importance of a balanced diet and 99% include the food pyramid as part of these lessons. More Button

At Post primary 32% of schools reported having a healthy eating policy in place and a further 30% reported that they were in the process of developing one. 93% of schools reported that they promo...More Button

Schools Building Projects Status

Was asked: the position regarding an application for new accommodation by a school (details supplied).More Button

As the Deputy is aware, a building project for the school to which he refers is included in my Department's 6 Year Construction Programme. 

  The acquisition of a suitable site ...More Button

Was asked: when an extension for a school (details supplied) will go to construction; if every effort will be made to expedite this project in view of current accommodations in the school; and if he will make...More Button

The major building project referred to by the Deputy is at an advanced stage of architectural planning Stage 2b (Detailed Design), which includes the application for statutory approvals and the pre...More Button

The Stage 2b submission has been reviewed by the Department and in August 2017 my Department issued comments on the stage 2b submission to the school and its Design Team. My Department requested ...More Button

Upon receipt of these confirmations, my Department will then revert to the school with regard to the further progression of the project. More Button

Was asked: the status of the evaluation of new design options in respect of a school (details supplied).More Button

The school referred to by the Deputy were requested to submit architectural size site drawings recently for each of the proposed options and these have now been received. It is now proposed to arra...More Button

Departmental Staff Data

Was asked: the number of departmental staff, by departmental premises, and within statutory bodies within his remit, and their grades, employed in Drogheda.More Button

My Department has a regional office of the National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) based at Drogheda. Presently the staffing cohort at the office consists of 1 Senior Educational Psychol...More Button

Teacher Discipline

Was asked: if the procedures set out in Circular 0059/2009 are underpinned by legislation; and if so, the relevant Act.More Button

Was asked: if there are exceptional circumstances in which the formal procedures set out in circular 0059/2009, as issued by his Department, do not have to be adhered to once the initiation of the formal proc...More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 172 and 173 together.More Button

Circular 0059/2009 set out the disciplinary procedures for teachers employed by Vocational Education Committees (VEC). A separate Circular (Circular 60/2009) sets out the disciplinary procedures ...More Button

Circular 0059/2009 was superseded by Circular 0071/2014 in October 2014 to account for the merger of VECs into Education and Training Boards (ETBs). Where an ETB is dealing with performance or c...More Button

Teacher Fee Refund Scheme

Was asked: the number of teachers who availed of the fee refund scheme in each of the years from 2011 to 2016; the average amount paid to teachers in fee refunds in each of the years from 2011 to 2016; if the...More Button

The purpose of the Teacher Fee Refund Scheme is to provide funding towards the cost of course participation and examination fees on successful completion of professional development courses that ar...More Button

Creative Ireland Programme

Was asked: the funding his Department is providing for the creative youth programme in 2017; the allocation it will receive in 2018; and, if his Department is allocating funding, the amount being provided for...More Button

My Department has supported the Creative Ireland programme throughout 2017 with funding for two elements of the Creative Youth programme. More Button

Two teachers were seconded to the Arts Council in September of this year to begin work on Scoileanna Ildánacha/Creative Schools. This initiative will begin a pilot cohort of 150 schools across pr...More Button

Additionally, the primary school CPD initiative, ‘Teacher-Artist Partnership’ was delivered in twenty education centres during the summer as part of Creative Ireland. This was followed by artist ...More Button

My Department was allocated €1 million for Creative Ireland in 2018. However, I have been able to secure an increase of €0.25 million, bringing the total allocation to €1.25 million. All funding ...More Button

I look forward to engaging with the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, the Department of Children and Youth Affairs and the Arts Council in delivering the Creative Youth programme...More Button

Legislative Process

Was asked: the Acts, or parts of Acts, awaiting commencement within his area of statutory responsibility; the reason for the delay in the commencement of each; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The information that the Deputy has requested is set out in tabular form.

...More Button

Public Sector Pay

Was asked: his views on a matter (details supplied); and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The Public Service Pay and Pensions Bill 2017, which gives effect to the pay measures contained in the Public Service Stability Agreement 2018-2020 (PSSA), is currently being considered by the Oire...More Button

Public service agreements have already delivered on a number of issues through structured negotiations and engagement with concerned groups. Through this process a 15-22% pay increase was negotia...More Button

As a result of these changes and taking into account the proposed pay measures under the Public Service Stability Agreement 2018-2020, the starting salary of a new teacher from 1 January 2018 wil...More Button

Further to this, newly recruited teachers benefit from the terms of the Ward Circular which reduced the qualifying period from a CID and the removal of the career break and secondment categories ...More Button

It must be borne in mind that the pay reduction for post-2011 entrants to the public service applied to all public servants and not just teachers, and that any restoration of these measures in re...More Button

To have gone further than the pay increases that have been negotiated would mean I would have had less money available to hire over 1,000 extra SNAs in 2018, and over 1,000 extra teachers in 2018. More Button

Any further negotiation on new entrant pay is a cross sectoral issue, not just an issue for the education sector. The Government also supports the gradual, negotiated repeal of the FEMPI legislat...More Button

Accordingly, the recently concluded Public Service Agreement 2018-2020 includes a provision in relation to new entrants which states that an examination of the remaining salary scale issues in re...More Button

Third Level Expenditure

Was asked: the amount that was spent on the provision of counselling services at third level in each of the years from 2013 to 2017; and the amount that has been allocated for the year 2017-2018.More Button

My Department allocates recurrent funding to the Higher Education Authority (HEA) for direct disbursement to the HEA institutions. The HEA allocates this as a block grant to institutions to cover t...More Button

Pupil-Teacher Ratio

Was asked: the ratio of students to teaching staff in each of the years from 2013 to 2017 at third level.More Button

The current staff:student ratio in the higher education sector is 21:1. This is calculated based on the 2016/17 enrolment figures.  This is based on the ratio of full time students to core teaching...More Button

Higher Education Schemes

Was asked: the reason a housing estate (details supplied) is geographically split in two for the purposes of deprivation indices used for qualification for the higher education access route, HEAR, scheme; his...More Button

HEAR is a college and university admissions scheme offering places on reduced points and extra college support to school leavers from socio-economically disadvantages backgrounds. 

 &...More Button

Departmental Schemes

Was asked: if he has received correspondence from a school (details supplied); if the financial assistance to the school will be increased in order to deliver high quality education as Gaeilge; and if he will...More Button

I can confirm that I have received the correspondence referred to and a response has issued.  More Button

The school in question has opted to participate in the Gaeltacht School Recognition Scheme which provides schools with the opportunity to access extra supports and resources on the basis of the i...More Button

The budget for the implementation of the Policy on Gaeltacht Education 2017-2022 has more than doubled to €2.3m for 2018, which means that further supports and resources will be provided to schoo...More Button

- A grant of €1,000 to purchase Irish-medium resources More Button

- Additional language support hours, which will be equivalent to providing an extra 30 whole-time teachers in Gaeltacht primary schools More Button

- Additional professional development for teachers, with substitute cover, provided by COGG, and the opportunity to participate in a new part-time M.Ed. in Irish-medium and Gaeltacht Education More Button

- Extra advisory visits from school Inspectors More Button

- The opportunity to take part in a pilot project to link post-primary Gaeltacht schools digitally to extend subject choice through the medium of IrishMore Button

Full details of the additional supports and resources that will be provided to schools participating in the Gaeltacht School Recognition Scheme will be outlined in a new circular, which will be i...More Button

The correspondence received from the school made reference to its non-DEIS status.  As regards the designation of DEIS status to the school, it is important to note that DEIS is designed to addre...More Button

A further assessment of all schools, using updated school data and the updated Pobal HP Index data, is underway. The assessment will demonstrate changes to the socio demographic status of schools...More Button

School Accommodation

Was asked: if his Department will select and approve a suitable long-term site within a local community for a school (details supplied) in time for it to move to a more appropriate location for the 2018-2019 ...More Button

As the Deputy may be aware, a project to provide permanent accommodation for the school in question is included on my Department's Capital Programme.

  Officials in my Department...More Button

Minor Works Scheme

Was asked: if provision is made in his Department's Estimate for 2018 for a minor works grant scheme; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

There are significant demands placed on the 2018 education capital budget due to demographic pressures, and the imperative of ensuring a school place for every child.

  I indicat...More Button

Student Universal Support Ireland

Was asked: when the details of the 2018-2019 higher education grant scheme will be made available; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The 2017 scheme was published on the 31st of March 2017. Details of this scheme can be accessed via the SUSI website at 

  ...More Button

Student Grant Scheme Eligibility

Was asked: his plans to exclude students' part-time earnings in the assessment of means for the higher education grant; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The assessment of means under my Department's student grant scheme is based on gross income from all sources, with certain social welfare and health service executive payments excluded.

&n...More Button

Apprenticeship Programmes

Was asked: the approximate time it takes to make new consortia-led apprenticeships operational to apprentices from call for proposals stage to validation by Quality and Qualifications Ireland, to being availa...More Button

Departmental Expenditure

Was asked: the photography costs for his Department in each year since March 2011, inclusive of costs incurred from use of the ministerial allowance; the list of occasions for which photographers were booked;...More Button

The table contains details of expenditure by my Department in relation to photography as requested by the Deputy.

  Cost Breakdown

More Button

Was asked: the level of expenditure by his Department or organisations under the aegis of his Department from 1 January 2017 to date in 2017 on photography, advertising, communications advice, public relation...More Button

Details in relation to expenditure on photography, advertising, communications advice, public relations, website development and media interview training and preparation in 2017 in my Department is...More Button

The deferred reply under Standing Order 42A was forwarded to the Deputy.More Button

Public Relations Contracts Expenditure

Was asked: the use of external public relations firms employed by his Department in each year since March 2011; the list of uses of the external public relations firm; the internal Department policy with rega...More Button

The engagement of external expertise is considered where the matters involved require expert skills or capabilities that are not readily available within my Department. Such engagement is procured ...More Button

Consultancy Contracts Expenditure

Was asked: the external consultant reports commissioned by his Department since March 2011; the costs per report; the company involved; the title of the report; and the publication date, in tabular form.More Button

Details of consultancy payments made by my Department for the years 2011 to 2016 inclusive are available on the Department's website More Button

Departmental Advertising Expenditure

Was asked: the level of expenditure by his Department from 1 January 2017 to date in 2017 on advertising of Government information campaigns published specifically in national and regional newspapers in addit...More Button

Details in relation to advertising for information campaigns in 2017 in my Department will be collated in early 2018. I will arrange to have the information forwarded to the Deputy as soon as it ha...More Button

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