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Tully, James

Thursday, 15 December 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 226 Nbr. 5

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - County Monaghan Road Workers.

asked the Minister for Local Government if he is aware of the widespread unemployment among county council road-workers in County Monaghan; and if he will make some money available in order to enab...More Button

I regret the necessity for asking supplementaries, but, in view of the fact that none of the Monaghan Deputies in the House is interested enough to raise the matter, I feel compelled to ask the Par...More Button

There are several hundred road workers unemployed in Monaghan.More Button

Perhaps the Parliamentary Secretary would first answer my supplementary question?More Button

If the Parliamentary Secretary will allow me? Has the Department of Local Government received an application from Monaghan County Council for permission to switch a grant from a bridge, in which t...More Button

I think the Parliamentary Secretary must have, for the second time in a short period, got hold of the wrong information because that statement——More Button

Then I must be very bad——More Button

——because I can assure the Parliamentary Secretary that in the Emyvale area alone, there are three times the number he has just mentioned and, in addition, there are a number of unemplo...More Button

When? This morning?More Button

Would the Parliamentary Secretary say when notice of approval was sent to Monaghan County Council?More Button

The Parliamentary Secretary presumes too much.More Button

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess) (Resumed).

You said “Fianna Fáil”. Do not go away from it.More Button

This debate has taken some remarkable turns. We have had, of course, the two by-elections all over again and, towards the close of the debate, we have had two Fianna Fáil Deputies apparentl...More Button

Deputy Lenihan was perfectly correct when he said we are not doing enough for the people, and Deputy Molloy supported him in that theme. I agree with both. The only mistake they made was in not s...More Button

Deputy Molloy's sermon was in the Irish language. He used the Irish language under the impression, perhaps, that nobody in the House would understand it and he could therefore hold forth at length...More Button

Now, the arguments have been that we have, of course, to find more money for the people who have not enough, but will the Parties opposite vote the money? Will the Government tell us first how the...More Button

I believe a great disservice has been done to the nation in having a debate here today dealing almost entirely with the by-elections. God knows, during the election campaign, all of us debated the...More Button

We have heard talk about the plumpers. I contested a by-election myself. So did a number of people in this House, and outside it, contest by-elections. I believe that, when a person goes to the p...More Button

I want to make our position very clear, however, and this is the only reference I shall make to the by-elections. We have no apology to make to Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, or anybody else, becau...More Button

Usually this debate is referred to as the “State of the Nation Account”. I would not blame the Taoiseach at all if his particular reference to the state of the nation today was not as detailed as m...More Button

We have heard all sorts of promises over the years and all manner of statements about things being better just around the corner. The former Taoiseach was a great man for promising improvements ar...More Button

I am going to ask him a straight question. Does he really think that everything in the country is as rosy as his Party seem to think? Does the Taoiseach realise that at present there are on the u...More Button

I understand that a Government Senator referred to the fact that he could not get men to do his threshing. He had one day's threshing and he was disappointed and annoyed that the working men who no...More Button

Yes. But this man, who has more money than he knows what to do with, was disappointed because the men were not standing outside his gates waiting to work for the measly £1 or 30/- he would g...More Button

Some of these men had big families and because of the fact that there was no money to employ them, they went to the labour exchange where, because of their big families, they got as much social wel...More Button

I do not know if he has had the experience of trying to make up the number of days a man must work before he qualifies for Christmas holidays. Even if these people are re-employed, and it is appar...More Button

I give credit to Deputy Dillon for using an expression which I have used on more than one occasion since he used it because I think it is an apt description. He said that it appeared that we were ...More Button

Many of these people made inquiries and I myself have made inquiries on their behalf. My inquiries have always been answered by the Department of Social Welfare, a Department for which I have the ...More Button

I know very many of these people living with sons and daughters who have little for themselves and who could not be considered able to maintain their parents. Although the old people buy food and...More Button

I said the reply has changed. It now simply says “You are not entitled to the increase as your income exceeds the statutory limit”. No figure is mentioned. I am sure the Department officials who ...More Button

I do not know if the Taoiseach realises that there is a new means test involved which says that £2 12s per year prevents them from getting the maximum non-contributory pension. Before this, w...More Button

I shall give an instance of what I think has happened. When the old age pension was introduced in 1909 by the British Government, it was 5/- a week and a man who was 70 got 5/- and, if his wife wa...More Button

We had a comment by the former Minister for Social Welfare. They move so quickly now that one has to be very careful not to miss them on the merry-go-round. I suppose that when in the Department ...More Button

The whole matter of social welfare is a national scandal. There is no point in Deputies getting up on the Government benches and saying that the Opposition when in Government gave only so much. T...More Button

I wonder if Government Deputies would go to the trouble of checking with the really poor people in their constituencies as I do in mine. They would find that one of the biggest complaints at this ...More Button

The price of bread, we are told, may go up; the price of electricity is going up. The Minister for Industry and Commerce was a little coy yesterday when we tried to find out if there was danger of...More Button

We had a great deal of discussion in this House and a number of promises about the EEC. The Taoiseach has not been so rash as to say we are going it alone—yet anyway. His predecessor said t...More Button

What preparation is being made for entry to the EEC? What lead have the Government given to have preparation made? We have the NIEC Report and also a lot of talk about it. However, if anybody wa...More Button

We had a discussion here yesterday on proposals to retrain workers, and we asked the Minister for Labour—the poor man, I am sure he is doing his best—retrain for what? Did anybody ever...More Button

We had the Free Trade Agreement last year. People may say we are overdoing this, but I am mentioning it particularly because we were rushed back from our Christmas holidays to a meeting of the D&a...More Button

Now almost 12 months later we know what we got. We know what was in the bag. We were told—and this cannot be denied, and I will give credit to the Fianna Fáil Party, most of them hav...More Button

We had the situation that we went over to Britain to sign an agreement and came back with nothing in return. What did we give away? We gave away progressively to Britain the right to import into t...More Button

Yes. The Taoiseach must not be doing his shopping in Dublin, because if he were, he would realise that reduction of ten per cent has resulted in an influx of British goods the like of which very f...More Button

The Taoiseach may say: “We had to give something to get something”. I pointed out we got absolutely nothing. We are still only able to export to Britain with certainty our manpower, because the em...More Button

One of the big jokes that was tried on this country and that actually worked was that we were told the British Government had guaranteed to take 638,000 of our cattle stores each year. It turned o...More Button

I am not being critical of them just because they are Fianna Fáil. I am being critical of them because as a Government Party who have been in power for so long they do not yet appear to hav...More Button

I wonder if Deputy Lenihan was correct in what he stated here? He honestly and truthfully said—I do not know what the Party Whip will have to say to him—that we were not giving the peo...More Button

We have heard from time to time in the House about the number of factories being opened and about their employment potential. It is one thing I am particularly sore about. Whenever I attempted to...More Button

I suggest to the Taoiseach that he could possibly do one thing. There are in this country hundreds of small industries which need extra capital. If they got it, they would be prepared to improve ...More Button

If what the Minister for Labour said yesterday is correct, the Taoiseach must of necessity look around the country and see where industries can be established by the State. Industries run by the S...More Button