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Treacy, Seán

Thursday, 16 June 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 223 Nbr. 5

Committee on Finance. - Resolution No. 3: Tax in Respect of Certain Goods (Resumed).

They are operating in an economy of full employment.More Button

They are operating in an economy of full employment.More Button

I do not like odious comparisons.More Button

It is pathetic.More Button

I listened to the Minister for Transport and Power for the past hour and yet I cannot decide whether this man continues to live in his ivory tower, from which he emerges on occasion to pontificate,...More Button

One would imagine, listening to the Minister for Transport and Power, that this financial difficulty landed in his lap only a year or two ago. I do not know of any Party in any democracy who have ...More Button

I appreciate that my remarks should be in respect of this second Budget, the second within ten weeks. Staggering though this Budget is from the point of view of the vicious and indiscriminate man...More Button

Such an assurance would come as a relief to us all. It would certainly help people to face the future with a little more confidence. The great tragedy is that this Budget does nothing whatsoever ...More Button

A previous leader of the Fianna Fáil Party intimated, before he was elevated to another office, that, where taxation was concerned, we had reached saturation point and no further impositions...More Button

Instead of raising the living standards of our people, as a Budget is primarily intended to do, this Budget degrades our people, very many of them, to a mere subsistence level. I speak in particul...More Button

Instead of stabilising prices and doing something to maintain the value of our £, this Budget has, of set purpose and deliberate policy, introduced new taxation which will have the effect of ...More Button

This Government cannot expect the Irish labour and trade union movement to stand idly by and see the standard of living of our people deliberately depressed by an irresponsible Tory Government. I ...More Button

Housing is held up; so are health, education and social welfare. Those of us who are members of local authorities know well that our county managers have no more money. Neither have they any hope ...More Button

The question our people are asking specifically is: when is this going to end? Why do the Government not come out and be honest with the people and indicate to them what they think of the present ...More Button

We should like to see an honest appraisal of the situation. We should like to see the Government facing up courageously to the issues involved and not shying away in such cowardly fashion as has b...More Button

The Taoiseach fails to realise that the young generation of Irish men and women are thinking for themselves. They have minds which God gave them to use and they are not going to be influenced by wh...More Button

We have had one programme for economic expansion which operated under the Fianna Fáil Government from 1958 to 1963, and inherent in that policy programme was the stipulation of near full emp...More Button

We now have a Second Programme for Economic Expansion, and economists were loud in their praise of this plan, too. It was going to provide 78,000 jobs by 1970, but at the present time there are 8,...More Button

The Labour Party believe in planning. The intelligent, organised planning of our economy has always been a fundamental principle of Labour policy. We were pleased when we saw this Government tak...More Button

It is truly amazing to those of us of a younger generation and in this modern age to see what is happening around us in the world through the media of television, the radio, the press, the speed of...More Button

We contend that what is happening in this country is simply that we have had bad Government. Mismanagement by Government is solely responsible for the situation in which we find ourselves today. ...More Button

I have no doubt that the Minister was otherwise actively engaged in his multitudinous affairs. I did not wish to cast any aspersions on his actions, I can assure you.More Button

We, in the Labour movement, have come to the positive conclusion that a deliberate attempt is being made by the Government to create the impression that the trade union movement in particular and t...More Button

I believe our workers have proved to be very tolerant, having regard to the impositions of this Government. We all attribute the economic malaise which has now set in to the implementation ...More Button

The fact is that the Government gave unbridled liberty to every exploiter, usurer and extortioner to exploit our unfortunate people. We could not get this Government to bring in the necessary pric...More Button

At a time when an understanding had been arrived at for £1 a week increase in wages, especially for the lower-paid worker, the Minister comes in with proposals for a further imposition of tax...More Button

Trade unions do not take strike action lightly. It is only after the most protracted negotiations and after every avenue has been explored with a view to agreement that the unions take strike acti...More Button

These admonitions are taken up by the Labour Court and consequently we have a clash of interests. We have resistance from the Labour Court and from the employers which the unions must face up to. ...More Button

There is much that could be done to improve labour relations in this country. I would like to see this Government take a greater interest in creating an atmosphere which would lead to the better r...More Button

In times of difficulty, the instructions issued by employers to employees are issued in a dictatorial fashion, a final fashion leaving no room for negotiation or compromise. We see no desire on th...More Button

Unions do not like having to bludgeon increased wages or fringe benefits out of employers. Concessions given as a result of strike action make for bad blood and bitterness and workers have long me...More Button

He did not say anything of the kind. I know what he said. No one would describe the white collar workers of this country, many certainly not the bankers who have now been on strike for some week...More Button

You might know them; I do not. I have yet to see them. I know the Fianna Fáil Party are trying to create this kind of image. They are trying to find a scapegoat on whom to pin responsibili...More Button

I want to refer briefly to the actual items of increased taxation in this second Budget. I deplore the imposition of this selective tax. I want to ask the Minister if he regards certain items of ...More Button

We believe that this will have the effect of increasing the cost of living. Moreover, it has caused shock and dismay throughout the country, not only among the ordinary people who will be affected...More Button

The Government must realise that an imposition of this kind will have serious repercussions. I would be prepared to concede there are luxury lines. Many of them were designated by the Minister fo...More Button

Is it suggested that a television set, a radio or a car is a luxury? Is a car a luxury today where men must travel to get to work? Is it not a necessary of life? Does not every community in the ...More Button

Before I conclude, I want to refer briefly, because I will have another opportunity of dealing with it, to the Taoiseach's statement about the creation of a Ministry of Labour and the manpower poli...More Button

Every progressive country has a Ministry of Labour and we are glad that the Taoiseach has recognised the wisdom of our pleading. The Ministry of Labour, to which he referred in the most castigatin...More Button

I had hoped to advert to the Common Market situation and to the Industrial Training Bill, but I understand that I will get an opportunity to discuss these matters within the next few weeks. I must...More Button

These are questions the people are asking and if he can throw some light on these matters, he will have done something to end the allegations which are rightly made that the Cabinet are behaving in...More Button