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Stanton, David

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Garda Deployment

I acknowledge Deputy McConalogue's interest in and passion for this issue and I thank him for raising it. I apologise for the Minister for Justice and Equality, who cannot be here this evening.More Button

I wish to reiterate for the House yet again that the deployment of Garda resources, including personnel, to specific areas, as the Deputy will appreciate, is solely the responsibility of the Gard...More Button

The distribution of Garda resources is constantly monitored and a distribution model is used that takes into account all relevant factors, including population, crime trends and overall policing ...More Button

The Commissioner has informed the Minister that on 31 January 2019, the latest date for which figures are readily available, the strength of the Donegal division was 409, with 63 gardaí assigned ...More Button

An Garda Síochána has responded to the type of threats that communities face through a robust and determined drive against criminals who seek to prey on vulnerable householders with the implement...More Button

Since the reopening of the Garda College in September 2014, almost 2,400 recruits have attested as members of An Garda Síochána and have been assigned to mainstream duties nationwide, of whom 55 ...More Button

The Commissioner has also informed the Minister that it is his intention to recruit a total of 600 trainee gardaí in 2019 along with a net 600 Garda staff. The recruitment of the additional Gard...More Button

Furthermore, the Commissioner has been provided with an additional €100 million in 2019, bringing his total budget to almost €1.8 billion. This substantial investment will allow the accelerated ...More Button

Garda Deployment (Continued)

As it probably was not heard the first time, I wish to stress again that the deployment of Garda resources, including personnel, to specific areas is solely the responsibility of the Garda Commissi...More Button

Criminal Law (Extraterritorial Jurisdiction) Bill 2018 [Seanad]: Second Stage

I move: "That the Bill be now read a Second Time."More Button

I am delighted to introduce the Criminal Law (Extraterritorial Jurisdiction) Bill 2018 to the House today on behalf of the Minister for Justice and Equality, Deputy Flanagan, following its passag...More Button

Deputies will agree that violence against women and domestic violence should not be tolerated in a modern society. However, in a pan-European Eurobarometer survey on perceptions, attitudes and a...More Button

Under the Istanbul Convention, Ireland is required to make provision for extraterritorial jurisdiction over convention offences. While there are already some provisions on the Statute Book with ...More Button

Turning now to the detail of the Bill, I would like to outline its key provisions. Section 1 defines the key terms used in the Bill, the most notable being the term "relevant offence", which is ...More Button

Section 2 is a technical section, aimed at excluding the provisions of the Bill where section 3 of the Criminal Law (Jurisdiction) Act 1976 applies. This Act deals with certain offences committe...More Button

Section 3 sets out the offences under the Bill and various provisions relating to double jeopardy and proof of citizenship or residency, as the case may be. Subsection (1) provides that it is an...More Button

Criminal Law (Extraterritorial Jurisdiction) Bill 2018 [Seanad]: Second Stage (Continued)

Section 4 amends the Criminal Justice (Mutual Assistance) Act 2008 to ensure that the provisions of that Act are applicable to the Istanbul Convention. Section 5 provides for the Short Title and...More Button

This Bill will provide increased powers in the context of investigating and prosecuting crimes committed abroad by Irish citizens and residents. More importantly, it will also enable us to ratif...More Button

I look forward to the debate and I commend the Bill to the House.More Button

I thank the Deputies for the broad support for the Bill this evening. Deputy Ó Laoghaire said this is one of the issues on which we can all agree. When I was Chairman of the justice committee, we...More Button

We can agree on this. Eradicating the problems in our society is a shared goal for all Members. The Minister for Justice and Equality, Deputy Flanagan, and the former Minister, Deputy Fitzgeral...More Button

Once ratification is completed, Ireland joins a monitoring mechanism of independent experts called GREVIO, which will monitor the effective implementation of the convention. It will evaluate imp...More Button

As stated, 45 countries have signed the convention so far and 33 have ratified it. Very soon, Ireland will bring the number of ratifications to 34, as Deputy O'Loughlin stated. This Bill was pu...More Button

Let me turn to some of the issues colleagues have raised. A number of points were made on delays regarding the Bill. It has not really been delayed. The treaty was signed in 2011 and entered i...More Button

Deputy O'Callaghan referred to the seriousness of murder and manslaughter. Ireland already claims jurisdiction for murder and manslaughter offences committed by Irish citizens anywhere in the wo...More Button

We are not extending jurisdiction to offences committed against Irish residents abroad. This issue was considered fully with the legal advisers. Article 42 to the Istanbul Convention requires a...More Button

The Government has also agreed that this decision can be reviewed in the years ahead.More Button

To further consider Irish victims now would undoubtedly delay ratification of the convention and the Minister would prefer to move ahead at this point. Once ratification has been completed, Irel...More Button

Deputy Sherlock asked about a risk assessment matrix and 24-hour helplines and so on. That is to do with the domestic violence legislation and not this particular item but I will try to get resp...More Button

Deputy O'Loughlin also spoke about the Domestic Violence Act. All the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act were fully commenced on 1 January. Prior to commencement, the key agencies, namely,...More Button

Deputy Sherlock raised an interesting point in asking if Brexit will affect the legislation. It is our understanding that it will not. The UK also plans to ratify the Istanbul Convention althou...More Button

Deputy O'Callaghan referred to other actions the Government is taking and I mentioned the Garda National Protective Services Bureau which has been established and is led by a chief superintendent...More Button

There is also a domestic homicide review. An Garda Síochána's domestic violence policy intervention unit is currently working with the Garda Síochána Analysis Service in analysing domestic relat...More Button

The Minister brought a memorandum to Government on 20 November and the Cabinet approved the undertaking of a national survey, as Deputy Ó Laoghaire pointed out, on the prevalence of sexual violen...More Button

Once the first full national survey is complete, it is envisaged that work will then begin on exploring the experiences of sexual violence abuse by specified vulnerable minority cohorts, for inst...More Button

On the review of the investigation and prosecution of sexual offences, the Minister for Justice and Equality published terms of reference for the review of the investigation and prosecution of se...More Button

Cosc is currently supporting and overseeing the implementation of a uniform national domestic violence intervention programme under the second national strategy for the prevention of domestic sex...More Button

Funding and resources have been mentioned on a few occasions. Under the Child and Family Agency Act 2013, Tusla, the Child and Family Agency, has statutory responsibility for the care and protec...More Button

Of the €1.72 million allocated to victims of crime in 2018, grants totalling €686,000 were awarded to 34 domestic violence organisations for support and assistance and to provide support and cour...More Button

Cosc also allocated €817,000 for the delivery of the uniform national domestic abuse intervention programme entitled the Choices programme. The primary aim of the programme is, while maintaining...More Button

Cosc also provided funding of €22,000 in 2018 to the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre for a sexual violence awareness and prevention programme for young people. This funding went towards the running of...More Button

My colleagues can see that there is a lot going on in this hugely important area. One can never really do enough in this challenging area and I was taken again with what Deputy O'Callaghan said ...More Button

I thank my colleagues here for their support this evening and for a constructive debate. This is a sensitive and important area. I look forward to the committee debate hopefully next week, if w...More Button

Criminal Law (Extraterritorial Jurisdiction) Bill 2018 [Seanad]: Referral to Select Committee

I move:More Button

Direct Provision System

The tender process for the provision of premises within the Kildare region (radius of 40 km from Newbridge Town Centre), including the provision of management, catering, housekeeping, general maint...More Button

After this date it is open to the Department to invite all Successful Tenderers to become a Framework Member by entering into a Framework Agreement with each of them in terms as set out in the Re...More Button

My Department then intends to award contracts by drawing down from the Framework to meet the required demand for accommodation services as set out in the RFT. More Button

The Deputy will appreciate that as this particular tender competition is still in process, I cannot comment on any individual bids at this time. More Button

Refugee Resettlement Programme

On 10 September 2015, as part of Ireland's response to the migration crisis in central and southern Europe, the Government established the Irish Refugee Protection Programme (IRPP). Under this pro...More Button