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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Urban Regeneration and Development Fund

I thank Deputy Cullinane for raising the matter. I am fully aware that it is an important project for the south-east region and not just for Waterford city.More Button

The North Quays was the subject of an SDZ order made by Government recognising the social and economic importance of the site to the State, and designating the Waterford North Quays for mixed-use...More Button

The national planning framework, launched in February 2018 as part of Project Ireland 2040, includes objectives to achieve both more compact urban growth within Ireland's cities and the significa...More Button

Under the stewardship of the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, the fund was established to support more compact and sustainable urban development, through the regeneration and...More Button

As part of the first call for proposals under the URDF Waterford City and County Council submitted a bid for Exchequer grant funding in respect of a major multifaceted proposal for the North Quay...More Button

On 26 November 2018, the then Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government announced initial URDF supports of €100 million for a total of 88 projects across the country, including €6 milli...More Button

The URDF support of the North Quays project, as with all other successful URDF proposals, is approved in principle subject to appropriate appraisal, and justification and advancement in accordanc...More Button

Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (Continued)

Since June of last year our Department has been working with Waterford City and County Council with a view to assisting in its advancement and development of the appropriate appraisal of this high-...More Button

Our Department has already recouped €5.7 million in respect of costs incurred by Waterford City and County Council on the planning and development of this project, and further funding will be mad...More Button

I agree with the Deputy entirely on the train station. I am very familiar with it and strategically its location is wrong for the future advancement of Waterford city.More Button

The Waterford North Quays project is a very complex and high-cost project in a strategic development zone, SDZ. Therefore, it is critical that careful consideration is given to its planning and ...More Button

Following Waterford City and County Council's recent submission of an updated economic cost-benefit appraisal of its proposals, our Department can continue its work in consultation with colleague...More Button

There has been a significantly changed environment in recent months and it is important that the robustness of the cost-benefit appraisal stands up from a public spending point of view. That is ...More Button

Water Supply

I thank Deputy Mattie McGrath for putting his points so well. Since 1 January 2014, Irish Water has had statutory responsibility for all aspects of water services planning, delivery and operation ...More Button

Existing water supply sources and infrastructure for the eastern and midlands region do not have the capacity or resilience to meet present or future requirements in a sustainable way. In the gr...More Button

A significant new water source is needed. As well as securing a reliable supply for the greater Dublin area, Irish Water's proposals to supply the eastern and midlands region will enable the pro...More Button

This major project is still at the pre-planning stage of development. Once planning is secured and design of the final scheme is complete, detailed costs for this project will be made available ...More Button

Water Supply (Continued)

A preliminary design project cost estimate, which will be an input to the cost-benefit analysis, is scheduled to be published in 2021. Irish Water will be required to outline its position on the p...More Button

As background, I should state that Irish Water delivers its services in accordance with its statutory water services strategic plan, published in October 2015. This sets out a high-level strateg...More Button

The delivery of the Shannon water supply project is a key strategic investment priority for Irish Water under the National Development Plan 2018-2027. The cost of the project will be identified an...More Button

This project is needed to address the capacity issues in the region, to support jobs in the economy, to address climate change and to ensure the supply is fit for purpose and can withstand extrem...More Button

I take on board the point Deputy Mattie McGrath made so well with regard to going after water that is unaccounted for. It is vital that significant investment is made in going after unaccounted-...More Button

There will be plenty of opportunity for all views on the project to be heard as it is developed and undergoes the various consent procedures. There will be a public element and a public consulta...More Button

Turf Cutting

Ireland, like all EU Member States, is bound by the requirements of the Habitats Directive and the Birds Directive. These Directives aim to ensure the protection of habitats and species which have ...More Button

Significant efforts have been made by the State and by turf-cutters to resolve the issue of the protection of Ireland’s raised bog special areas of conservation and natural heritage areas within ...More Button

The National Raised Bog Special Areas of Conservation Management Plan 2017–2022 sets out how the raised bog special areas of conservation are to be managed, conserved and restored and how the nee...More Button

Special Areas of Conservation

The National Raised Bog Special Areas of Conservation Management Plan 2017-2022 sets out how the raised bog special areas of conservation are to be managed, conserved and restored and how the needs...More Button

The Review of Raised Bog Natural Heritage Area Network was published in January 2014. The review concluded that Ireland could more effectively achieve conservation of threatened raised bog habita...More Button

- The continued designation of 36 existing natural heritage areas - this includes 7 sites to be divided, with part to be conserved and part de-designated;More Button

- The de-designation of 46 natural heritage areas - including the relevant areas of the 7 sites to be divided; andMore Button

- The designation as natural heritage areas of 25 currently undesignated raised bogs, which are in public ownership or where there is reduced turf cutting pressure, so as to compensate for the lo...More Button

The Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2016 has been passed by Dáil Éireann and Seanad Éireann. The purpose of the Bill is to give legal effect to the proposed reconfiguration of the raised bog natural he...More Button

As is the practice, it is not proposed to identify any of the 27 raised bog sites to be nominated for designation until the relevant legal protections are being applied to them. More Button

Animal Diseases

I propose to take Questions Nos. 139 and 140 together.More Button

The RHD2 virus, which affects both rabbits and hares, was discovered in a number of rabbits and hares around the country during last summer. The scientific advice provided to my Department at the...More Button

Given my Department’s responsibility in relation to the conservation status of the Irish hare, it was decided to suspend the licences issued by my Department to the Irish Coursing Club on 9 Augus...More Button

A revised more restrictive license was subsequently issued to the Irish Coursing Club in October 2019 effective to the end of February this year.More Button

In tandem with the granting of revised and more restrictive coursing licences, field studies were undertaken at four coursing clubs, which involved veterinary and virology expertise and input. T...More Button

The field studies involved the microchipping and swabbing of all captured hares and the testing of swabs in DAFM laboratories for RHD2. All the hares from these four field studies which were test...More Button

The National Parks and Wildlife Service of my Department is currently working with colleagues in the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine on a national survey of RHD2 in rabbits. This i...More Button

The results of this survey will provide a snapshot of the prevalence of RHD2 nationally and will hopefully highlight any geographical patterns that may be present. The results will also indicate ...More Button

Testing for the virus itself can only be conducted in the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine laboratories in Backweston and I understand that this will take some time as those facilities ...More Button