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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Housing Shared Equity Loan Scheme: Motion [Private Members] (Continued)

I thank Sinn Féin for tabling this motion. It has been tabled in advance of the legislation coming to the House and being discussed in detail but given how legislation has been debated here in the...More Button

That is a very wounding charge because the roots of this housing crisis are in the collapsed economy of 2008, which is when our entire economy was leveraged against the construction industry. When...More Button

The tone of the debate around housing also has to change. We need to focus on policy, which is why the Labour Party welcomes this opportunity to talk about this policy. Increasingly there has b...More Button

Inequality in this country is growing at a rate that will take decades to reverse if we do not act now. The wealthiest 20% in Ireland has a median wealth of €835,000 per household while the poor...More Button

People have genuine concerns about being able to get into the housing market because there are no measures on, or definition of, affordability. There is concern that developers will be setting the...More Button

An affordable housing scheme must tackle that issue at the root and this proposal does not seem to do that. Concern about this aspect has been expressed by the Department of Public Expenditure a...More Button

On the issue of wealth inequality, if people want to play the capitalist game and buy 1,000 shares in a multinational company on the stock market, then that is their prerogative. They can do tha...More Button

According to the OECD, it will take five generations - that is, 150 years - for an Irish person descended from people in the bottom 20% of incomes just to be able to afford a home. It is two gen...More Button

The Minister has staked his political reputation on affordable housing. He wanted this Ministry. As I do, he represents a constituency where people want and need to see an expansion of affordab...More Button

Elements of this Sinn Féin motion must be examined. In fairness, this motion has articulated all the questions from the various actors in this State and abroad regarding genuine concerns about t...More Button

An tOrd Gnó - Order of Business

We fully agree and perhaps the solution would be to add some time to and re-title the debate scheduled for later today on banking.More Button

An Ghaeilge agus An Ghaeltacht: Ráitis (Continued)

Tá brón orm ach beidh mé ag caint as Béarla. I would like to use this opportunity to bring up the issue of the fees being charged to students of Hibernia College. This has been brought up a numbe...More Button

These students are ordinary people who are subsidising their way through this course with jobs, many of which have been lost to the pandemic. They may be sharing the burden with their own househol...More Button

What is especially tough for them is that these courses, due to the pandemic, have had to be done online and there are no accommodation, food, travel or other costs to be paid. The price of this...More Button

This issue has been raised a number of times on the floor of the House and in written parliamentary questions and the response that always comes back is that either the Department will meet with ...More Button

In fairness, there have been times when this Government and the previous interregnum Government have acted flexibly across the economy and society to try to meet the challenges and needs of those...More Button

Warmer Homes Scheme

Asked the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications: the position regarding the availability of SEAI grants for those in private homes to retrofit and insulate their homes; the take-up of such grants; the current waiting time for a person that may wi...More Button

Septic Tanks

Asked the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage: the position regarding the availability of septic tank grants through the local authority system; the number of grants completed by local authorities over the past 12 months; if he will consider ro...More Button

Renewable Energy Generation

Asked the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage: the position regarding the proposed wind turbine guidelines; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Local Authority Schemes

Asked the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage: the amount and type of grant available to those in local authority housing to retrofit and insulate their homes; if this grant will be available to all those paying a local authority rent; and if h...More Button

Housing Adaptation Grant

Asked the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage: if there are plans to change or adapt the housing aid and housing adaption grants given the problems securing quotes at this time; if the limits on these grants are under review; and if he will mak...More Button

White Paper on Defence

Asked the Minister for Defence: the number of the 82 projects listed in the 2015 White Paper on Defence that are completed; and the number deferred until the Commission on the Defence Forces reports.More Button

Asked the Minister for Defence: the number of the 13 Reserve Defence Force, RDF, projects that have been completed since 2015; the number deferred; and the reason for each deferral.More Button

Departmental Reviews

Asked the Minister for Defence: the date on which the organisation capability review of the Department of Defence will commence; the terms of reference and completion date; and the person or body that will conduct same.More Button

Schools Administration

Asked the Minister for Education: the position regarding the provision of a new secondary school at the Curragh, County Kildare; and if she will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Asked the Minister for Education: the position regarding the identification of additional secondary school places in south County Kildare; if she has concluded negotiations with the relevant school management bodies as previously a...More Button

Health Services Staff

Asked the Minister for Health: the number of speech and language therapists and administrative staff and the grades of each that have been reallocated from CHO9 since March 2020; the measures under way to mitigate delays for chi...More Button

Asked the Minister for Health: the number of staff in each grade under each separate subdivision in CHO9 dealing with speech and language on a full-time basis; the number of vacant posts; the number of reallocated posts in tabul...More Button