O'Sullivan, Grace

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Joint Committee on Housing, Planning and Local Government Debate

National Oversight and Audit Commission: Chairperson Designate

I welcome Mr. McCarthy and congratulate him on his appointment. What is his current analysis of the local authorities? I am interested in knowing, as he enters this new position, what his overvie...More Button

In his presentation Mr. McCarthy talked about the different areas in which NOAC members were involved, one of which is housing. How, in his view, are the local authorities performing in the deli...More Button

To support what Senator Victor Boyhan said, communication is key and critical in the functioning of any agency, particularly one with a public face and one with an interface with the community. ...More Button

Water Advisory Body: Discussion

I congratulate Dr. McGowan on his appointment. He has one of the most important tasks because water is such an important resource for so many services and users. It is of significant importance a...More Button

With regard to his ambition and vision for his new task, what will be his key priorities? How does he believe he can improve communications between the advisory body, members of the public and l...More Button

My question is probably pertinent to Mr. Page. I will provide an example of a problem in Tramore, County Waterford, the area I am from. We have a Blue Flag beach, which is affected by rogue pipes...More Button

As the CEO of the Water Advisory Body, does Dr. McGowan advise the Minister, Irish Water, or both?More Button