Boyhan, Victor

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Joint Committee on Housing, Planning and Local Government Debate

National Oversight and Audit Commission: Chairperson Designate

I wish Michael McCarthy well and congratulate him on what is ultimately a nomination by the Minister. I want to be clear that this is not an interview process and I thank him for coming in and sha...More Button

I take the view that before every meeting of the Joint Committee on Housing, Planning and Local Government I notify councillors around the country of all groups and none on what is going on and t...More Button

One of the challenges for NOAC is to explain its role more. It has completed 18 reports so far and some of them are very well done, but what is happening behind that? NOAC carried out a major s...More Button

My concern is, and NOAC's concern should be, the impact this will have on the taxpayer and the local authorities and the deficit in corporate governance from the elected members. If there are co...More Button

Another deficit coming from these emails that I wish to raise, even though I acknowledge and appreciate that it is not Mr. McCarthy's direct responsibility, is the audit committees and their rela...More Button

I wish Mr. McCarthy well. I am aware of his experience. I took some time yesterday to look him up. I am aware that he is committed to assisting local authorities. I am confident that he has t...More Button

I will pick up on one or two things mentioned by Mr. McCarthy. I fully agree that councils are the eyes and ears of every community. What can be done is to shine a light on a dark place by upping...More Button

In relation to Mr. McCarthy's comment on the audit committees, I believe that they are not working as well as he might think. Mr. McCarthy will learn this in time. It is sometimes the dynamic o...More Button

Water Advisory Body: Discussion

I welcome Dr. McGowan and wish him well in his appointment which the Minister has made. This is not an interview process but I thank him for the courtesy of attending the committee and sharing som...More Button

The main issues for Irish Water, and the main challenges Dr. McGowan will have, relate to accountability, transparency and its performance. These problems have fed into many of the controversies...More Button

There are boil water notices and substantial leaks in the service. The citizen is rightly demanding a high-quality and consistent water supply. Infrastructure has to be both national and local....More Button

I wish Dr. McGowan well but he needs to go back to the same issue, namely what citizens demand of Irish Water and any service provider for that matter, which is accountability, transparency and p...More Button