Casey, Pat

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Joint Committee on Housing, Planning and Local Government Debate

National Oversight and Audit Commission: Chairperson Designate

I wish Mr. McCarthy the very best of luck in his new role.More Button

Senator Victor Boyhan identified many of the key points I was going to mention. The NOAC does an incredible amount of good work. As Mr. McCarthy stated, 18 reports have been completed. I often...More Button

From my point of view, having served on the audit committee when it was first established, I found it to be a fantastic body in moving the local authority in the right direction. Equally, it gav...More Button

I have looked at some of the reports. The report on commercial rates was one on which I would have always focused at local authority level. Has each local authority been sent copies of the repo...More Button

I always find trying to make comparisons between local authorities almost impossible because they all have different interpretations of matters and different ways of presenting information, inclu...More Button

Going back to commercial rates, having served for 12 years on a local authority, it was eight years before I realised housing rent payments were written off in the budget process and that one cou...More Button

Another issue I had at local authority level was no one ever went out to collect money. Local authorities did not take a proactive approach, even though they had the power to do so. They had a ...More Button

I wish Mr. McCarthy well in his position. The NOAC does an incredible amount of work, but how much do the members of the local authorities know about it?More Button

Water Advisory Body: Discussion

I thank Dr. McGowan for his presentation. I wish the advisory body the best of luck. I was not a supporter of the establishment of Irish Water five years ago, but we are where we are. My objecti...More Button

I wish to raise some very frustrating issues regarding Irish Water. The first concerns the interaction between Irish Water and local authorities in respect of the planning process and how planni...More Button

I have had many communications with Irish Water, often very positive. However, one area on which I receive few replies is infrastructure. I have raised this matter a number of times and I will ...More Button

On the issue of charges, Irish Water has been established for five years but there is still not a national commercial rate charge. There are still 31 different charges across the country. Conne...More Button

Irish Water is working well in certain regards and I will not take away from that. While it is tackling key issues, many others need to be addressed. Elements in Irish Water are adding to the h...More Button

I wish Dr. McGowan the best of luck. I am sure he will be before the committee in the future.More Button