Ó Broin, Eoin

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Joint Committee on Housing, Planning and Local Government Debate

Water Advisory Body: Discussion

I apologise for not being present earlier but I had to attend another event. I thank the witnesses for the brief presentation. The quarterly reports mentioned by them will be important for the co...More Button

In respect of cost reduction and efficiency improvements, which, again, are important issues, one of the concerns is that there is a change in the way in which Irish Water is accounting for capit...More Button

Regarding procurement, remuneration and staffing policies, when Deputies talk to water engineers in local authorities, there is a value in having that local knowledge within local authorities. T...More Button

In terms of responsiveness and the needs of communities, I agree with Deputy O'Dowd that Irish Water's response to elected Members is good. I am a long-standing critic of Irish Water but I ackno...More Button

I am not necessarily looking for comments on those issues, although I would welcome anything the witnesses have to say about them. They are some of the answers we will seek in the first report s...More Button