Order of Business (Continued)

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 228 No. 9

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Senator Diarmuid Wilson: Information on Diarmuid Wilson Zoom on Diarmuid Wilson Under Standing Order 62(3)(b) I request that the division be taken again other than by electronic means.

Amendment put:

The Seanad divided: Tá, 20; Níl, 28.

Information on Barrett, Sean D.   Zoom on Barrett, Sean D.   Barrett, Sean D. Information on Bacik, Ivana.   Zoom on Bacik, Ivana.   Bacik, Ivana.
Information on Bradford, Paul.   Zoom on Bradford, Paul.   Bradford, Paul. Information on Brennan, Terry.   Zoom on Brennan, Terry.   Brennan, Terry.
Information on Byrne, Thomas.   Zoom on Byrne, Thomas.   Byrne, Thomas. Information on Burke, Colm.   Zoom on Burke, Colm.   Burke, Colm.
Information on Cullinane, David.   Zoom on Cullinane, David.   Cullinane, David. Information on Clune, Deirdre.   Zoom on Clune, Deirdre.   Clune, Deirdre.
Information on Daly, Mark.   Zoom on Daly, Mark.   Daly, Mark. Information on Coghlan, Eamonn.   Zoom on Coghlan, Eamonn.   Coghlan, Eamonn.
Information on Healy Eames, Fidelma.   Zoom on Healy Eames, Fidelma.   Healy Eames, Fidelma. Information on Coghlan, Paul.   Zoom on Coghlan, Paul.   Coghlan, Paul.
Information on Leyden, Terry.   Zoom on Leyden, Terry.   Leyden, Terry. Information on Comiskey, Michael.   Zoom on Comiskey, Michael.   Comiskey, Michael.
Information on MacSharry, Marc.   Zoom on MacSharry, Marc.   MacSharry, Marc. Information on Conway, Martin.   Zoom on Conway, Martin.   Conway, Martin.
Information on Mooney, Paschal.   Zoom on Mooney, Paschal.   Mooney, Paschal. Information on Cummins, Maurice.   Zoom on Cummins, Maurice.   Cummins, Maurice.
Information on Norris, David.   Zoom on Norris, David.   Norris, David. Information on D'Arcy, Jim.   Zoom on D'Arcy, Jim.   D'Arcy, Jim.
Information on Ó Clochartaigh, Trevor.   Zoom on Ó Clochartaigh, Trevor.   Ó Clochartaigh, Trevor. Information on D'Arcy, Michael.   Zoom on D'Arcy, Michael.   D'Arcy, Michael.
Information on Ó Murchú, Labhrás.   Zoom on Ó Murchú, Labhrás.   Ó Murchú, Labhrás. Information on Gilroy, John.   Zoom on Gilroy, John.   Gilroy, John.
Information on O'Brien, Darragh.   Zoom on O'Brien, Darragh.   O'Brien, Darragh. Information on Henry, Imelda.   Zoom on Henry, Imelda.   Henry, Imelda.
Information on O'Donovan, Denis.   Zoom on O'Donovan, Denis.   O'Donovan, Denis. Information on Keane, Cáit.   Zoom on Keane, Cáit.   Keane, Cáit.
Information on O'Sullivan, Ned.   Zoom on O'Sullivan, Ned.   O'Sullivan, Ned. Information on Kelly, John.   Zoom on Kelly, John.   Kelly, John.
Information on Quinn, Feargal.   Zoom on Quinn, Feargal.   Quinn, Feargal. Information on Landy, Denis.   Zoom on Landy, Denis.   Landy, Denis.
Information on Reilly, Kathryn.   Zoom on Reilly, Kathryn.   Reilly, Kathryn. Information on Mac Conghail, Fiach.   Zoom on Mac Conghail, Fiach.   Mac Conghail, Fiach.
Information on White, Mary M.   Zoom on White, Mary M.   White, Mary M. Information on Moloney, Marie.   Zoom on Moloney, Marie.   Moloney, Marie.
Information on Wilson, Diarmuid.   Zoom on Wilson, Diarmuid.   Wilson, Diarmuid. Information on Moran, Mary.   Zoom on Moran, Mary.   Moran, Mary.
Information on Zappone, Katherine.   Zoom on Zappone, Katherine.   Zappone, Katherine. Information on Mulcahy, Tony.   Zoom on Mulcahy, Tony.   Mulcahy, Tony.
  Information on Mullins, Michael.   Zoom on Mullins, Michael.   Mullins, Michael.
  Information on Hildegarde Naughton   Zoom on Naughton, Hildegarde.   Naughton, Hildegarde.
  Information on Noone, Catherine.   Zoom on Noone, Catherine.   Noone, Catherine.
  Information on O'Donnell, Marie-Louise.   Zoom on O'Donnell, Marie-Louise.   O'Donnell, Marie-Louise.
  Information on O'Keeffe, Susan.   Zoom on O'Keeffe, Susan.   O'Keeffe, Susan.
  Information on O'Neill, Pat.   Zoom on O'Neill, Pat.   O'Neill, Pat.
  Information on van Turnhout, Jillian.   Zoom on van Turnhout, Jillian.   van Turnhout, Jillian.
  Information on Whelan, John.   Zoom on Whelan, John.   Whelan, John.

Tellers: Tá, Senators Ned O'Sullivan and Diarmuid Wilson; Níl, Senators Ivana Bacik and Paul Coghlan.

Amendment declared lost.

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