Dearey, Mark

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 205 Nbr. 10

Order of Business (Resumed)

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EU Directive on Temporary Agency Work: Statements

I welcome the Minister of State. I welcome the opportunity to speak on this topic ahead of the consultation process. Speaking as an employer, I highlight the precious nature of a job and the impo...More Button

Perhaps the Minister of State is aware of an article by Father Brendan McPartlin, SJ, in Working Notes. He talks about the history of the directive, which Britain has long opposed for compe...More Button

Recently, I spoke in the House about the minimum wage and how we could create a bridge between jobseekers and the workplace, without allowing the minimum wage to become a barrier to employment. I ...More Button

Ironically, I understand that in a number of European countries agency work was used initially as a tool to bring not easily employed people into the labour market. It was conceived in some countr...More Button

Our employment rights legislation does not allow a comparison between agency workers and permanent workers but only between agency workers and other agency workers to establish whether they are bei...More Button

I welcome the public consultation and the eventual adaptation in December next year of the directive. I also welcome the fact that local conditions are being taken into account and that it allows ...More Button

I cannot help but finish with a barb against those who claimed that the Lisbon treaty would wreck workers rights when in fact the formal enshrining of that charter happened as a result of the Lisbo...More Button

National Housing Development Survey: Motion

I second the amendment to the motion tabled by Senator Glynn. I do not want to do down many of the relevant points made by Senator McFadden and all previous contributors, but we must recognise the...More Button

Planning issues played a major role in the collapse of the economy and, in a way, this is the untold story of the collapse of the Celtic tiger. Those charged with oversight and enforcement of plan...More Button

The Labour Party motion which calls on the Government to step up its efforts to address issues in the area of housing misses the point. The Government has stepped up its efforts. The new Planning...More Button

The code of practice soon to be published by the expert group will focus initially on estates in which people are living but which have large numbers of unoccupied units, which is reasonable. Thes...More Button

I commend the amendment to the House and look forward to publication of the code of practice. I applaud the changes that have taken place. I take on board the need for instruments to be applied t...More Button

On the issue of landlords coming into the RAS or the social housing leasing initiative, there is a kind of twilight zone involving people living in rental accommodation. Many landlords who have no...More Button

I commend the amendment. I believe the Government has stepped up to the plate regarding the ghost estates and that the motion, while worthy in intent, misses the point of what the Government has b...More Button

These issues are being addressed.More Button