Dearey, Mark

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 205 Nbr. 9

Order of Business

I, too, call for a debate on the economy following the visit of Commissioner Rehn. I remind the House that he has said political consensus would be helpful in the situation in which we find oursel...More Button

Commissioners such as Olli Rehn and Michel Barnier are expressing confidence in our ability to get out of this ourselves by our own actions. It will take extraordinary seriousness of intent on our...More Button

The question with the Croke Park deal is whether we can find agreement across the House on its review date. The review date of March next is probably too late. While I appreciate that is what has...More Button

On mortgages, I commend Senator MacSharry on his work and observations in this respect. The negative equity locked down in so many mortgages is an enormous millstone around our prospects for econo...More Button

I would welcome that debate.More Button

European Council: Statements

The Minister of State is welcome. I wish to address two items that were dealt with at the European Council meeting last week, namely, preparations for the climate summit in Cancún and the e...More Button

It is clear the day such a mechanism will be required has been in the offing for a long time. The notion of a single currency across a divergent range of economies within the European Union always...More Button

This mechanism is needed. I look at some of the pro-cyclical policies that stoked the boom and wonder whether a mechanism such as has been suggested would have spotted the property bubble. I susp...More Button

Regarding the kinds of changes required, I understand the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, will do a round of European nations to discuss individual needs and get a feel for th...More Button

On the preparations for the Cancún meeting and the follow-on conference of the parties, COP, from the Copenhagen event last year, expectations are being seriously dampened down regarding the...More Button

There seems to be a more cautious approach now, in some respects, but I hope it will keep Europe in the room this time and will allow other nations to see themselves as equals in negotiations. I h...More Button

I am not happy that we are aiming lower, as the situation is as critical as it could possibly be. I am still of the view that climate change abatement needs to happen through an 80% reduction in C...More Button

5 o’clockMore Button

For the Mexico meeting, it is really important that the European Council gets its tactics right. In discussing the three key areas, the global economy, climate change and energy security and devel...More Button

The conference faces a massive agenda and I am very interested to hear the Minister of State’s sense of what the Council believes Europe’s role as a positive influence can be. China, i...More Button

The cultural problem for the United States was to the effect that President Obama could only go as fast as the oil lobby in Congress would allow him to. He has even bigger problems this time in th...More Button