Cannon, Ciarán

Friday, 2 July 2010

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 203 Nbr. 14

Order of Business

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Adoption Bill 2009 [Seanad Bill Amended by the Dáil]: Report and Final Stages

I congratulate the Minister of State on moving Ireland to the position where it is ready to give effect to the Hague Convention on intercountry adoption. It is a positive step forward and I congra...More Button

It looks like Vietnam is moving towards giving effect to the Hague Convention. Does the Minister of State have pertinent information on this? If so, will Helping Hands Adoption Mediation Agency r...More Button

I seek clarification——More Button

I seek clarification on one aspect, if that is possible. Is the Minister of State saying efforts are ongoing?More Button

Is the process continuing outside the Hague Convention process?More Button

I thank the Minister of State for coming to the House to explain the most recent amendments that were made to the Bill in the Dáil. He is aware of the importance of using every resource ava...More Button

Health (Amendment) Bill 2010: Second Stage

The tragic deaths of children in the care of the Health Service Executive may not have been in vain if the veil of secrecy and self-interest at the heart of the HSE since its inception is finally l...More Button

Through the creation of the HSE, which in itself was a reasonably laudable concept, the Government succeeded in removing all parliamentary accountability for the running of the health services. It...More Button

It is worthwhile to briefly recap on the sequence of events that led to the introduction of this legislation, if only to highlight the drip-feed of information from the HSE and its deliberate attem...More Button

On 5 March 2009, the Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children, Deputy John Moloney, stated there was a total of 21 deaths of children in the care of the HSE in the past ten years....More Button

What confidence can one have in a Government and a health executive that took more than a year to produce an accurate figure on deaths of children in its care? One can only glean from this litany ...More Button

In recent days we learned HSE managers were planning not to publish highly critical reports into the deaths of Tracey Fay and David Foley, two of the children who died in State care. The reports p...More Button

We have learned that a letter from a senior HSE manager to the Minister of State, Deputy Barry Andrews, in April 2009 stated there were no plans to publish the reports into David Foley’s and ...More Button

Since her appointment in 2003, time and time again, we have seen the immense value of an independent and committed Ombudsman for Children. While Ms Logan has welcomed the publication of this legis...More Button

For example, she recommended a Government-appointed independent review group — similar to the one set up recently by the Minister of State — should be empowered to directly source infor...More Button

Furthermore, the independent review group is not authorised by this Bill to publish any report it may issue. A properly constituted independent inquiry should be able to publish its own report rat...More Button

The Ombudsman for Children concluded her observations:More Button

Earlier this year, in a debate about the proposed children’s referendum I remarked there was an ethical obligation on us as law-makers to put the interests of our children at the heart of our...More Button

The valuable work done by the Joint Committee on the Constitutional Referendum on Children cannot be left indefinitely on the shelf. If the Minister of State, Deputy Barry Andrews, wants to look b...More Button

Health (Amendment) Bill 2010: Committee and Remaining Stages

I move amendment No. 1:More Button

Only this morning, we have become aware of the details of the Ombudsman for Children’s annual report and her damning description of a HSE which operates in a parallel universe, suffers from e...More Button

The Bill must do more than simply provide a channel of communication between the Minister and the HSE, which has until now been either closed or defective. That channel must be open to the extent ...More Button

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I move amendment No. 2:More Button

The Minister recently established the two-member independent review group and while the amendments might seem pedantic, they simply seek to ensure that at no point in the future could somebody work...More Button

I move amendment No. 5:More Button

I referred earlier to the veil of secrecy within the HSE and I have concerns that the section has the potential to offer once again the option of a legally-based veil of secrecy that is beloved of ...More Button

I move amendment No. 6:More Button

Those carrying out an inquiry should have the power to compel people to appear before them to ensure the inquiry functions effectively and efficiently. Any of us who has worked in the public servi...More Button

If we have learned anything from the Ombudsman’s report published yesterday it is that co-operation from the HSE officials mentioned by the Minister might not be forthcoming. The Ombudsman s...More Button

On what basis?More Button

When?More Button

No, but I would like to coment briefly on it.More Button

I respect the ruling of the Chair.More Button

Amendment No. 8 not moved.More Button

Section 2 agreed to.More Button

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Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Committee Stage

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Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Report and Final Stages

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