White, Alex

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 205 Nbr. 9

Order of Business

In seeking consensus on a particular course of action one would have to know the proposed course of action before answering the question as to whether one agreed with it. That is a first principle.More Button

For example, if consensus is being sought on a four-year plan, we will have to see the plan before we can decide whether we agree with it. Is that not straightforward? Anyone can see that that is...More Button

From the brief reports I have heard on the meetings which took place with the Commissioner this morning, I do not know whether matters have changed specifically. Perhaps the Leader might comment o...More Button

It is the principal objective of the Government to prepare a budget, present and have it passed by the Dáil. There is a lot of talk about whether the Opposition parties will help to get the...More Button

European Council: Statements

I welcome the opportunity to debate last week’s European Council meeting. It was only a matter of time before the emergence of issues regarding the proposal on a mechanism, whether it is cal...More Button

Some commentators, including The Economist, seem to believe this all arises from a fear of judges, a fear that can be found in this jurisdiction currently, but particularly the German Govern...More Button

The question is whether what was agreed last week will be a sufficiently durable halfway house that will introduce a robust mechanism, one which will work and which people can see has some value, o...More Button

From last week, the bottom line is that there is nothing particularly decisive that the Seanad must debate, other than that an issue which has been opened is potentially difficult for the entirety ...More Button

Unfortunately from our point of view, recent days and weeks have placed us at the vanguard, although not quite of the defence of the euro. Where there is a challenge or risk to the euro or a quest...More Button

It is not something that is particular to this country, although matters are especially bad in Ireland. For example, take the excessive deficit procedure. I am not sure how accurate the list befo...More Button

We were never going to be able to avoid the moment in which the Union would need to debate how to put in place the rest of the package of a unified currency. One could not just have a flow of cred...More Button

As to the way what was agreed last week at the European Council will play out, we simply cannot say. It is important we note the meeting took place and this process is in place. I hope the Minist...More Button