Quinn, Feargal

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 205 Nbr. 10

Order of Business

When we are focused on reducing public costs, small gestures can bring a significant amount of comfort and joy to people. My mother-in-law, Grace Prendergast, is 101 years old today.More Button

We are proud of the fact. Yesterday, she received a letter from President McAleese congratulating her on her 101st birthday. Last year was a big birthday and she received more than a letter, but ...More Button

I mention this because it is a reminder of how much joy, delight and comfort we can bring to people via small gestures and I congratulate the President on what she has done. My mother-in-law is pr...More Button

Hear, hear.More Button

Order of Business (Resumed)

Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

EU Directive on Temporary Agency Work: Statements

I welcome the Minister of State and I am very interested in what he has had to say. I was impressed, as Senator Carty noted, that temporary agency workers account for only 2% of the work force. I...More Button

I was very impressed with this and we talked about it. Unfortunately, John died on Christmas Day that year, some five days before he was due to retire. His wife had also wanted him to come back t...More Button

The EU’s fundamental function is to provide its citizens with a better quality of life and this directive is consistent with that aim. It may well be that a lot of employers intend to implem...More Button

We must remember, however, that as Europe competes with the rest of the world, we do not want to find ourselves putting in such constraints that would prevent us from competing internationally. We...More Button

Proposals for a directive to regulate temporary agency work were first raised in 1982, but were blocked for years largely due to opposition from the UK. There was a fear there that the country&rsq...More Button

The directive will harmonise EU-wide legislation on temporary workers, which varies considerably between member states. In Ireland, the existing protection is quite strong. However, in Germany, t...More Button

We must ensure we do not make Europe uncompetitive by introducing regulations that do not apply to the rest of the world. There has been some criticism of the directive, for instance by the Small ...More Button

For the past three years I have been president of Eurocommerce, which is based in Brussels and represents 6 million shops in Europe. It represents 31 million retail workers but I do not know the p...More Button

I am interested in the view of the Minister of State on the fudge whereby the UK Government, in agreement with the social partners such as the TUC and the Confederation of British Industry, opted o...More Button

Implementing what the directive requires is not totally straightforward. For example, there is an argument about which terms and conditions agency workers should be entitled to enjoy on an equal b...More Button

These concerns have been expressed but this is a step forward for social Europe. The number of temporary agency workers, which in many member states is still a relatively insignificant proportion ...More Button

I have some concerns, particularly about the need for Europe to be competitive in the years ahead and the difficulty if we introduce regulations or constraints that limit the ability of Europe to c...More Button