Cassidy, Donie

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 205 Nbr. 14

Order of Business

The Order of Business is No. 1, motion re Value-Added Tax Consolidation Bill 2010, to be taken without debate at the conclusion of the Order of Business; No. 2, Value-Added Tax Consolidation Bill 2...More Button

Hear, hear.More Button

This is a Second Stage speech.More Button

The Cathaoirleach agrees with me.More Button

Anyone can run for President.More Button

A contract, is it?More Button

Senator Buttimer’s friends would not mind.More Button

A Second Stage speech.More Button

It is a Second Stage speech.More Button

Senator Buttimer jumped over there.More Button

One step out and one step in.More Button

I think the opposite.More Button

Senators Donohoe, Quinn, Hannigan, Regan, Ormonde, Norris, Leyden, Cannon, Ó Brolcháin, Buttimer, Callely, Walsh, Mullen, Hanafin, Bradford and Fitzgerald raised the serious challenge...More Button

Regarding that matter——More Button

For the information of Senator Buttimer, he should liaise with his Whip on the matter.More Button

A request was made to me and I have never been found wanting in regard to arranging debates on matters of relevance. Following our deliberations on the Croke Park agreement, I hope we will have an...More Button

I fully agree with all who expressed concern about our 12.5% corporation tax rate, which is the bedrock of foreign direct investment. Senator Callely called for a debate on the anniversary of the ...More Button

Senators Quinn, Hannigan, Boyle and Ó Brolcháin highlighted the potential for renewable energy, including wind power and the other areas which Senator Butler regularly brings to the a...More Button

Senators Quinn and Ó Murchú spoke about the 1926 census. I understand that census details are not published until 100 years after they are recorded. If that has to be changed, we wi...More Button

The 2011 one has just been published.More Button

I understand all that but it is as near as possible to 100 years. When the general public give information at census time, there is a clear understanding that a certain period of time will expire ...More Button

Senators Hannigan and Ormonde called for a debate on overseas aid. We have been a shining example to the world as a small nation in what we have done with a heart and a half. I will have no diffi...More Button

The Cathaoirleach has made a ruling on Senator Regan’s intervention. Senators McFadden and Butler spoke about the expert group’s report on the 20,000 mortgages that are in arrears. I ...More Button

Senator Mullen called for a debate on investment in education. I will have no difficulty in providing time for such a debate at the earliest opportunity.More Button

Senator Glynn called for a debate on suicide. Senator Corrigan also raised the issue. I will have no difficulty in arranging such a debate. There have been four incidents in the past two to thre...More Button

Senator Dearey called for a debate on semi-State bodies. I will have no difficulty in arranging a debate on that issue. Senator Corrigan asked about the timeframe for pending legislation. I will...More Button

That is a matter for the Government Whip to decide with the Whips in the Dáil. We will assist them, as well as the Members of this House who may wish to participate in the Donegal South-Wes...More Button

Order of Business agreed to.More Button

Value-Added Tax Consolidation Bill 2010: Motion

I move:More Button