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Rabbitte, Pat

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Leaders' Questions

Thank you, a Cheann Comhairle. Yes, indeed, this is a difficult budget. I do not recall anyone on the Government benches at any stage saying other than it would be a difficult budget. The challe...More Button

-----protecting the tax rates for those going to work, creating 10,000 jobs in successful schemes such as Tús and JobBridge, restoring home help, defending people with disabilities, and contrary to...More Button

We addressed capping relief on pensions at €60,000 per annum and top-slicing enormous severance packages. The measures that have levied more than €500 million from the better-off in our society ar...More Button

The difficulty is that Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin broke with tradition this time and did not submit their pre-budget submissions for evaluation.More Button

Leaders' Questions (Continued)

If my name was Cowen, I would stay quiet in this debate.More Button

Some 40% of total current spending goes on the social welfare budget and that budget contributed 10% to the adjustments here.More Button

If anyone can tell me how to address the budget, in circumstances where 40% of spending goes on social welfare, without making some savings on social welfare, it cannot be done.More Button

As John Maynard Keynes said: When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?More Button

We are confronted with the mess Fianna Fáil left. That is what we must deal with. I am happy to say that, thanks to the efforts of the Irish people, 85% of the heavy lifting is behind us-----More Button

-----and that is considerable credit to the people who bore the cost of the mess Fianna Fáil inflicted on the Irish people.More Button

With regard to PRSI, for the first time in the history of the State, following the decision to lift the ceiling so that PRSI is attachable to all income, in future PRSI will be attachable to all un...More Button

Overall, the PRSI fund is in deep trouble and it is essential to maintain benefits. The very poorest and most modest paid in our society receive most of the benefits. Whether one is earning €120,...More Button

From where I am looking across at Fianna Fáil Members, there are as many spots as if they had the measles.More Button

Let us look at this leaflet being put around in opposition to the property tax.More Button

Who is putting it around? The very man who negotiated it, Deputy Micheál Martin. The Dalai Lama of Ballinlough comes in here-----More Button

I will not display leaflets. It is the utmost in hypocrisy for the party that brought this country to the edge of ruin to pretend, having negotiated the very memorandum of understanding that requi...More Button

My backbenchers cannot compete in making noise with Deputy McDonald. She makes less sense economically than the flaky stuntmen in the Technical Group and she refused-----More Button

That is stuntman No. 1.More Button

It was interesting during the budget that the only squealing from the Technical Group was when it was made to account for its leaders' allowances.More Button

That is the real respite Deputy McGrath is concerned about.More Button

With regard to women, families and social welfare, the budget has protected core social welfare rates. It has maintained in existence the qualified child allowance and family income supplement. I...More Button

It has protected lower and middle income families from tax increases. Contributions from the better off in our society have contributed more than half a billion euro.More Button

The difference between the task confronting the Government and that confronting Sinn Féin is that we have to bring in a budget that is workable, and 40% of current spending goes towards the social ...More Button

Compare the rates to those that apply up the road in Newry-----More Button

-----and that have been approved by Deputy Ellis's party.More Button

Compare the fact that property tax is between £800 and £1,100 in Newry.More Button

Sinn Féin seems to have no difficulty with that, but it has a partitionist mentality when it comes to dealing with the budget down here.

  We have gone out of our way to ensure t...More Button

-----and that those who need to be protected are protected.More Button

A very serious objective of the Government was to ensure the caring profession was protected. Confronted with the situation that faced us, we had a choice of protecting the carer's allowance or th...More Button

The people who do the caring will get exactly the same allowance as before the budget. The people who are entitled to claim the half carer's allowance will get it, just like the day before the bud...More Button

-----the Ministers for Social Protection and Education and Skills will bring forward proposals later showing, for example, additional investment in the provision of hot meals for children in certai...More Button

We have protected the core rates of social welfare and maintained the benefits for the people who are doing the caring. This is a respite grant. Do we take a modest decrease in that-----More Button

-----or do we cut the provision for caring? It was not possible to bring in a budget, which is the sixth in a row of budgets that have made cut upon cut because of the crisis in which the country ...More Button

Everyone had to contribute something. Otherwise it would not have been possible to comply with the targets imposed on us.More Button

I agree with Deputy Pringle that no one in their right mind would want to find themselves where we are. We have to deal with the world as we find it, however, and not as we would like it. The cou...More Button

Deputy Pringle raised the PRSI issue but he chose to ignore that for the first time in the history of the State, the best off in society will be required to declare unearned income from whatever so...More Button

We want to ensure that in future people who are unfortunate enough to temporarily lose their employment or who reach retirement age are protected as far as the State can do it. It does it quite we...More Button

There is no sentiment; the troika lends us money, setting conditions for that, and we comply with those conditions or it does not sign the cheque. There is no mystery to this.More Button

What about Greece? There are people hungry at the bottom of the pile in Greece.More Button

Tens of thousands of public servants have been disemployed.More Button

People who are paying the USC in this country on as little as €10,000 are liable to full tax in Greece and many other impositions. If colleagues on the Opposition benches think we should go the wa...More Button

Deputy Pringle refuses to acknowledge decisions in the budget like slashing tax relief on pension pots for people who expect a pension of more than €60,000.More Button

He refused to acknowledge the mansion tax on homes worth more than €1 million.More Button

He ignored the 3% increase in USC for better off pensioners.More Button

I will not trace along the benches there on that one because it would not be helpful.More Button

We have extended PRSI to all incomes and made changes to capital gains tax, capital acquisitions tax and DIRT, all of which affect the better off. In so far as the Government had it within its pow...More Button

Everyone must contribute something.More Button

For those who need a safety net, however, the safety net has been protected and we are proud of that.More Button

Order of Business

It is proposed to take No. 1, motion re Standing Orders Relative to Private Business; No. 12a, Supplementary Estimate for Public Services [Vote 37] (back from committee); No. 19, Financial M...More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

The Dáil shall meet on Tuesday, 11 December 2012 at 11 a.m. and the business to be transacted from 11 a.m. until 1.05 p.m. shall be No. 16a, motion re proposed approval by Dáil Éireann of th...More Button

I cannot change the order for Monday.More Button

The Deputy will be aware that it was she and others who sought that we would make special provision, as we have done, to discuss the report of the expert group on the A, B and C v. Irel...More Button

Education (Welfare) (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill 2012: First Stage

No.More Button

Personal Apology by Minister

In the heat of exchanges with Deputy Cowen, I made a remark which I regret and I want to withdraw.

  I knew the former Taoiseach, Mr. Brian Cowen, better than most in this House....More Button

Inland Fisheries Issues

Was asked: his plans to restructure the services and personnel of the Inland Fishery Service based in Limerick; if there is a personnel structure envisaged for the service; if there is a time frame for any po...More Button

Broadcasting Sector Regulation

Was asked: if he will list the State aid granted to community radio and television stations over the past five years 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and to date in 2012; and the amounts granted in supports for each in...More Button

Was asked: if he will include the amount of broadcasting time and other requirements in terms of production of local news and current affairs programmes by local community radio and television station; if he ...More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 69 and 70 together.More Button

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) is assigned responsibility under Part 10 of the Broadcasting Act 2009 for the development, management and administration of the Broadcasting Funding Sc...More Button

The BAI is also responsible for the licensing of independent radio broadcasting services in Ireland, including the licensing of community broadcasters. An objective of the Authority, provided fo...More Button