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O'Dea, Willie

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Financial Resolution No. 15: General (Resumed) (Continued)

Labour's way.More Button

Well done.More Button

Listen.More Button

Attila the hen.More Button

What happened there?More Button

The Government cannot even keep the promises it made after the election, let alone before.More Button

The Government will have to reverse the cut.More Button

For heaven's sake.More Button

The Minister of State, Deputy Costello, is a Labour Deputy.More Button

The Government should reverse it.More Button

That would be to the Department of Finance.More Button

This budget is first and foremost an arithmetical exercise, as all budgets are, designed to bring in a certain amount of tax, spend a certain amount of money and come to a final result at the end o...More Button

Before the most recent general election, the Labour Party favoured a 50-50 split between tax and expenditure, while Fine Gael's position was 3:1 in favour of expenditure. When both parties got t...More Button

That is underlined by the much publicised row over the universal social charge. Apparently, the Labour Party's Cabinet members went into various meetings on the basis that they wanted to increase...More Button

I did not interrupt anybody here and I expect at least the same courtesy from the Minister of State.More Button

The mansion tax is a phantom, a chimera and a shameless fig leaf to conceal the naked capitulation of the Labour Party to the demands of Fine Gael. How can a party that calls itself Labour and cla...More Button

The latter is an invention of the Minister for Health, Deputy James Reilly. He was the man who proved that not only could Fine Gael not keep its pre-election promises, it could not keep its post...More Button

The discussions on how this matter was played out between both parties, which got a lot of coverage in the national newspapers, is most interesting. In last Monday's Irish Independent, a La...More Button

In the same edition of the Irish Independent, a Labour Party Deputy - somebody who is keeping the Government in office and will probably vote for this budget also - said: "They [Fine Ga...More Button

It said that the Minister for Social Protection, Deputy Joan Burton, wanted to have even more savage cuts. He said: "We were ... irked that she [Deputy Burton] put herself out as the protector of ...More Button

That is where we stand. I am looking forward to see how that contest between the various Labour Party members and their consciences plays out next week when we have to face up to it and vote on ...More Button

The greatest social and economic problem facing this country, and from which many other problems stem, is the scandal of unemployment. In his budget speech yesterday, the Minister for Finance, D...More Button

Last week in Limerick city, a small businessman advertised for two full-time jobs and one part-time job. They were not highly paid jobs and were pretty difficult. He got 700 replies, 80% of whi...More Button

In his budget speech last year, the Minister for Finance said "The core [mission] of this Government is to get Ireland working again". Therefore the core mission and unifying aim of the ...More Button

As the Minister has set the yardstick, Members should consider how he measures up to it. When the Government took office, the unemployment rate was 14.1% and it now stands at 14.8%. However, that...More Button

It does not reveal that many people are leaving the workforce. As Dan O'Brien noted in an article in The Irish Times last Monday, one measures the participation rate, which is the true...More Button

In that case, I will not dwell on social welfare because I will have plenty of time to talk about it next week while debating the Social Welfare Bill, on which I will have much to say.More Button

In conclusion, as a result of these savage social welfare cuts and as a result of another regressive budget on top of the one which preceded it-----More Button

-----Ireland now is a tale of two countries. On the one hand, there are the rich and the exempted, whose privileges are protected and preserved intact, while on the other hand, 750,000 people are ...More Button

The Minister of State, Deputy Brian Hayes, has an intellectual giant beside him.More Button

Departmental Correspondence

Asked the Minister for Defence: if he will respond to the requests of a person (details supplied) in Dublin 7More Button