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Ó Cuív, Éamon

Friday, 14 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Finance (Local Property Tax) Bill 2012: Second Stage (Continued)

That is incorrect.More Button

I have the document.More Button

I welcome the opportunity to tease out the principles and options we face in respect of this issue. Deputy Kyne stated that the proposed tax will provide a stable form of revenue. I am sure Deput...More Button

The collapse in revenue on the capital tax was relatively small. If that was all that we had lost we would not have a problem. The collapse in the big three of PAYE, PRSI and VAT receipts cause...More Button

This tax will be equally cyclical. Therefore, there is no benefit in having the wider basket of taxes if what the Minister is trying to do is create stable sources of income. The difference betwe...More Button

With great support from Fine Gael. It was the prerogative of those involved to fix the rate. Therefore, there was no automatic collapse as property prices collapsed.More Button

I hate it when some people accept the perceived wisdom without analysing it. The perceived wisdom is that because every other country has something, we must have it too. Who says every other co...More Button

One of the things that has made Ireland a very stable society has been the high rate of ownership of the family home. I have argued with local authorities and my colleagues when in government ab...More Button

The Government is hitting the same families with the property tax and and the changes to PRSI. This is a double hit when two parents are involved in rearing a family. This is the wrong way to g...More Button

I wonder how much this will add to the bank bailout costs. There are 168,000 mortgages in arrears, or one in five. Now the Government is looking for the people affected to pay another €300 or €...More Button

A surprise element of the proposal was not made clear on budget day, that is, that local authorities must pay the tax on all rented local authority houses, with a few exceptions. Local authoriti...More Button

This is an ill-conceived tax. It is not required by the troika. If I want proof that it could be changed, all I need do is think of the extraordinary triumph of the Governmentin its first few w...More Button

We brought forward a number of socially progressive alternatives in our alternative budget. We suggested a levelling off of the USC for employed persons to the same level applicable to self-empl...More Button

That would have raised a considerable amount of money. It would have been progressive. The State would not have been putting any additional burden on the self-employed.More Button

The argument that everyone would give up working if they were taxed at 57% has been shown to be invalid. The self-employed have not stopped working since they have had to pay that level of tax, or...More Button

Whenever I say something should be done about off-licences, I am accused of being on the side of the vintners. It is well known that I am not exactly a big pub person.More Button

It has a lot to do with it.More Button

It is about alternative sources of money.More Button

I am explaining why the Bill is unnecessary. I am explaining my point. Rather than imposing taxes on householders who cannot pay, I am proposing the introduction of a progressive tax that would d...More Button

They will pay it at the exact same rate. I know it shocks all the people who have second homes for personal use to hear this. I remind them that this measure will impose a tax on people who canno...More Button

They will be taxed at the exact same rate. We should be legislating for the difference between a luxury and a necessity.More Button

The Deputy knows that when we introduced the non-principal private residence tax, we set it at a rate of €200 and did not require anything to be paid in respect of one's primary residence. I invit...More Button

The next question that arises is ability to pay. The problem with this tax is that it has no relationship with ability to pay. Another argument relates to those who bought houses at highly infl...More Button