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Noonan, Michael

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Property Taxation Exemptions

Was asked: if he will ensure that all pyrite-affected homeowners are exempt from the proposed property tax as suggested by the Report of the Pyrite Panel until such time as their homes are remediated in full ...More Button

The Government is conscious of the very real costs and difficulties faced by people whose homes have been affected by pyrite. My colleague the Minister for Environment, Community and Local Governm...More Button

Revenue Documents Issuance

Was asked: the progress to date in relation to the enhancement of links and communication by his Department and the Revenue Commissioners specifically in relation to the issuing of P21's when this is an issue...More Button

The Revenue Commissioners advise that they have extensive data exchange arrangements in place with the Department of Social Protection (DSP) and that these are under constant review by the two orga...More Button

Property Taxation Collection

Was asked: if he will review the proposal in the Finance (Local Property Tax) Bill 2012 for having a property tax levied on non-profit housing associations (details supplied) in view of the fact that the impo...More Button

Where the owner of a residential property is a charity or a body established by statute and the property is used solely or primarily to provide special needs accommodation – that is accommodation p...More Button

However, I acknowledge that government policy places significant emphasis on the approved housing body sector as an important part of social housing supply in the future. The Government will act...More Button

Illicit Trade in Tobacco

Was asked: if his attention has been drawn to proposals put forward by the National Federation of Retail Newsagents Ireland to develop a smartphone application to aid in the detection of illicit cigarettes; i...More Button

I am advised by the Revenue Commissioners that the process of embossing secure tax stamps on cigarette packaging is the method currently used to assist in the detection of illicit cigarettes. Tax ...More Button

Tax Collection Forecasts

Was asked: if he is satisfied with the situation in which self employed persons find themselves when their business and income operate exclusively in Northern Ireland but they themselves are resident in the R...More Button

An individual who is tax resident in the State is taxable here on his or her worldwide income. Section 825A Taxes Consolidation Act 1997 (as inserted by section 13 Finance Act 1998) provides that ...More Button

(a) the income from that employment is taxed by that jurisdiction and such tax is not repaid or repayable, (b) the duties of that employment are exercised wholly outside the State, (c) the employ...More Button

In simple terms, taking the case of an unmarried individual (known as a cross border worker) tax resident in State whose only income is from working full time in Northern Ireland, where UK tax ha...More Button

The relief under Section 825A does not extend to those individuals who are tax resident in the State but carry out their self-employment business outside the State (including in Northern Ireland)...More Button

It is not necessarily the case that a self-employed individual working exclusively in Northern Ireland but resident in Ireland would pay additional tax in Ireland – her/his UK liability might be ...More Button

I have no plans to change the current provisions but like all tax issues it is kept under review.More Button

Universal Social Charge Payments

Was asked: if he will clarify the liability of self employed persons to pay the universal social charge when their business operates exclusively in Northern Ireland but they are resident in the Republic of Ir...More Button

I am advised by the Revenue Commissioners that individuals resident in the State are liable to tax and Universal Social Charge (USC) on their worldwide income. Therefore, where a person is resident...More Button

The standard rates of Universal Social Charge are: 2% on the first €10,036; 4% on the next €5,980; 7% on the balance. There is a surcharge of 3% on individuals who have income from self-employmen...More Button

An individual whose total income for a year does not exceed €10,036 is exempt from USC. More Button

European Banking Sector

Was asked: in the context of the Eurozone banking deal, which assigns regulatory powers to the European Central Bank for banks with assets greater exceeding €30 billion or one fifth of their home country's GD...More Button

Under the agreement on a Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) recently reached by Ecofin Ministers the ECB will be the direct supervisor of the most significant credit institutions including those wi...More Button

My Department is currently examining in conjunction with the Central Bank of Ireland the implications of the SSM agreement for Irish credit institutions. However, preliminary analysis would indic...More Button

Fuel Rebate Scheme

Was asked: the reason he confined the granting of the fuel excise rebate scheme to licensed road hauliers in Budget 2013 and excluded passenger transport operators from the scheme in view of his stated replie...More Button

Was asked: if he has already sought permission from the EU Commission to introduce an essential users rebate for road haulage operators; if so, the reason he excluded passenger transport operators from an ess...More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 93 and 94 together.

  The proposal to introduce an auto-diesel excise duty relief for licensed road hauliers that I announced in the Budget is c...More Button

NAMA Operations

Was asked: if a person (details supplied) has left the National Assets Management Agency to take up employment with their previous family business; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA), which assigns staff to NAMA, does not comment on individual employees.More Button

National Treasury Management Agency Bond Issues

Was asked: if a company (details supplied) has won the contract to value Treasury Holdings UK and Irish assets on behalf of the National Assets Management Agency; if so, the value and the duration of the cont...More Button

I am advised by NAMA that there is not, nor has there been any such contract between NAMA and the firm concerned. NAMA advises that the Deputy is most likely referring to the Independent Business ...More Button

NAMA Portfolio Value

Was asked: his views on whether a conflict of interest exists when a person (details supplied) joined the National Asset Management Agency as a portfolio manager in March 2010 has now left NAMA to resume work...More Button

NAMA advises me that, given its remit under the NAMA Act, it must recruit staff with the requisite experience and expertise and that it would not therefore be possible to recruit only officers who ...More Button

I am satisfied that NAMA have procedures in place to avoid conflicts of interest.More Button