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Lynch, Kathleen

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Equal Status (Amendment) Bill 2012: Order for Second Stage

I move: "That Second Stage be taken now."More Button

Equal Status (Amendment) Bill 2012: Second and Subsequent Stages

I move: "That the Bill be now read a Second Time."More Button

I am pleased to present this Bill, which will give effect in Ireland to the mandatory introduction within the European Union of unisex premiums and benefits in private insurance to which Council ...More Button

Ireland availed of this exemption in the Equal Status Act 2000, permitting gender differentiation to continue in the areas of motor insurance, life assurance, critical illness cover, income prote...More Button

The European Commission has issued guidelines on the application of this judgment on national legislation transposing directive 2004/113 and on insurance industry practice. I have taken due rega...More Button

The Government is conscious of the potential for confusion and misinformation among consumers and insurance providers alike resulting from these changes to the private insurance market. For this...More Button

I would now like to highlight some of the main provisions of the Bill. Section 2 provides for amendment of section 5 of the Equal Status Act 2000. It limits the existing derogation from the pro...More Button

Finally, this section provides that the obligation imposed on the Central Bank of Ireland to compile, maintain and publish data to support the existing derogation ceases to have effect from 21 De...More Button

Section 3 provides for amendment of section 14 of the principal Act to clarify that insurance providers may continue to collect, store and use gender status or gender-related information which is...More Button

I have also taken the opportunity afforded in this Bill to address a minor procedural issue regarding equal status complaints referred to the Equality Tribunal for mediation. Section 4 provides ...More Button

Before concluding, I would like to draw the attention of the House to the technical nature of these amendments, while reiterating that the State has no option but to ensure national law complies ...More Button

Sorry to interrupt, but I wish to apologise for not having a copy of what was a very technical speech available for the Deputies.More Button

Equal Status (Amendment) Bill 2012: Second and Subsequent Stages (Continued)

I thank both Deputies. I assure Deputy Niall Collins that there was extensive consultation with the entire insurance industry, as well as with the Departments of Finance, Jobs, Enterprise and Inno...More Button

As we all know, this measure has resulted from a case that was successfully taken in the European courts by a consumer group in Belgium. I know people are very conscious of what others pay for t...More Button

Where the major impact will be felt is in regard to new car insurance after 21 December.More Button

Equality is a funny thing. As a woman, I see how it will affect women but, on the other hand, as Deputy McLellan rightly said, if we take out the gender issue, insurance companies will surely be...More Button

Equality is a funny thing. As a woman, I see how it will affect women but, on the other hand, as Deputy McLellan rightly said, if we take out the gender issue out, insurance companies will surel...More Button

While I hate to say the following, it is a fact. People taking out insurance products, whether from a bank, a broker or directly from an insurance company would be wise to get at least three quo...More Button

Comprehensive and detailed information leaflets are available both on the Department's website and on the website of the Citizens' Information Bureau. These have been available on the Internet f...More Button

This is a brief but significant Bill that will have an impact on people's lives in the future. I hope those in the insurance industry will be sensible and take into account that someone is a saf...More Button

I thank the two Deputies. It is late on a Thursday evening and I know what it is like to have to stay when the Dáil sits late.More Button

Now.More Button

Home Help Service Provision

I thank the Deputy for raising this important issue, which is one that needs to be discussed on an ongoing basis. The aim of Government policy remains to support older people in living in dignity ...More Button

The HSE has been developing various operational initiatives to improve its approach nationally to all relevant aspects of its home support services. These include various new guidelines for home...More Button

Home Help Service Provision (Continued)

While ongoing developments have been designed to standardise and maximise the use of limited resources in the face of increasing demand, they are also intended to enhance quality, safety and other ...More Button

The recent measures adopted by the executive were designed to secure a reduction of approximately €8 million in expenditure on home help hours to the end of December, equating to some 400,000 hou...More Button

I emphasise again that in addressing very difficult financial realities overall, protecting community-based services for vulnerable older people continues to be a priority for the Government. Ho...More Button

I do not doubt for one minute the Deputy's sincerity on this issue. I am not certain, however, that he heard the last part of my reply, which indicates that we have indeed revisited the matter. I...More Button

We are all agreed that the difficulties which arose midway through 2012 caused undue hardship. However, that budget has been restored.More Button

Special Educational Needs Services Provision (Continued)

Every parent wants the very best for their child. If one has a child with particular needs, or needs that are different from those of other children, there is always a fear the needs of the child ...More Button

On the implementation groups and whether the mapping should be in place, I reiterate what I said at that meeting, namely, both can run in tandem. There is no need to hold one up while waiting on...More Button

I refer to the Progressing Disability document, which is part of a suite of measures we are taking in the area of disability. It is a very good document that outlines delivery of a service in th...More Button

However, there are swathes of children in the community going to mainstream schools who do not have access to any services. I am not one who says we should run madly ahead with the project or th...More Button

Above all else, we must ensure every child has access to a service. This is not an overnight project; it will take at least three years. I heard the parents talking about their fears that day a...More Button

This is a solvable problem, however, and we need to look at solutions. This is about delivering a better service to more children, and also to those many young adults who are still receiving the...More Button

I will be brief. I approach everything on the basis that people come to the table with the very best intentions. I have always done that and that is how I will continue. Equally, when I am deali...More Button

We have used a model which I am reluctant to mention because I know it could be misinterpreted and I do not mean it in that way. The model we used in the area of mental health, whereby we mapped...More Button

That answer will not satisfy the parents we met in Ballincollig - at this time. However, if we have a view of where we want to get to and if there is an incremental plan of how to get there, we ...More Button

Medical Aids and Appliances Applications

As the Deputy's question relates to service matters I have arranged for the question to be referred to the Health Service Executive for direct reply to the Deputy.More Button

Services for People with Disabilities

The funding situation for the disability sector is not yet available pending the finalisation of the HSE's National Service Plan for 2013. Savings required globally from the Health Budget will hav...More Button

Nursing Homes Support Scheme Applications

There were two changes to the Nursing Homes Support Scheme announced in Budget 2013. Firstly, the asset contribution will be increased from 5% to 7.5% per annum. This will be capped at three year...More Button

Home Help Service Redundancies

Protecting the vulnerable, including supporting older people to remain at home and in their communities for as long as possible, is a priority for this Government. The issues raised by the Deputy ...More Button

In relation to 2011, the HSE provided just over 11 million Home Help hours with funding of €211m. In that year, over 10,900 people were in receipt of a Home Care Package at any one time, with to...More Button

Mental Health Services Report

Funding from the €35 million special provision for mental health in 2012 was allocated for measures primarily to further strengthen Community Mental Health Teams in both Adult and Children’s mental...More Button