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Kenny, Enda

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Leaders' Questions

Yes.More Button

I thank Deputy Martin for his good wishes. I will pass on the same to the Tánaiste.More Button

The House might indulge me for a moment as this is job shadow day and young people are working with various public representatives through the Irish Association of Supported Employment. Two young ...More Button

In respect of Deputy Martin's question, the position is that the unions held their ballot and made their decision. The Government reflected on this and has asked the LRC to engage with the 21 un...More Button

It is not true for Deputy Martin to say the Estimates are being rammed through. For whatever reason, his people walked out of the committee dealing with the Estimates yesterday. I remind the De...More Button

Leaders' Questions (Continued)

It is very necessary for the Government to produce its Estimates without gaps or brackets around numbers because it is important that it be able to continue to do its work and carry out its duties....More Button

The Estimate before the House is the Estimate for the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. The 130 people who work in shared services need to be paid this week. That is why it is importan...More Button

The Deputy referred to the threat of compulsory redundancies. The Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform said that if this were a private company, there would be redundancies in train. With...More Button

That is not a question. Let me remind the Deputy of the truth. The Government must deal with the truth and the facts. The trade unions rejected the proposals from the Labour Relations Commission...More Button

That was repeated on two separate occasions. It is also true that in the negotiations between the Labour Relations Commission and the trade unions on Croke Park II, employment was protected. It i...More Button

The Deputy's assertion that the Estimates are being rammed through is also untrue. The Estimate is for the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.More Button

The Deputy's people walked out of a meeting yesterday and would not engage on it. The reason the Estimate must go through this morning is to ensure workers can be paid at the end of the week. The...More Button

A process is in train whereby the Labour Relations Commission can engage with the trade unions, all of which can come back in and give their views to the commission. The savings must be achieved...More Button

I am not sure where the Deputy’s question was. Let me deal with her assertion on the Estimates.More Button

It is necessary that the work of government continue and that the Estimates being produced are clear. It may well be that in the discussions that will take place at committee suggested changes or ...More Button

-----recognises that workers in the public service who perform their duties are entitled to be paid. The Deputy walked out of a meeting yesterday at which this could have been arranged. The Gover...More Button

The Deputy mentioned individuals in the banks. I remind her that the contract for the bank in question was negotiated by a Fianna Fáil-led Government and that this Administration on taking offic...More Button

The Deputy is quite prepared to name people on some occasions but not on others. That has been a trait of the Sinn Féin Party for many years.More Button

The Minister for Finance, Deputy Michael Noonan, on behalf of the Government, put in place the process of independent analysis of the pay scales and pension packages of bankers. As I said, this is...More Button

Everybody understands the difficulties all of the people the Deputy mentioned have to deal with every day of the week. We are borrowing over €1 billion per month to pay salaries.More Button

We will never have the country we want until we get the public finances in order.More Button

As part of this process, the Minister for Finance, Deputy Michael Noonan-----More Button

-----made a recommendation following receipt of the Mercer report to the Government that banks reduce their cost base by between 6% and 10%. The Minister expects to receive a response from the ban...More Button

I understand the Ceann Comhairle's ruling. Deputy McGrath's Second Stage speech outside the church gate sounds very well-----More Button

-----but he refuses to accept or recognise that he, Deputy Mattie McGrath, was party to a proposition and a Government which left this country with the highest deficit on the planet of 32.5% of GDP...More Button

Deputy McGrath has the temerity to come in here and to accuse the Minister, Deputy Noonan, of cowardice.More Button

I want to tell the Deputy one thing; he can accuse the Minister of many things but he can never accuse him of cowardice.More Button

He is the Minister who, on behalf of Government, put in place the process to try to do something about a situation which was inherited by the Government because contracts were approved and signed o...More Button

First, I want to confirm that it was not because of the bleatings of Deputy Mattie McGrath that the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine was able to put €1 million extra on the table yeste...More Button

Second, when the Deputy speaks of courage, he did not have the courage to put his name behind the Fianna Fáil banner and stand before the people. He ran because he was afraid to face the people ...More Button

He was afraid-----More Button

-----to knock on doors in Tipperary and say "I represent the Fianna Fáil Party".More Button

He showed absolute cowardice and lack of courage and far be it from him to come in here and preach about others. The Deputy proved it himself; he did not have the gumption to say "I was selec...More Button

The Deputy fled in the face of the people because of the brand image that the party carried with it at the time.More Button

The Minister, Deputy Noonan, put in place the process for attempting to deal-----More Button

-----with banking contracts that were signed before this Administration's time and that process is in place. The Minister will attend at the AGM, I understand, but because it is his understanding ...More Button

-----and it is right that it should be because these are extraordinary salaries.More Button

Order of Business

It is proposed to take No. 18, Revised Estimates for Public Services 2013, Votes 11 to 19, back from committee; No. 20, Health (Pricing and Supply of Medical Goods) Bill 2012 [Seanad] - Order for R...More Button

It is proposed, notwithstanding anything in Standing Orders, that in relation to No. 18 the proceedings shall, if not previously concluded, be brought to a conclusion after 20 minutes; Votes 11 t...More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

I do not accept the assertions of Deputies Martin, McDonald and Boyd Barrett. The normal procedure for dealing with Estimates for Departments is that they are sent to committee and that is the opp...More Button

On water charges, the Deputy is aware that the troika is back in town and that there will be discussions between it and the Minister for Finance and the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform o...More Button

The charge would be levied but paid three months later, from 1 January 2015.More Button

Yes, for the October to December period.More Button

Ministers have to make that case to the troika and have its approval.More Button

The Bill on water charges will be brought forward later in the autumn.

  On the protection of maternal life Bill, there has been a lot of speculation and comment on it. The Mini...More Button

I have seen all of the speculation. I do not comment on speculation.More Button

This is about saving the life of the mother and that of the unborn, the Constitution and the law. It is important to get the Bill right. I do not engage in wild speculation.More Button

I share that view. Much of the comment I have heard has been, to say the least, unedifying and not respectful of women. This is an issue on which there should be as much consensus as possible bec...More Button

The former Fianna Fáil man should know that the Water Services (Amendment) Bill will be introduced later in the year.More Button

The heads of the criminal justice (corruption) Bill were cleared by the Cabinet last June and sent to the relevant committee for discussion. I do not yet have a date for publication. The Children...More Button

I understand the heads of the criminal justice (corruption) Bill were cleared last June and sent to the relevant committee for discussion and observations. There is as yet no date for publication.More Button

The defence (amendment) Bill will not be published until next year.More Button

I will have to communicate with the Deputy in the matter. I do not have a date, but the point made is a serious one. I will have the Minister respond to the Deputy.More Button

The criminal law (sexual offences) Bill is due next year and the medical practitioners Bill is due this session. The road Bill is due next year also.More Button

That inquiry will begin at the end of this session. We are not abolishing county councils, but the local government Bill will come before the House in the autumn, before the end of the year. I ex...More Button