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Kenny, Enda

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Financial Resolution No. 15: General (Resumed)

Yesterday the Ministers, Deputies Noonan and Howlin, delivered the Government's second budget. This is not an easy budget for the people of Ireland nor could it have been, but it is a necessary st...More Button

The budget will deliver the necessary fiscal adjustment, but it will also provide extra support for job creation and for small Irish businesses. Our role is to build the supportive environment s...More Button

I do not accept that we must be saddled indefinitely with current high rates of unemployment, slow growth and a squeeze on disposable incomes. These are neither inevitable nor tolerable. Our am...More Button

Without the difficult action taken by the Government, the economy would not be on a solid pathway towards recovery and growth once again. Since taking office less than two years ago, the Governm...More Button

Some commentators attribute all of our economic difficulties to the banks and the enormous bailouts given to them by the previous Government. The reckless behaviour of banks and the equally reck...More Button

Even if the State had no banking-related debts whatsoever, we would still be dealing with an unprecedented gap between Government revenues and spending - the legacy of the reckless unfunded spend...More Button

Since taking office less than two years ago, the Government has worked hard to address the economic difficulties we inherited. We have prioritised fixing the public finances, restoring the banki...More Button

The labour market has shown encouraging signs of stabilisation in recent months. While unemployment is still unacceptably high and its effects are felt far too wide, the most recent quarterly fi...More Button

Over the past year 20,000 new private sector jobs have been created following the loss of over 250,000 jobs in the private sector during the previous three years. The package of measures in the ...More Button

The budget is a building block in the transition from the old failed economic plan based on property speculation and debt to a new competitive Irish economy based on enterprise, exports and innov...More Button

We have also seen signs of stabilisation in other parts of the economy, such as the property market. Residential property prices show a modest increase over the most recent three-month period, a...More Button

Budget 2013 also sees Ireland continue to face up to its economic challenges. Ireland and its people are recognised internationally for its sensible and pragmatic approach in dealing with our fi...More Button

In recent months the country has taken it first steps to restoring its economic independence by returning to the international markets for funding. Both pillar banks have raised money in the mar...More Button

Budget 2013 will build on this progress by reducing the transport and export costs of small and medium sized businesses. Export transport is provided by hauliers, the majority of whom themselves...More Button

This will also benefit the export orientated foreign multinational sector. Over the past year we have seen a strong line of investment decisions from new and existing multinationals creating tho...More Button

Financial Resolution No. 15: General (Resumed) (Continued)

Important job announcements from both indigenous and foreign companies include the Kerry Group, Voxpro, Paddy Power, EA Games and Arvato Finance, to name but a few. These are all strong signs of...More Button

We will continue to work to enhance our international reputation. Our EU Presidency, starting in January, will give us another opportunity to demonstrate our strengths as a nation. The one thin...More Button

Despite the many changes made as a country, we continue to spend more than we collect in revenue. This has to be addressed. Fixing our national finances and putting them back on a sound footing...More Button

In May, the Irish people voted overwhelmingly to ratify the fiscal stability treaty. This much needed reform will ensure that governments now and in the future will manage the public finances ap...More Button

As the Minister for Finance reiterated in his speech, in order to underpin the high levels of foreign direct investment and sustain indigenous enterprise and job creation, we will maintain Irelan...More Button

Obviously, the Government is not satisfied with the high level of unemployment throughout the country. For this reason we have deliberately focussed on job creation and are committed to ensuring...More Button

Earlier this year we launched a comprehensive and detailed action plan on jobs. That action plan is about taking incremental and necessary steps right across Government to support enterprises to...More Button

We have sought to maximise private investment in much needed infrastructure. Last year, we announced the establishment of NewERA and the Strategic Investment Fund. NewERA is a key commitment in...More Button

To improve the availability of credit for business, the credit guarantee scheme commenced in October of this year. Initially, the scheme will facilitate up to €150 million of additional lending ...More Button

This budget is about building on the progress of the past 18 months to create more jobs and support small Irish businesses. It introduces further measures to support Irish business and sustain o...More Button

Supporting small and medium-sized Irish businesses, which have a presence in every townland across the country, is absolutely essential if we are to get our country working again. Therein lies t...More Button

As we know, credit is the lifeblood of business and this is recognised in the budget.More Button

The Government has provided for the delivery of a range of new and improved supports for companies in need of credit and is using resources to leverage funding from the private sector to provide cr...More Button

Another area in which I perceive great potential for Irish business and especially the tourism sector is the extension and reform of the Irish film relief scheme. The decision to extend the film...More Button

The budget is fair because at its heart is a plan to create new opportunities for jobs and income growth for struggling low and middle-income families. There is no doubt that this is a difficult...More Button

While it is true that the Government wants to encourage those on average incomes to save for pensions, it can no longer allow pensions of the scale previously accepted to be accumulated at the ex...More Button

This budget is a building block in the transition to a new enterprise-focused economy. It will ensure we reduce our deficit towards a more sustainable level. It has introduced a number of targe...More Button

A Cheann Comhairle, I wish to acknowledge the severe and damaging impact on Ireland as a result of the economic crisis of recent years. The scale of the cumulative budgetary adjustments to date,...More Button

I see a bright future ahead for our people. We have already seen many positive signs including renewed private sector job creation, sustained and significant foreign investment, strong exports a...More Button

The Fianna Fáil Party drew up the property tax in the memorandum of understanding.More Button

The Deputy should not come in here with that.More Button

The Fianna Fáil Party signed up to a property tax.More Button

Fianna Fáil signed up to it.More Button

I am merely reminding the Deputy of the truth that his party supports a property tax.More Button

We have a mandate from the people.More Button

Labour never said anything about-----More Button

It was the biggest bailout in history.More Button

Deputy Martin had never even heard of the IMF and did not know that it was here.More Button

Deputy Martin did not know that the IMF was here.More Button

"We will never need a bailout." Play that back.More Button

Of course I did.More Button

The shredder broke down because it could not cope with all the reports generated by Deputy Martin when he was Minister. They cost €130 million.More Button

I have not heard a constructive suggestion from Deputy Martin since he began to speak.More Button

Céard é sin, Mattie?More Button

Céard atá á rá ansin?More Button

Deputy Martin distributed 1,000 leaflets about the property tax during the children's referendum campaign even though his party in government designed the scheme.More Button

The leaflets were distributed all over Cork.More Button

Céard atá á rá ag Mattie?More Button

Níl mé in ann a chloisteáil céard atá á rá aige.More Button

Cur smacht ar sin.More Button

Cur smacht air.More Button

Where was Deputy Martin when the IMF came in here?More Button

Deputy Martin signed up to this when he signed up to the programme with the troika.More Button

Let us hear the constructive suggestions of Sinn Féin.More Button

Deputy Ferris admitted Sinn Féin did not submit costings.More Button

Ta mé ag éisteacht an t-am ar fad leis an Teachta.More Button

In 2016 we will be the best small country in the world to do business in.More Button

We have capped tax relief on pension contributions.More Button

And there will be PRSI on unearned income.More Button

DIRT is increased to 33%.More Button

Severance payments to Ministers have been abolished.More Button

They have been abolished for everyone.More Button