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Howlin, Brendan

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Leaders' Questions (Continued)

Where was the Taoiseach this morning?More Button

Questions on Promised Legislation

The Group of States against Corruption, GRECO, is the Council of Europe body focused on measures against corruption. GRECO has submitted a report to the Government on the proposed changes to the j...More Button

Cabinet Committee Meetings

Asked the Taoiseach: when Cabinet committee A (economy) last met; and when it plans to next meet.More Button

Asked the Taoiseach: when Cabinet committee B (social policy and public services) last met; and when it plans to meet next.More Button

Cabinet Committee Meetings (Continued)

The Government has decided to provide only an additional €800 million of fiscal space for new measures next year. The arbitrary fiscal stance taken by the Government is that €500 million will be s...More Button

I have been seeking clarity on the rainy day fund for some time. Where will the fund, comprising €500 million, be placed? Is the figure the Taoiseach gave to the House of a deficit target for n...More Button

I asked about the budgets. The Taoiseach started at the back and then went to the front but left out the two questions in the middle.More Button

Demographics are always done-----More Button

It was done in the last five programmes.More Button

The Government already borrowed to set it up.More Button

National Economic and Social Council

Asked the Taoiseach: if he will report on recent engagements with the National Economic and Social Council.More Button

European Council: Statements (Continued)

I do not think there is any such Standing Order.More Button

I said to the Taoiseach last week that it was essential that Ireland insist on a deadline for the UK to produce an acceptable legal backstop agreement with the European Union on the Irish Border is...More Button

Unfortunately, no such commitment or demand was forthcoming. I acknowledge and welcome the support for Ireland in the agreed conclusions of the European Council meeting but those conclusions are...More Button

Few could have predicted the drama that unfolded last Thursday night at the European Council. While we have been rightly preoccupied for months with the progress on Brexit, the migration crisis ...More Button

For six months we were told by the Taoiseach and the Tánaiste that the June European Council meeting would be the make-or-break moment. The Government billed June as a deadline for the British a...More Button

As matters stand, the British Prime Minister will present a third post-Brexit model for discussion to her Cabinet colleagues at Chequers this Friday. If we assume that there is an agreed British...More Button

Alternatively, if there continues to be discord within the British Government, which again is a possibility, resulting in another unworkable set of proposals, then there will be even more urgency t...More Button