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Howlin, Brendan

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Leaders' Questions (Continued)

Is this smoke and mirrors? Changing the facts.More Button

Is a question coming?More Button

One could just inherit it.More Button

That is why we grow them in the first place.More Button

Only if the trees are sold.More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

We have.More Button

That is a good parliamentary question.More Button

I try to give the Deputy free advice. What more can I do?More Button

EU Parliament and Council Decisions: Motion

I move:More Button

Double Taxation Agreements: Motions

I move the following motions:More Button

National Pensions Reserve Fund Act 2000: Motion

I move:More Button

Defence Forces Report: Motion

I move:More Button

EU Programmes

Was asked: the progress made to date in relation to the establishment of a successor programme to the Peace III Programme; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

Discussions on new EU programmes and funding are ongoing in the context of the negotiation of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020. Proposals for a new Peace IV Programme are being acti...More Button

Health Services Reform

Was asked: if he will provide the underlying workings in support of the €70 million reduced professional fees in the Department of Health 2013 budget; and if he will set out the way such savings estimates wer...More Button

I refer the Deputy to the Minister for Heath who has responsibility for achieving the €70m savings target set by Government in the estimates by way of a reduction in professional fees. More Button

It is matter for the Minister for Health to determine by regulation the appropriate level of reduction in professional fees for the different health professionals having regard to the state of th...More Button

Capital Programme Expenditure

Was asked: the consideration that will be paid to employment when the capital budget for 2013 is profiled by month; if he will consider measures to accelerate capital spending when appropriate in order to pro...More Button

The monthly profiling of capital expenditure is carried out by individual Departments on the basis of the likely timing of payments related to capital projects and programmes which they deliver wit...More Button

While my Department is not responsible for the profiling of capital expenditure it does set the overall expenditure allocations of Departments which includes setting the five year multi-annual ca...More Button

There will, of course, be direct employment benefits in the delivery of the infrastructure proposed in the Investment Framework and most importantly from the contribution that this capital invest...More Button

Departmental Appointments

Was asked: the process involved in the appointment of a person (details supplied) as legal adviser to the Government reform unit and statute law revision programme director of his Department; the nature of th...More Button

Following the identification by officials of the requirement for professional legal expertise to support the delivery of the legislative programme being delivered by the Government Reform Unit in m...More Button

Public Sector Pay

Was asked: to show separately, the amount of money that would be saved if all increments across the public service were suspended in 2013; if all increments in respect of persons earning a basic salary of ove...More Button

My Department has access to detailed data on increments only in the Civil Service sector, for which I have direct responsibility.

  On increments generally, based on updated inf...More Button

Social Welfare Code Issues

Was asked: if he has considered the merits of a central State means testing body to facilitate the efficient implementation of fair and progressive social protection, education and health care policy, amongst...More Button

I am advised by my colleague, the Minister for Social Protection, Deputy Joan Burton, that the delivery of means tested payments is constantly under review and that there are two important projects...More Button

The objective of the first project is to facilitate the capture and storage of means information and the calculation of customer means across social assistance schemes. This application now is ...More Button

The Department of Social Protection is exploring the possibility of sharing means data with other agencies involved in the administration of means tested payments. A ‘pilot’ exercise was underta...More Button

The second project involves the establishment of Intreo, the new integrated employment and support service provided by the Department of Social Protection. This integrates the former FÁS employme...More Button

The Intreo service will be operational in ten social welfare offices by the end of 2012 and will be rolled out to all areas of the country by end 2014.More Button

Public Sector Allowances Review

Was asked: if he will provide details of all allowances to public and civil servants that were abolished this year including details of the estimated savings in 2013 of the elimination of such allowances in e...More Button

Departments were notified by my Department on 28th September 2012 of details of the Government decision in relation to the outcome of the Review of Public Sector Allowances and Premium Pay. Copies...More Button

Public Sector Staff Increment Payments

Was asked: if he consulted with the Equality Authority as to whether paying new entrants to the public and Civil Service lower wages, salaries and allowances was contrary to employment equality and general eq...More Button

The then Minister for Finance Mr. Brian Lenihan announced in Budget 2011 that a 10% reduction would apply to the pay rates of new entrant public servants with effect from 1 January 2011. It would ...More Button

I would note to the Deputy that the State and its bodies must, in the normal course, be in full compliance with all provisions of employment and equality legislation in the development and implem...More Button

Rural Social Scheme Applications

Was asked: if he instructed the Department of Social Protection to carry out a review of the rural social scheme; the result of such a review; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

I understand that my colleague the Minister for Social Protection and her Department are reviewing the range of employment support schemes and will assess the contribution of each programme to that...More Button

As set out in the recent Expenditure Report 2013, a range of Focused Policy Assessments (FPAs) are currently underway within my Department, and one of these relates to the Rural Social Scheme. T...More Button

Focused Policy Assessments are designed to complement the broader range of evaluation tools available within the public service, including Value-for-Money & Policy Reviews, and will assist in mai...More Button

The review of the RSS underway is examining a number of core policy evaluation criteria, namely the rationale underpinning the Scheme, the continuing relevance of the objectives of the Scheme, an...More Button