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Hogan, Phil

Friday, 14 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Finance (Local Property Tax) Bill 2012: Second Stage (Continued)

Deputy Wallace is not left wing.More Button

I hope Deputy McConalogue will make a better contribution than the previous speaker.More Button

In preparing for my contribution on this debate, I reflected on the passage of the legislation which gave effect to the household charge one year ago. Dire predictions were made at that time by ce...More Button

The need for it arose due to the economic and fiscal difficulties which we inherited. People were coming in the door from the troika and the Members of the then Government did not even know they w...More Button

I recognise that certain Fianna Fáil Deputies are suffering confusion about the matter. They negotiated this tax with the troika but now they are in Opposition, they are against it.More Button

We still have a bit to go on the new Fianna Fáil. Despite grave warnings about doomsday scenarios by people who regard themselves as socialists, I am pleased to report the household charge has bee...More Button

Deputy Cowen should know better than anyone how this was negotiated. The household tax has raised almost €113 million and 70% of liable owners have registered to pay it. That is a big difference ...More Button

Despite the efforts and rhetoric of Deputy Higgins and others, the majority have complied with this law. They are legally compliant because they want to be responsible citizens in helping us to ov...More Button

The politics of realism of so many people have prevailed over the politics of scaremongering and intimidation. The people who advocated against it have been roundly defeated by the law-abiding cit...More Button

People who have paid the charge are right to ask what about the people who have not paid. Those who have not settled their household charge liability by 30 June 2013 will pay an additional €200 ...More Button

In its paper No. 98/20, the tax strategy group found that in 1987-88 approximately 60% of income tax payers filed returns for the financial year in question and that just 43% of companies filed r...More Button

I accept that in these difficult times €100 is a lot of money for anybody to have to pay and I applaud the majority of people who are mindful, despite the difficulties they have, of the need for ...More Button

It is appropriate to reflect on some of the debate going on in the context of exemptions. With the household charge, we reflected on the difficulties people have, especially the vulnerable, and ...More Button

I established a group under the chairmanship of Dr. Thornhill which went through the issues in regard to a local property tax in detail. All the details on what that group examined are on the we...More Button

The diverse services being provided by local authorities must be maintained, such as road maintenance, libraries and fire services, but these are often taken for granted. As a member of a local...More Button

The democratic nature of a local property tax is something we have again now, having been abolished in 1977 by Fianna Fáil. We will watch how it develops over the next couple of years, in terms ...More Button

The issue of exemptions was mentioned by various Deputies, particularly for people on high mortgages. We have proposed a voluntary deferral scheme, which will provide for a situation where peopl...More Button

The tax on property will be efficiently collected through the Revenue and the default position of the Revenue Commission will be that the tax will be deducted at source in the event it is not pai...More Button