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Hogan, Phil

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Septic Tank Registration Scheme

I thank Deputy Corcoran Kennedy for the opportunity to address this issue. The House will be aware that the Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012 provided for the establishment of a new system for t...More Button

Septic Tank Registration Scheme (Continued)

I made regulations in June setting out the procedures for householders to register details of their treatment systems with their water services authorities. The Local Government Management Agency ...More Button

I remind the House that this legislation was introduced to ensure compliance with a European Court of Justice ruling against Ireland. It is important that the legislation is fully implemented, n...More Button

I accept what the Deputy is saying. There is concern, some of which has stemmed from the irresponsible dissemination of misinformation in certain parts of rural constituencies. I suggest some of ...More Button

Waste Management Inspections

I thank the Deputy for raising this matter. I am aware of his personal interest in waste policy and he has raised a number of important and serious issues, with which I will ask my officials to de...More Button

Local authorities are responsible for the enforcement of environmental standards for the collection of waste. They consider applications for waste collection permits from service providers. The...More Button

As the Deputy knows, my Department's role is to provide a comprehensive legislative and waste policy framework through which the enforcement authorities operate. I published the Government's new...More Button

Waste Management Inspections (Continued)

Maximising the resources recovered from waste is a central principle of the policy, which contains measures to ensure that prevention, reuse, recycling and recovery are favoured to the disposal of ...More Button

The performance of the household waste collection market, in particular, will be crucial to achieving our overall policy objectives and meeting our targets on landfill diversion. Under the new p...More Button

The Competition Authority is also being requested by the Government to maintain oversight of household waste collection markets and will report as part of a mid-term review of the implementation ...More Button

I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed by Deputy Humphreys about the requirement for a level playing field and a standardised service across the country. The most important person in...More Button

Under the new waste policy, a new and strengthened regulatory regime for household waste collection will be introduced in 2013. New mandatory service standards, including the introduction of cus...More Button

We have a lot of law in this country but we do not always have the best enforcement, and the case highlighted by the Deputy is a good example. The work of developing the new regulatory structure...More Button

Rural Social Scheme Administration

I am first sub.More Button

Rural Social Scheme Administration (Continued)

The Deputy clearly does not realise we are in a bailout programme if he imagines that we can give money willy-nilly to everybody in the country under every possible scheme. The rural social schem...More Button

I am pleased to inform the Deputy that it is not anticipated that any change in the scheme's operation will be made in 2013. Once again, his concerns are unwarranted. In fact, the Department of...More Button

The scheme has been an important catalyst, as the Deputy observed, in the development and underpinning of a range of services in rural areas. In particular, services to older people which are wi...More Button

Unlike the Deputy, I am always willing to acknowledge the worth of initiatives introduced by other Governments.More Button

The Deputy is moving the goalposts.More Button

The Deputy is on his usual hobby horse of scaremongering people into believing a spending programme is to be abolished. I am pleased to confirm, on behalf of the Department of Social Protection, t...More Button

Every scheme is under review in every budget. The Deputy was in government long enough to know how these matters work. Moreover, he knows why we are where we are in terms of the country's financi...More Button

Foreshore Licences Applications

Was asked: further to Parliamentary Question No. 444 of 17 July 2012, the position regarding a foreshore licence application by Waterford County Council to enable repairs to be carried out to a pier (details ...More Button

A draft Foreshore lease in respect of this application has recently issued from the Chief State Solicitor’s Office to the applicant’s legal advisor. A response is awaited.More Button

Road Improvement Schemes

Was asked: the position regarding a special road improvement grant (details supplied) in County Wexford; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

The Taghmon Sewerage Scheme is included in my Department’s Water Services Investment Programme 2010 – 2013 as a scheme to start construction during the life of the programme. The Scheme is being ca...More Button

Regeneration Funding

Was asked: his plans to make cuts to the funding for the Ballymun regeneration project, Dublin and any other cuts he plans for other regeneration projects. More Button

Local Authority Charges Application

Was asked: if his attention has been drawn to the fact that councils across the country are charging legacy rate arrears to new tenants who are trying to establish businesses (details supplied); his views on ...More Button

Local authorities are under a statutory obligation to levy rates on any property used for commercial purposes in accordance with the details entered in the valuation lists prepared by the independe...More Button

Under the legislation the person liable for payment of rates is the person in occupation of a rateable property on the date of the making of the rate by the relevant local authority. The owner, rat...More Button

Commercial rates income makes a significant contribution to the current funding requirements of local authorities. Rates provide the means by which local authorities can support the services esse...More Button

I recognise that these are difficult economic times for many businesses and I am continuing to keep all matters relating to commercial rates under regular review.More Button

Departmental Staff Remuneration

Was asked: if he will provide details of each service in his Department that is currently outsourced; the company that provides such services and the total cost for these services; the other services which ma...More Button

The information requested is set out in the following table:

Public...More Button

Was asked: if temporary promotions or acting-up allowances have been a feature of the staffing arrangements for this EU Presidency, if he will confirm that his Department has been given sanction to make such ...More Button

My Department has undertaken internal redeployment and streamlining of business areas in preparation for Ireland’s Presidency of the EU in the first half of 2013, in which environment, climate chan...More Button

In January 2012, my Department also sought sanction from the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform for additional staffing, and related payroll costs, for the EU Presidency and sanction was...More Button

Local Authority Housing Provision

Was asked: if his attention has been drawn to the case of a person (details supplied) who lost their council house to fire on the 30 November 2012, the council has failed to offer accommodation which is suita...More Button

Non-Principal Private Residence Charge Collection

Was asked: the position regarding non-principal private residence charges (details supplied); and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The Local Government (Charges) Act 2009 broadened the revenue base of local authorities by introducing the Non-Principal Private Residence Charge. The Charge is set at €200 and liability for it fal...More Button

Under the Act, it is a function of a local authority to collect the Non-Principal Private Residence Charge and late payment fees due to it, and all Charges and late payment fees imposed and payable...More Button

I urge all liable persons who have not paid the Charge to contact their local authority as a matter of urgency.More Button

Local and Community Development Programme Project Funding

Was asked: if he will provide in tabular form the amount of grant assisted from Pobail to community groups in Killala, County Mayo, in 2011; the number of persons that were or are employed as result of the pa...More Button

My Department is responsible for a range of programmes and initiatives to support communities. These include the Local and Community Development Programme (LCDP), the Rural Development Programme 20...More Button

Appointments to State Boards

Was asked: in the view of his appointing board members to Irish Water Safety, if he will consider appointing a representative to the board of Swim Ireland.More Button

Irish Water Safety is a body under the aegis of my Department and established under statutory instrument (The Irish Water Safety (Establishment) Order 2006). I have responsibility for the appointme...More Button