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Hogan, Patrick

Thursday, 27 January 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 220 Nbr. 3

Economic Situation.

(South Tipperary): Last evening I was attempting to review our economic progress over the past few years and to show that the present economic difficulties were not something of recent occur...More Button

Dealing with the question of bank liquidity, may I direct the attention of the House to page 54 of the booklet sent to us by the NIEC? At the bottom of that page you will find this very pertinent ...More Button

The Central Bank will, no doubt, consider it appropriate to take action to prevent an exceptionally high but temporary increase in the net capital inflow from leading to an excessive expansion of c...More Button

These steps were not taken and the progressive change in ratios which was there for any Minister for Finance or Government to see was produced and I am sure drawn to their attention quite regularly...More Button

I had just begun to deal with the question of Government borrowing and borrowing generally. Everybody had been admonished, as we are all being admonished now, to cut down expenditure. The Centra...More Button

But when one looks at the Government position one finds in spite of all admonitions they have continued to borrow. It may be difficult for them suddenly to change the pattern; they may not have to...More Button

Similarly, we find that on 20th October, 1964, commercial bank advances to the Government were £25 million and on 19th October, 1965, those advances were £39 million. This shows the hi...More Button

Apropos of that, may I direct attention to this paragraph in the introduction to this booklet? I shall quote paragraph 24:More Button

Finally, action is necessary in the field of credit policy. The role of credit policy in the first instance is to ensure that the volume and composition of credit will be in line with the planned...More Button

This is the booklet which the Government are asking the House to endorse and the concluding paragraph of that booklet is, so far as a production of any State Department can be so, condemnatory of t...More Button

Deputy T.F. O'Higgins and, I think, Deputy Michael O'Higgins, adverted to the former attitude of the Taoiseach in regard to bank credit control. Deputy Michael O'Higgins stated that at Castlebar o...More Button

One fundamental defect in this document as I see it is the inadequate reference to the agricultural section of the economy. Not alone are farming interests not represented on the NIEC but this pu...More Button

I put down a Parliamentary question to the Taoiseach on Tuesday of this week asking, in general, for particulars as to the Government aid given to the agricultural section of the economy and to the...More Button

(South Tipperary): Yes, but the big item would be building.More Button

(South Tipperary): I asked, because it is an important part of our judgement of the economy, the import content of our exports. The figures given to me for agricultural exports for 1965-66 ...More Button

The point I am trying to bring out— and I have no further information than the statistical tables provided here —is that there is a very small import content required to produce a subst...More Button

Over the years our agricultural exports have been consistently greater than our industrial exports and the imported materials necessary to service these exports have been running at about one-tenth...More Button

It is claimed by the NFA that the agricultural community, about one-third of the population, produce two-thirds of our exports and enjoy little more than one-fifth of the national income. I think ...More Button

Therefore, I find it hard to accept that we can approach this question of incomes policy, which is the theme running through this booklet, without taking into consideration in a more realistic fash...More Button

I suppose you could say that the agricultural community, which represents only one-third of the nation and feeds the entire nation—because the amount of food imported is not really very great...More Button

Speaking yesterday, the Taoiseach was not very encouraging, to say the least of it; as far as I understood him, the economic curbs will continue until 1967. I would have hoped there would be reaso...More Button

It is rather extraordinary that our economy always seems to boom before an election and to slump after it. That, of course, is not fortuitous. That is something carefully organised with a complete...More Button

(South Tipperary): The Taoiseach intervened and got the Federated Union of Employers to sit down a third time with the Congress of Irish Trade Unions. The negotiations broke down twice. I ...More Button

(South Tipperary): The position now is the reverse. There is no election pending.More Button

(South Tipperary): The Taoiseach went on television when the by-election was on in Cork and he told the people: “You will be getting an increased pay packet next Saturday night. What is wr...More Button

(South Tipperary): It was an agreement in which the Taoiseach interested himself.More Button

(South Tipperary): And he agreed to 12 per cent. A general election is worth 12 per cent. A Presidential election is worth three per cent and, if there were a by-election, I suppose it woul...More Button

(South Tipperary): There is no by-election, but I wonder would there be another PR Referendum. I am sure the economy could stand a 20 per cent wage increase if there were a PR Referendum tom...More Button

(South Tipperary): Fomented by them.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Value of Exports.

(South Tipperary) asked the Taoiseach the relative annual value in this country's export trade over the past decade of (a) agricultural products, including forestry and fishing, (b) industri...More Button

(South Tipperary) asked the Taoiseach if he will state this country's annual exports by number or weight as appropriate over the past decade for cattle, classified as stores, fat, bullock an...More Button

(South Tipperary) asked the Taoiseach if he will state this country's annual exports by weight over the past decade of carcase beef and carcase lamb to (a) the United Kingdom and (b) elsewhe...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Population Income Percentages.

(South Tipperary) asked the Taoiseach what percentage of the population is covered by (a) farmers of valuation up to £60, and (b) those with total family incomes up to £1,200 per...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Total of Borrowings.

(South Tipperary) asked the Minister for Finance if he will give over the past five calendar years the annual figure for (a) Central Government borrowing, (b) independent borrowing by local ...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - British Levies.

(South Tipperary) asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce (a) the total amount paid by the Government to industrial exporters as a result of the 15 per cent, now ten per cent, UK impor...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - County Homes.

(South Tipperary) asked the Minister for Health if he will list the county homes in the State giving in respect of each institution (1) the number of beds and the average occupancy, (2) the...More Button