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Ahern, Bertie

Wednesday, 28 February 1996

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 462 Nbr. 3

Order of Business.

Before we agree the Order of Business, I understand from contacts with an official of the Taoiseach's office that we will have a debate on the Summit in the afternoon. Although not mentioned in the...More Button

We on this side of the House — as we always would in the event of any important meeting — wish the Government well and I hope more progress can be made today than over recent months. It...More Button

Yesterday I had been endeavouring to obtain some information from the Taoiseach on the third banking force. Since we are lucky in having the Minister for Finance to announce the Order of Business,...More Button

The last time I made a statement on the matter the Garda were sent to me about it.More Button

Is the report I commissioned now defunct or may I publish it? Alternatively, is the Minister still working on it? The last time that report was mentioned in a Sunday newspaper the Garda were sent...More Button

I take this opportunity to answer Deputy Eric Byrne's Question No. 46 on today's Order Paper. The Fianna Fáil Party has 89 members of the Oireachtas and a staff of 92.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Transport Costs.

Asked the Taoiseach: whether subsidies and grants related to island produce will take account of the additional costs of transport.More Button

Northern Ireland Peace Process: Statements.

My party, Fianna Fáil, warmly welcomes the definite political progress that has finally been achieved by the two Governments, 18 months to the day after the original ceasefire. I welcome th...More Button

I particularly welcome the fact that the two Governments are finally reverting to the understanding on which the original ceasefire was based that Fianna Fáil in Government helped to bring ...More Button

The setting of a date for all-party talks does represent a breakthrough. For a long time both Governments, but particularly the British Government, argued that there was no point in doing this unle...More Button

I accept parties do have serious and genuine concerns about the existence of large arsenals, which will only be heightened by recent events. These concerns will need to be addressed in a serious m...More Button

I welcome the renewed commitment of both Governments to a lasting peace and comprehensive settlement on the basis of the fundamental principles in the Downing Street Declaration and the Framework D...More Button

While I note that in paragraph six the two Governments affirm the fundamental priority they attach to securing the earliest possible inclusive negotiations to address comprehensively all the releva...More Button

I am glad there is an immediate move to unilateral consultations on proximity talks to settle the form and agenda of negotiations over a 10-day period. Some intensive brainstorming is clearly need...More Button

We hope that the two Governments and all political parties will work together to ensure the success of the process that has been outlined by the Taoiseach, and that the failure to honour the firm a...More Button

I would ask the IRA to give a full and unequivocal commitment at least equivalent to the definitive statement made on 31 August 1994 that restores the integrity of the peace process, and that it d...More Button

I hope that all political parties in this island will be imbued with a deep sense of responsibility towards the people of Ireland, North and South. Their welfare, and in some cases even their live...More Button

What has been agreed today by the two Governments should have been done long ago. It is never wrong to carry out one's public commitments. It is a great pity that it has appeared to take a major ...More Button

Nevertheless, I am glad that the two Governments together are at last in a position to give the peace process the momentum it always needed. The original progress made in the peace process came ab...More Button

Notwithstanding today's developments, the IRA ceasefire should have held in all circumstances, as originally promised. As the main democratic republican party, committed to the ultimate goal of an...More Button

I have no doubt the IRA acted out of frustration at what it saw as the provocation, prevarication and arrogance of its opponents in the British Government and the Unionist parties. The IRA was nev...More Button

The breakdown of the ceasefire was damaging to Sinn Féin and to the credibility and trustworthiness of the republican movement. I nevertheless believe that, even if it is a little slow to b...More Button

I am sure the IRA will recognise that a breakthrough has been achieved, even if it should have happened earlier, but it would make a huge mistake if it were ever again to resume its campaign. As t...More Button

Members of the republican movement need to transform all their energies into politics. They showed in the last 18 months that they were well able to hold their own. Democratic politics is often a...More Button

The paramilitary organisations in the North must accept, in the words of the prophet Isaiah, that “their warfare is accomplished”. They must face the logic of that in the course of negotiations, b...More Button

No one should mistake the nature of the current position. Everyone was deeply shocked by the breakdown of the ceasefire. In chastened mood, we have all made great efforts, in some cases greater t...More Button

Nowhere is this more important than in the area of prisoners. If the ceasefire is reinstated for good, a more enlightened approach must be adopted by the British Government. It is not Unionist o...More Button

We are open to the idea of an all-Ireland referendum, provided the question is meaningful. After the experience of the last two weeks, it may be helpful to have an authoritative statement on the m...More Button

There is disagreement about the form of an electoral process. There is no reference in the communiqué to an electoral body. We have heard the case put forward by parties on both sides of t...More Button

I compliment the Taoiseach, the Tánaiste and their respective teams on their contribution. I am also glad that on Monday the British Prime Minister was again able to demonstrate his indepen...More Button

I hope the peace process is back on the rails very shortly. I look forward to the restoration of the IRA ceasefire. Let us all turn our faces firmly towards a peaceful, democratically agreed futu...More Button

Written Answers. - Southern Border Counties Funding.

Asked the Minister for Enterprise and Employment: the funds from the EU and other sources available for the southern Border counties; the funds that are additional or consequent on the peace process; and the purposes for which they have been or wi...More Button