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Gilmore, Eamon

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

European Council Brussels: Statements (Continued)

I refer first to Deputy Martin's question. It is not the case that 98% of banks are excluded from the single supervisory mechanism. The mechanism will cover the vast majority of European banks, s...More Button

There are a number of categories. Some banks have assets of more than €30 billion. There is also the agreement that the three largest banks in each member state will be covered. Some banks have ...More Button

Yes, that is right.More Button

The Deputy is missing the point. I refer to direct supervision. The supervisory mechanism will embrace the entire supervisory system of the European banks. We need to stand back from this. Ini...More Button

I refer to the discussions on the ECB. We must return again to the formula agreed in June, which was that the Eurogroup would take it forward, the situation in the Irish financial institutions w...More Button

The ECB is separate. There is an established structure-----More Button

There is a structure established for the ECB.More Button

I am not sure what is the purpose of the Deputy's question.More Button

The Council agreed the way in which the Irish bank debt issue would be dealt with-----More Button

-----which was that it would be progressed by the Eurogroup.More Button

It is not about playing politics. The only person playing politics with this is the Deputy.More Button

The issue is to secure the best possible outcome for this country in terms of our banking difficulties. I do not want to go back into this again. If the Deputy invites me to play politics-----More Button

-----I am quite happy to do so.More Button

The Deputy maintains an interrupting pattern.More Button

I am answering the questions you asked. You asked about the discussionsMore Button

Deputy Martin asked about the discussions with the ECB and I am providing him with the answer.More Button

That was not the question. I wrote down the question you asked.More Button

I answered Deputy Martin's question. I refer now to what Deputy Crowe asked about the social cost to the European economy. This cost was addressed in the conclusions of the European Council last ...More Button

I refer to Syria. As Deputy Crowe indicated, the Minister of State, Deputy Costello, suggested we should invite the new Syrian opposition coalition for discussions, and we will do that.More Button

I met Mr. Khatib at the Foreign Affairs Council at the beginning of last week and I hope to have the opportunity to meet him here in Ireland if that can be arranged.More Button

A very clear conclusion was reached and a very strong statement was issued on the building of settlements on the West Bank. It is our view, as stated repeatedly, that the building of the settlem...More Button

The Taoiseach has discussed the da Silva report with British Prime Minister, and I have discussed it with the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and with the Deputy Prime Minister. It is a ...More Button

Deputy Boyd Barrett's questions get to the heart of the matter. He asked why we say that banking union is a positive and how that relates to the imperative to create jobs and get economic growth i...More Button

At the start of the banking crisis this State took responsibility. The State gave the guarantee, took on the debts of the banks and placed those debts on the shoulders of the taxpayer. The ECB po...More Button

That fundamental view of the banking crisis has now changed. There is a change in European policy on banking. That change is expressed in the conclusions of the June summit which clearly stated t...More Button

How does that relate to the imperative to create jobs and growth? We need to have a functioning banking system within Europe in order to underpin economic activity and to ensure that credit is m...More Button

The two are very much intertwined.

  In respect of the points raised by Deputy Mathews, any of the contributions made here by any Deputy are listened to and taken on board. If I...More Button

Or even cortisone. This problem requires surgery and it is that surgery that is underway because that is what must be addressed the way we are doing it.More Button

It is fortunate that Ireland will assume the Presidency of the EU at the very time when the issue of banking union is coming to fruition. It gives us an opportunity to use the position we have in ...More Button

Deputy Martin is just talking it down.More Button

Deputy Martin seems to wish that the Government would fail in this.More Button

This is the seventh Irish Presidency of the EU and it must be the first time the Leader of the Opposition effectively wishes that the country would not be able to deliver or that we would not be ab...More Button

No.More Button

I am not grandstanding.More Button

Deputy Martin came in here and said he wanted to put an end to Punch and Judy politics. If he carried on like that on the Punch and Judy stage, the children would get tired of it and go home.More Button

Appropriation Bill 2012: Order for Second Stage

Bill entitled an Act to appropriate to the proper supply services and purposes sums granted by the Central Fund (Permanent Provisions) Act 1965, to make provision in relation to deferred surrende...More Button

Youth Services Provision

Was asked: the reason his Department and Irish Aid terminated the strategic partnership with the National Youth Council of Ireland for the national Youth Development Education Programme; and if he will make a...More Button

Was asked: the way his Department and Irish Aid plan to implement objective three in their Strategic Plan 2007-2015, promoting public engagement for development to engage in a strategic way with voluntary you...More Button

Overseas Development Aid Provision

Was asked: the total amount of funding for development education from his Department in 2010, 2011, 2012 and proposed for 2013; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Was asked: if he will specify all sources of funding towards the total overseas development programme of €623 million for 2013; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Foreign Conflicts

Was asked: if he will ensure that a resolution of the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo remains a key objective of Ireland's Presidency of the European Union; and if he will make a statemen...More Button

Was asked: if he will raise at the UN Human Rights Council the ongoing violations of human rights within the Democratic Republic of Congo; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 82 and 83 together. More Button

I share the widespread concerns about the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The European Union is working actively to support efforts to bring peace and stability to the c...More Button

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been ravaged by a long series of violent conflicts. Millions of innocent civilians have been killed, injured or displaced from their homes and there have bee...More Button

The EU is playing a constructive and significant role in ongoing efforts to deal with the crisis. Developments in the DRC are regularly discussed by EU Foreign Ministers. We adopted strong form...More Button

Historically, Ireland has played its part in working for peace and justice in the DRC. In recent years, we have focused in particular on providing support for the humanitarian response to the co...More Button

A very strong focus of our concern and attention in the DRC is, and will remain, on the human rights situation. The DRC is a country which has commanded significant attention from the UN Human R...More Button

Humanitarian Aid

Was asked: if he will allocate additional overseas development aid to assist the humanitarian relief efforts in Syria and in surrounding countries in view of the fact that the crisis in Syria has intensified;...More Button