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Gilmore, Eamon

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Pre-European Council Meeting: Statements (Continued)

I listened to what Deputy Stephen Donnelly said about the debate he had on radio with the German ambassador. He told us much of what the ambassador and other people he has been speaking to have be...More Button

As many Members of this House have rightly pointed out in the course of this debate, the separation of bank debt from the State is critically important in order to lift the burden of that debt fr...More Button

I am disappointed at the degree of cynicism that has been expressed in the Chamber about the Nobel Peace Prize. There has been much discussion about Europe in terms of its economic issues, the b...More Button

In itself, the European Union is probably the best example of how Europe moved from resolving its differences by having wars to resolving them around the conference table. It continues to make t...More Button

Report on Murder of Pat Finucane (Continued)

Some 23 years ago Pat Finucane was brutally murdered by loyalist paramilitaries in front of his wife, Geraldine, and three children, Michael, Catherine and John. Geraldine has since campaigned tir...More Button

Pat Finucane was one of more than 3,500 people to die during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Every man, woman and child who died left behind relatives and friends who mourn the loss of their l...More Button

We should acknowledge that the Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron, has shown commendable determination to get to the truth of what happened in the past and, in doing so, hold the UK state to the h...More Button

Confidence is fundamental to the Northern Ireland peace process. As we have seen in recent days, significant challenges have yet to be tackled and we can only tackle these challenges successfull...More Button

More than 3,500 people died during the Troubles and every man, woman and child who died left behind relatives and friends who mourn the loss of their loved ones to this day. I have met many of tho...More Button

As I have said, certain cases raise specific concerns about collusion and, therefore, about confidence in the administration of justice. The murder of Pat Finucane is one of those cases. The Go...More Button

I will discuss the de Silva report with Secretary of State Villiers and with Deputy Prime Minister Clegg. The Taoiseach has already spoken with Prime Minister Cameron on the issue. It is import...More Button

Confidence in the Government: Motion (Resumed) [Private Members] (Continued)

The Government was elected to resolve the deep crisis inflicted on the country. This is a crisis with its roots in the greed and recklessness of the banks and the developer class, as well as the i...More Button

What are we doing by our actions to leave the country in a better position than we found it? That is what every single Member was elected to do, not to exploit the problem but to fix it. The moti...More Button

Only three weeks ago, out of the blue, it had a sudden conversion to legislating for the judgment in the X case because a tragic case had pushed it to the top of the news.More Button

Yet when the report of the expert group on the ABC judgment was published, a report which outlines the options to achieve a clearer, safer legal framework for pregnant women, Sinn Féin Deputies wer...More Button

Only three Sinn Féin Members bothered to speak on the report in the House. Then they asked for the time allocated to that debate to be cut short. It seems that party's passion only lasts as long ...More Button

The Government was elected by the people on a single promise and with a single purpose - to solve the crisis and to do so in a way that was fair and balanced.More Button

Unlike others, the parties in the Government have not promised fairy-tale solutions to the complex problems the country faces. This is a three-pronged crisis - there is a banking crisis, a fiscal ...More Button

The Labour Party went to the people and entered Government with the same mandate.More Button

We promised to fix the banks at the lowest possible cost and are doing so.More Button

The people who sent us here expect us to be serious. If there are Members who want to act the clown, let them go off and act it somewhere else.More Button

There is no one solution, such as defaulting on our debts, which would only rebound on our children and their children. There is no one tax that someone else always pays that will make our problem...More Button

Those who can afford to bear a greater share of the burden will do so. In this and the last budget it was the Government's priority to protect the incomes of low and middle income households, whil...More Button

The approach of the Government has been realistic and fair. The social protection budget accounts for 40% of public spending, but it only accounts for 10% of the €3.5 billion adjustment. We hav...More Button

Their weekly rates are unchanged. We found the money to reduce the amount asked for from the Departments of Health and Social Protection by €150 million each. We have protected class sizes for pr...More Button

We have done so in a way which raises more than €500 million from the assets and income of the highest earners, wealth that is not captured by the PAYE system, into which the majority of people pay...More Button

That is a €500 million contribution from real wealth that has up to now been lightly taxed, if at all. Unlike the Deputies opposite, members of the Government actually want to solve the problem.More Button

We do not pull magic figures out of thin air like Sinn Féin and its pretend wealth tax that excludes pension pots, family mansions, farms and whatever else might lose the party votes.More Button

Even Deputy Pearse Doherty has admitted he cannot say how much such a tax would raise. Sinn Féin's tax proposals have more holes than its leader's biography.More Button

As for Fianna Fáil, its approach to the budget has been a tour de force of cynicism. When the country was high on receipts from a property bubble that was rapidly overheating-----More Button

-----it was all down to Fianna Fáil's economic genius. When that bubble burst, taking the banks and the economy down with it, it was all the fault of Lehman Brothers.More Button

Now Fianna Fáil is in opposition, it is the fault of the Government elected to clean up its mess.More Button

In Fianna Fáil's scramble to distance itself from promises it had made to the troika such as a property tax, it has left the last scraps of its dignity behind, exposing the full breadth of its nake...More Button

In the past 20 months the Government has made significant progress.More Button

It has stopped the rot in the banks and got credit moving again, with new initiatives, where necessary. It has restored our international reputation with foreign investors and jobs are returning.More Button

Exports are growing again. We are turning our energies to helping people get off the dole and into jobs, to gain work experience or take up training. A stimulus package focused on job creation, h...More Button

We know the sharp end of the crisis is being felt every day in households in every town, village and suburb. We will not exaggerate our achievements, but the end is in sight. We will win this fig...More Button

When the economy is sound and healthy, and more jobs and opportunities are being created, it will be the men and women of the Government alone who will be able to say we stood shoulder to shoulder ...More Button

We will be able to say we did not falter because the task was too hard.More Button

The country has had enough of bullying tactics from Sinn Féin, and we are not going to listen to their fairy-tale economics on top of that. The Government is solving the country's economic problem...More Button

Departmental Contracts

Was asked: if he will provide details of each service in his Department that is currently outsourced; the company that provides such services and the total cost for these services; the other services which ma...More Button

The services to the public provided by my Department consist of the following:   

issuing of passports;

the registration of certain Irish citizens born abroad in th...More Button

Election Monitoring Missions

Was asked: further to Parliamentary Question No. 60 of 22 March 2012, if the review of the working of the election roster has been completed and if he will detail the outcomes of the review; if any actions ha...More Button

International election monitoring missions play an important role in the promotion of democracy and human rights. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade maintains a roster of observers for ele...More Button

International Relations

Was asked: the status of relations between Ireland and Kosovo; the way he hopes to build on these; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Relations between Ireland and Kosovo are excellent. Ireland is a firm friend of Kosovo, having been active as part of the international presence there since 1999. Ireland was one of the first State...More Button

Our strong bilateral relationship is also evidenced by the number of Irish Government Ministers who have visited Kosovo in recent years. Most recently, my colleague, the Minister of State for Eur...More Button

We are encouraged by the recent resumption of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, and commend the efforts of Kosovar Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi and Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić in this regard....More Button

We believe that the prospect of EU membership remains the EU’s most effective tool in supporting reform and transformation for all of the countries of the Western Balkans. In that regard, we are ...More Button

Illegal Israeli Imports

Was asked: if he has considered introducing a new labelling system for goods from illegal Israeli settlements as products of Israeli occupied West Bank; if his attention has been drawn to other international ...More Button

I am familiar with voluntary guidelines on labelling of settlement products issued in the UK and more recently in Denmark. As the House has been informed, information on the UK guidelines has been ...More Button

Northern Ireland Issues

Was asked: the contact he has had with the Northern Executive and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in relation to the outbreak of sectarian violence in Northern Ireland over the past number of days...More Button

I would like to take this opportunity to once again condemn the outbreaks of violence related to the issue of flying of the Union Flag at Belfast City Hall that we have witnessed in Belfast and els...More Button

Departmental Staff Remuneration

Was asked: if temporary promotions or acting-up allowances have not been a feature of the staffing arrangements for this EU Presidency, if he will confirm that his Department has been given sanction to make s...More Button

No temporary promotions or acting-up allowances have been granted to staff of my Department in connection with Ireland’s forthcoming Presidency of the EU.More Button