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Gilmore, Eamon

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Northern Ireland Issues (Continued)

I thank the Deputy for raising this issue. The return of violence to the streets of Belfast, the intimidation of public representatives and the attacks on members of the Police Service of Northern...More Button

As the Deputy is aware, the protests followed a decision by Belfast City Council on Monday, 3 December on future arrangements for the flying of the Union flag over City Hall. I note that the mot...More Button

The Taoiseach and I discussed this matter with the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, when we met her on Thursday last. I have spoken to the Northern Ireland Minister for Justice and Allian...More Button

This is the moment for responsible political leadership and we must all be conscious that our interventions should seek to calm rather than inflame tensions. I welcome the unanimous motion passe...More Button

Last week was a great opportunity to showcase progress in Northern Ireland with the visit of Ms Clinton. The census figures released today show a very different Northern Ireland, one where the n...More Button

I agree with the Deputy that there has been great progress in Northern Ireland. There must be constant vigilance in order to ensure peace is maintained and built upon. That is why I remain in reg...More Button

On the release earlier today of the Northern Ireland census figures, I highlight the fact that this matter cannot just be about arithmetic, with the larger group, in whatever form, holding sway a...More Button

Visa Applications

Was asked: his plans to increase the number of countries that the Irish passport is visa free to enter; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

I wish to advise the Deputy that the visa and immigration requirements for foreign countries are solely a matter for the appropriate authorities in those countries and outside of my remit. Visa and...More Button

Foreign Conflicts

Was asked: if he will raise the case of a person (details supplied) who has refused to take part in the war against the Palestinian people by refusing to serve with the Israel Defence Force.More Button

I am aware of the particular case referred to in the Deputy’s question. I have the fullest understanding and sympathy with anyone who feels moved to declare themselves a conscientious objector, an...More Button

Overseas Development Aid Provision

Was asked: his views on a query regarding overseas aid (details supplied); and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Human Rights Issues

Was asked: if he will raise the status and whereabouts of Ayman Taleb Abustah a prisoner in the Israeli prison system with the Israeli authorities.More Button

I am aware of reporting in relation to this individual by an Irish film maker who was recently in Gaza. My Department had not previously had any record of contact in relation to him, from family or...More Button

Was asked: if he has made any representations to the Ugandan Government regarding the proposed creation of a legal offence of aggravated homosexuality which includes long prison sentences and even the death p...More Button

Ireland, together with our partners in the European Union, share the widespread concerns in relation to the draft Anti-Homosexuality Bill which is currently under consideration at committee level i...More Button

In our dealings with the Government of Uganda we have made the case that the passing of any such legislation would be in conflict with Uganda’s international human rights obligations and would ha...More Button

We, and our EU and other international partners, remain committed to ensuring that the citizens of Uganda do not suffer violence or discrimination on the grounds of their sexual orientation, incl...More Button

In relation to our development cooperation funding for Uganda, this has been provided for agreed programmes in the social, health and education sectors, through a number of channels. The program...More Button

Was asked: the extent to which it has been found possible directly or in consort with his EU or UN colleagues to ascertain the basis on which an Irish citizen (details supplied) for more than twenty years has...More Button

As the Deputy may be aware from previous replies in relation to this Irish citizen, my officials remain in close and direct contact with the person’s spouse and family and liaise directly with them...More Button

The Sir Lankan authorities have confirmed that the person named by the Deputy is being detained under emergency legislation relating to the prevention of terrorism. The case of the person mentione...More Button

Sri Lanka underwent its Universal Periodic Review, or UPR, at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on the 1st of November this year. In advance questions to Sri Lanka, Ireland raised the issue o...More Button

There has been a significant development in the case in the past few days where his lawyers informed the person’s family that the Sri Lankan authorities would formally charge him on Monday 10 Dec...More Button

I am most conscious and concerned about the fact that the person mentioned by the Deputy has now spent five years in detention without charge. I can assure the Deputy that I and my officials wil...More Button

Undocumented Irish in the USA

Was asked: the progress made to date on the introduction of an E-3 visa for Irish citizens wishing to work in the United States of America; the discussions, if any, that have taken place with representatives ...More Button

The outcome of the recent US Presidential election would appear to have advanced the prospects for the necessary reform of US immigration systems and procedures that would help improve the situatio...More Button

Public Services Provision

Was asked: further to Parliamentary Question No. 237 of 4 December 2012, if he will provide a list of all new services across his Department that have been tested for external service delivery since March 2011.More Button

Since March 2011, my Department has introduced the Certificate of Irish Heritage scheme. Having considered the technology and marketing expertise required to underpin the successful operation of ...More Button

Under the terms of a concession agreement dated 26 May, 2011, the programme is operated on behalf of my Department by FEXCO on a cost-neutral basis to the Department. The Agreement provides tha...More Button

The possibility of providing new services on a similar basis will be kept under review.More Button

Passport Applications

Was asked: the criteria pertaining to obtaining Irish language versions of passports; if it is the case that only the name on the applicants official birth certificate is acceptable and that this negates agai...More Button

At the outset, I should point out that the standard printed text detail on each passport is jointly in the Irish and English languages. Other languages appear in a much smaller degree in the text ...More Button

In terms of the name that can appear on a passport, Section 10 of the Passports Act, 2008 (the Act) broadly provides that a passport will issue in the name of a citizen as it appears on his/her b...More Button

Moreover, where the requested name to appear on the passport is the Irish version of the English registered birth name, the Passport Service requires evidence of the use of this new name and iden...More Button

The Passport Service has put in place an alternative option to assist citizens who wish to use the Irish form of his/her name, but who lack the necessary two years proof of use. In these circums...More Button

This policy seeks to protect the integrity and security of our passports against passport or identity fraud, while at the same time facilitating those genuine citizens, who wish to use the Irish la...More Button