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Gallagher, Pat the Cope, Gallagher, Pat the Cope

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Ceisteanna ó Cheannairí - Leaders' Questions (Continued)

It is Leaders' Questions, Deputy McDonald-----More Button

I call the Minister to respond.More Button

He got the question.More Button

I call the Minister to respond.More Button

There is not time left.More Button

We will have to look at Leaders' Questions in the future because not only one leader, all leaders, are exceeding the time.More Button

Some leaders.More Button

I ask that the Minister be heard, without interruption.More Button

An tOrd Gnó - Order of Business

I may be breaking with protocol but I think I should welcome the students who are here from the United Arab Emirates from the Al-Maktoum summer school. I met them earlier. They are accompanied by...More Button

An tOrd Gnó - Order of Business (Continued)

There are three proposals to put to the House. Is the proposal for dealing with Tuesday's business agreed to? Agreed. Is the proposal for dealing with Wednesday's business agreed to?More Button

We are just dealing with the time factor.More Button

We are only dealing with whether the debate will be for 60 minutes.More Button

We are not going into the content of the issue.More Button

Deputy, please.More Button

We are deciding whether to agree Wednesday's business. There is a proposal that there not be more than 60 minutes for this debate. The Business Committee might be able to change that, but I canno...More Button

Or next week. Does Deputy McDonald wish to discuss the same issue?More Button

We are not going into detail on the matter.More Button

We are not going into the content of the issue.More Button

There is a proposal that-----More Button

Is the proposal that additional time will be provided for the matter next week? The Government will have to consider whether to go ahead with statements or issue a motion. That is a matter for it...More Button

There is a suggestion that the House avail of the hour scheduled for tomorrow. The matter will be discussed at the meeting of the Business Committee on Thursday. It seems to be the view of the Ho...More Button

The provision of additional time will be discussed on Thursday. There is goodwill on all sides in regard to additional time being provided next week.More Button

The House will be sitting until 11.45 p.m. anyway. Subject to-----More Button

No, the spokesperson of the Rural Independent Group has spoken.More Button

No, you may not.More Button

Was the Deputy listening? That is in the mix for the Business Committee to decide. I am sure Deputy Mattie McGrath will reflect Deputy Healy-Rae's views when the committee meets..More Button

There will be a vote on Thursday.More Button

We have to decide on it. Can we get consensus?More Button

Tomorrow after 60 minutes the debate is to be adjourned. It will become clearer after the Business Committee meeting on Thursday.More Button

Is Wednesday's business agreed? Agreed. We are eating into the time.

  Is the proposal for dealing with Thursday's business agreed to? Agreed.More Button

The intention would be that all this legislation would be taken. We have to find additional time if necessary. We all have to be pragmatic about this when we meet on Thursday.More Button

It is all in the document. It has been read out. No changes were made.More Button

That is not a point of order. We are going to move on.

  I put it to all 20 Members on the list that we are taking about time-saving yet we are 20 minutes behind. We cannot hav...More Button

Allow the Minister to respond.More Button

The Deputy should allow the Minister to respond and show some concern for her colleagues.More Button

Deputies may not ask supplementary questions. I call Deputy Mattie McGrath to ask a relevant question.More Button

Perhaps the Deputy could raise it as a Topical Issue matter or in a parliamentary question.More Button

Deputy Thomas Byrne has a question on the same issue.More Button

Is the Minister in a position to answer on that?More Button

That is the way to ask a question.More Button

Excellent. I do not mean excellent in the sense that it will not be brought forward this term but the manner in which the response was given was excellent.More Button

The Deputy has made the case. That would be a question for the Minister or a Minister of State at the Department of Health.More Button

I call Deputy Adams who I know will be concise.More Button

We will have two for the price of one. I call Deputy Ó Laoghaire.More Button

Deputy Fitzpatrick wishes to raise a similar issue.More Button

I call Deputy Michael Moynihan.More Button

There cannot a second contribution. I am sorry but I have no control over ministerial answers.More Button

I call Deputy Michael Moynihan.More Button

Deputy Ó Caoláin is on my list.More Button

On the same issue, Deputy Michael Collins may ask a question. There will be no statements.More Button

A question.More Button

I call the Minister, if he is in a position to answer. If not, he might get his colleague to do so.More Button

I call Deputy McConalogue.More Button

Deputy McConalogue, a quick question.More Button

I call Deputy McConalogue.More Button

The Minister will have to hold bilaterals outside. I call Deputy McConalogue.More Button

Will the Minister request his colleague?More Button

Deputy Danny Healy-Rae was in ahead of Deputy Cullinane, but I will call the Deputy.More Button

On the economic impact assessment-----More Button

A question.More Button

The Deputy cannot be taking advantage.More Button

Deputy Danny Healy-Rae may not have been in the House earlier but it has been agreed that it will be discussed for 60 minutes tomorrow.More Button

Deputy Danny Healy-Rae will have to place his faith in the leader of his group who will represent him at the Business Committee. If they discuss it, I have no doubt he will reflect Deputy Healy-Ra...More Button

I thank the Deputy.More Button

Okay, we got the question. I call Deputy O'Keeffe.More Button

I call Deputy O'Keeffe on the economic impact assessment on Mercosur, bearing in mind there will be a debate tomorrow.More Button

As there are no more questions on Mercosur, I call on the Minister to flesh out the economic impact assessment if he is in a position to do so.More Button

That is very helpful.More Button

The Deputy is well over time. I remind him that his colleagues behind him are waiting.More Button

The Deputy should not take advantage of the Chair.More Button

Deputy Buckley is next and must make it a short question. I have control of the microphones.More Button

We have to move on. Members not reached today will be given priority tomorrow.More Button

Ábhair Shaincheisteanna Tráthúla - Topical Issue Matters

I wish to advise the House of the following matters in respect of which notice has been given under Standing Order 29A and the name of the Member in each case: (1) Deputies Maureen O'Sullivan, Joan...More Button

The matters raised by Deputies Maureen O'Sullivan, Joan Collins and Paul Murphy; Deputies Naughten, McConalogue, Aylward and Cahill; Deputy Brendan Smith; and Deputies Buckley and Ferris have bee...More Button

Ceisteanna ar Sonraíodh Uain Dóibh - Priority Questions

  Question No. 42 replied to with Written Answers.More Button

Hospital Consultant Recruitment (Continued)

Order, please.More Button

Rights of People with Disabilities

The Minister of State, without interruption. Deputy Broughan will have another minute later.More Button

Rights of People with Disabilities (Continued)

I call Deputy Broughan to ask his final question.More Button

The Minister of State will have another minute if he wishes to elaborate.More Button

Local Government (Rates) Bill 2018: Instruction to Committee

I call Deputy Cassells, who is sharing time with Deputy Casey.More Button

Local Government (Rates) Bill 2018: Instruction to Committee (Continued)

The time is up.More Button

No. There is no provision for a response.More Button

I am sure the Minister of State is anxious to speak but he will have to find another opportunity.More Button

Perhaps the Minister of State could arrange a bilateral meeting.More Button

Courts (Establishment and Constitution) (Amendment) Bill 2019: Report and Final Stages

As there are no amendments on Report Stage, we proceed to the Order for Fifth Stage. When is it proposed to take Fifth Stage?More Button

Land and Conveyancing Law Reform (Amendment) Bill 2019: Report Stage

Amendment No. 1 is out of order.More Button

  Amendment No. 1 not moved.More Button

Land and Conveyancing Law Reform (Amendment) Bill 2019: Report Stage (Continued)

The Minister of State, Deputy Boxer Moran, wants a minute and I think he deserves it.More Button

There is no provision for conferring a doctorate.More Button

A message will be sent to the Seanad acquainting it accordingly.More Button

  Sitting suspended at 7.55 p.m. and resumed at 8 p.m.More Button

Mental Health Services Reports: Motion [Private Members] (Continued)

That is so unusual for Deputy Danny Healy-Rae.More Button

Go raibh maith agat. Téimid ar ais anois go dtí Fianna Fáil, agus tá deich nóiméad acu. Glaoim ar An Teachta MacSharry, who is sharing his time with Deputy Troy.More Button

That is an internal matter.More Button

In accordance with Standing Order 70(2), the division is postponed until the weekly division time on Thursday, 4 July 2019.More Button

  The Dáil adjourned at 10 p.m. until 9.30 a.m. on Wednesday, 3 July 2019.More Button

Hospitals Capital Programme

Asked the Minister for Health: if a capital budget for three Donegal community hospitals (details supplied) will be confirmed; when works will commence for the hospitals; if all works will be completed within the timeframe of th...More Button

Asked the Minister for Health: the status of St. Joseph's Community Hospital, Ramelton Community Hospital and Lifford Community Hospital, County Donegal; the budgets in place to bring the hospitals up to HIQA standards and to fu...More Button

Commercial Rates Data

Asked the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government: the number of counties and local authority areas that have not been revaluated for commercial rates to date; the reason these counties were not revaluated; when they will be revaluated; if some cou...More Button