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Fitzgerald, Frances

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Leaders' Questions (Continued)

Currently, 42% of the population have medical cards in addition to those who hold general practitioner only cards.More Button

On places in education, I understand the 700 persons to whom Deputy Martin referred who left the education system have been accommodated. There has not been any reduction in the basic payments w...More Button

An internal audit of primary care centres was conducted. A review of departmental files and other documents was undertaken in early October by the internal audit unit, IAU, at the request of th...More Button

The report, which issued to the Secretary General on 9 October, referred to his request for the internal audit unit to ascertain whether any documentation generated from 2011 to date was availabl...More Button

Family Resource Centres (Continued)

I thank the Deputy for raising the issue. He can certainly reassure the local family resource centres, on whose behalf he raised the issue, that their future will not be compromised and will be su...More Button

The Government has recently approved the heads of the child and family support agency Bill and has agreed to the priority drafting of the Bill. The preparations are being prioritised so that the...More Button

The decision we have taken has been informed by the work of the task force which met all of last year and published its report in July of this year. I agree with the task force recommendations t...More Button

It is my intention therefore, that the agency will have a strong role in supporting families and communities. The 106 family resource centres throughout the country, including those the Deputy m...More Button

Regarding funding, the Family Support Agency, like many other State bodies, has been asked to make savings across all the programmes it administers. It is required to achieve savings of 5% per a...More Button

The Family Support Agency and the family resource centre programme will form an integral part of the new agency that will come into being next year. Supporting families at all stages of their li...More Button

The new agency and the wider transformation of children's services represent one of the largest and most ambitious areas of public sector of reform embarked upon by the Government. Its establish...More Button

I agree with the Deputy on the value of the work being done. However, a core part of delivering our services is to reform certain aspects of them. While I said it was up to the local resource cen...More Button

School Completion Programme

Was asked: if she will reverse the cuts to a programme (details supplied) in view of the work carried out by them and the minimum cost involved in this organisation; and if she will make a statement on the ma...More Button

The School Completion Programme (SCP) aims to retain young people in the formal education system to completion of senior cycle and to improve children’s participation and attendance in school. More Button

In 2013, funding of €26.456m has been made available by my Department to support the programme, which involves 124 projects and initiatives throughout the country.More Button

The Comprehensive Review of Expenditure (CRE) identified the requirement for savings of 6.5% per annum over the period 2012-2014. Projects and initiatives were required to reduce their budget by ...More Button

Projects were requested to revise their plans for 2012/13 in order to achieve efficiencies and reduce costs whilst prioritising evidence based services to support children’s educational outcomes....More Button

In the present challenging financial circumstances it is not feasible to alter the notified allocations to individual projects.More Button

My Department intends to complete a review of the SCP over the course 2013. The Department will consult with individual projects and initiatives within the SCP as part of this process. This revie...More Button

It is anticipated that the review will assist to identify operational efficiencies and other reforms necessary to consolidate the programme on a sustainable footing as a key component of an integ...More Button

My Department and the NEWB continue to work closely with management committees, schools and local SCP coordinators to ensure available resources are targeted to deliver tailored support to meet t...More Button

Child Care Services Provision

Was asked: if she will provide clarity on the situation regarding the level of funding from the Health Service Executive that is provided in respect of a group (details supplied); if this funding is being wit...More Button

I understand that there has been a reduction in funding by the Health Service Executive (HSE) to the City and County Childcare Committees in some areas. The HSE has, however, confirmed that it wil...More Button

My Department provides annual funding to each CCC to enable it to support and advise all childcare providers at local level. In 2012, the total amount allocated to the CCCs was €11.3m. My Depar...More Button

In relation to the specific funding provided by the HSE to the service referred to, I have asked the HSE to examine this matter and to respond directly to the Deputy with the most up-to-date inf...More Button

Youth Services Provision

Was asked: further to Parliamentary Question No. 961 of 6 November 2012, if she will detail the funding allocation for 2013 in respect of this front line youth service; the steps she is taking to safeguard th...More Button

The Youth Affairs Unit of my Department supports the delivery of a range of youth work programmes and services for all young people, including those from disadvantaged communities, by the voluntary...More Button

My Department is working on the funding allocation for youth services in 2013. Having regard to the savings requirements identified in the Comprehensive Review of Expenditure my Department is s...More Button

In this context, full consideration is being given to the project in question as part of the range of youth work services in its locality. No decisions have been made by my Department neither in ...More Button

Child and Family Support Agency Remit

Was asked: if her attention has been drawn to the concerns of psychologists regarding her proposals to move all child psychology services to the child and family support agency; if her attention has been draw...More Button

The Government has given approval to the drafting of a Bill to establish the Child and Family Support Agency. Work on the preparation of the legislation is proceeding as a priority and the intenti...More Button

The Government's consideration of these matters was informed, inter alia, by the content and recommendations of the Report of the Task Force on the Child and Family Support Agency which I publish...More Button

Arising from the Government's consideration and decision with regard to the functions of the new Agency it has been agreed by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs and the Department of He...More Button

I recently met with representatives from the Heads of the Psychology Services Ireland and with a delegation from the IMPACT trade union to discuss issues relating to the future governance and org...More Button