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Dockrell, Maurice E.

Thursday, 29 September 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 224 Nbr. 3

Committee on Finance. - Vote 27—Local Government (Resumed).

Last night I was dealing with various aspects of roads and road safety. I want to say something now about the Tidy Towns Competition. In the opinion of most people, that has brought about a treme...More Button

I want to say something now about housing in the city of Dublin. We know there is a tremendous problem here. Rural Deputies have referred to the lack of housing in certain rural areas. I heard c...More Button

Dublin housing has not had the attention it deserves in the past few years. I will not go into how far the blame can be laid on the local authority or the Government. I will not go into it closel...More Button

The Ballymun scheme will help the situation but only to a limited degree. We cannot concentrate all the people out in Ballymun. There is also the problem of moving the people out or of keeping the...More Button

People who say it is not good to move the inhabitants out of the central area of Dublin have lost sight of the fact that these inhabitants should never have been there. It is a case of getting sen...More Button

I do not think that we here in Ireland have been as conscious as other countries of the necessity to provide playgrounds and other amenities for people in different districts. We should have far m...More Button

There are recognised international standards of the amount of park and playing fields and open space that should be provided per house. I am not quite sure to what extent we come up to that standa...More Button

The Minister referred to swimming pools and, in fact, people have been alerted to the necessity for swimming pools but unfortunately various individuals on the local authorities have not sometimes...More Button

We live in a planning period and we should make full use of it. The extra cost would be quite negligible to the community and in a city such as Dublin the dividends by way of better health and goo...More Button

In connection with housing, which must, of course, go on in Dublin, the wholesale tax is bound to increase somewhat the cost of housing and houses. It is a pity it was put on in this particular wa...More Button

There has been a great deal of discussion publicly about the vacant spaces in Dublin. I should like to remind people that it is not always easy for a local authority to move as quickly as the publ...More Button

At the moment Dublin looks as if it had been bombed and was falling down. It is not falling down; it is being taken down by order of the corporation in order to prevent houses collapsing on people...More Button

That brings me to the question—it is a very vexed one—of the retention or demolition of our very beautiful 18th century buildings. The answer is, of course, a compromise. We must hold...More Button

In relation to that, the corporation have been under a great deal of difficulty because no very great lead has been given by the Government in the matter of the preservation of these areas. Indeed...More Button

The Minister must press forward with building, especially housing, in Dublin city. There are still a tremendous number of people not properly housed. They are living in very badly overcrowded con...More Button

As one who has been intimately connected with Dublin Corporation for over 25 years. I would say to the House that there is no body in any capital city in the world which has made a greater contrib...More Button

However, that is not something about which we in Dublin Corporation are in the least complacent. We know that the water which has flowed down the Liffey has gone. The houses we built for rehousin...More Button

I would say this in conclusion, that in regard to the housing of the working classes, or whatever term you like to use, in connection with corporation housing generally and local authority housing...More Button

The dead dogs.More Button